Harbinger of Decay (160)

  • General
  • Command Trait: Grandfather's Blessing

Gutrot Spume (140)

Sorcerer (120)

  • Artefact: Muttergrub
  • Lore of Malignance: Blades of Putrefaction

Bloab Rotspawned (260)

  • Lore of Malignance: Gift of Contagion

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)

  • Lore of Foulness: Plague Squall


10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)

5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)

20 x Chaos Warriors (360)

  • Hand Weapon & Shield

10 x Chaos Knights (320)

  • Ensorcelled Weapons


The idea of this list is to take objectives and annoy the oponent by getting a bunch of tough units that never die and are just a pain in the ass to fight against.

It is not a competitive list by any means, but instead a fun list, that uses some interesting tools in the army to make a point: Nurgle is the toughest army ever!

Allegience Ability

General Idea

The Nurgle allegiance ability presents a set of interesting tools that allow the player to make some interesting combos. Let’s take a look at some of the things we can do, and how to use them in an interesting way.

The Wheel!

The most interesting part of the allegiance ability (at least for me), is the wheel! Full of interesting options, difficult to control, and very unreliable. So the general idea of this army is to not depend on it. With this list, we are trying to control it, but let’s not fool ourselves, half the time is not going to work. The good thing is that when it works, it’s going to be a nice bonus that can be used for what we want to achieve. So let’s take a look at our options:

  1. Unnatural Vitality: This is a very strong buff for the army on the first turn, but with only a 16.67% chance of getting it, is very unreliable. Assuming we use Foul Regenesis (58.34% success rate) on the first turn, and it is not unbind (which is a big if!), we get a 75.01% chance of getting this buff. The truth is, with a magic heavy meta, the spell can be unbound and you won’t be able to use it. Don’t expect to get it off, unless you make some kind of mind game with your opponent, so there are no more unbinds to use. The problem with this is that I’m not sure if I rather risk other spells to be unbound just to get this buff… Depends on the situation, I guess…
  2. Fecund Vigour: An other great buff, that can be used almost at any turn of the game. Considering that this army is quite fast, the chances of being in combat from the first turn forth are big. So any turn in which you get this buff is going to be useful. Specially use full if you get Daemonic Power from the Chaos Sorcerer Lord on a unit of Putrid Blightkings, +2 to wound re-rolling ones 😉
  3. The Burgeoning: Not the best, but not the worst. Just a splash of mortal wounds that the opponent does not expects or plans for. If it happens, great, otherwise I wouldn’t use Foul Regenesis or Grandfather’s Blessing to get it.
  4. Plague of Misery: Almost certainly the worst! Most horde armies have some kind of built-in ability to avoid battleshock. If that is not a thing, there are command points and Inspiring Presence. This list does not target bravery almost in any way, so is not the most useful debuff.
  5. Nauseous Revulsion: This is it! The debuff this list is looking for, a way to make your opponent fail successful wound rolls of 6, increasing the ability of your army to survive.
  6. Rampant Disease: Another great ability, that allows you to target heroes and units you want dead. Useful at any turn, and most annoying to your opponent.
  7. Corrupted Regrowth: Interesting, but usually it does not help me a lot. Specially if it is the first turn. I wouldn’t waste Foul Regenesis for it, unless the situation demand’s it.

For me, the most useful use of the wheel is trying to be between Nauseous Revulsion and Rampant Disease as much as I can, to achieve what this army is trying to do.


Summoning brings up a bunch of options and tactics where different types of units can achieve specific battle field objectives. The truth is that the amount of possibilities that exist makes it difficult to determine the best use of your summoning points. I usually never summon trees, only plaguebearers to take objectives or stop possible teleportation moves from armies like Stormcast Eternals, Seraphons or Sylvaneth, among others. But never underestimate how useful a tree can be just to break line of sight, or to narrow down a particular space in the field.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Nurgle gives you a bunch of cool artifacts that can be used in very different and interesting ways. So why the Muttergrub from all of them? Why not The Witherstave? Which would be perfect for this army. There are two good reason why you should choose Muttergrub:

  1. It allows you to cast Foul Regenesis every turn, and still be able to cast Blades of Putrifaction or any of the realm spells, or even dispell endless spells.
  2. The Witherstave allows your general to force re-roll of 6s to hit in enemy units, but he needs to be close to the enemy lines, and still it’s not as extensive as Nauseous Revulsion, which affects every enemy unit in the opponents army. At the same time, being able to cast Foul Regenesis, or any other secondary spell, can allow you to use other tactics for specific situations. The Witherstave is consistent, but forces you to become a one trick pony. The Muttergrub allows you more flexibility and flavor when you want to surprise your opponent.

Grandfather’s Blessing

You can guess by now, this list is not just a compilation of tough units, it is also trying to manipulate the wheel, in several ways, without depending on it that much. Grandsfather’s Blessing is trying to accomplish that goal, in a consistent way, allowing all your caster one turn without having to cast Foul Regenesis, focusing on other useful spells that can buff critical units. It is a complex tool, but if you use it enough you’ll learn to detect the perfect moment to use it each turn. My advice, use as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll forget or you’ll miss the moment.

Morbid Vigour

This command ability is everything you need in this army. You want to be tough, just put your Harbinger of Decay 7″ away from the units you want to affect and pop this command ability. Your opponent will curse you each time you negate a wound.

Honest Goblin