Frostlord on Stonehorn

General: Lord of Beasts

Artifact: Brand of the Svard

Mount Trait: Frosthoof Bull

Huskard on Stonehorn

Artifact: Aetherquartz Brooch

Mount Trait: Black Clatterhorn

Weapon: Blood Vulture


Stonehorn Beastriders

Weapon: Blood Vulture

4x Mournfang Cavalry

Weapon: Culling Club and Prey Hacker

Special: 1x Skalg, 1x Horn Blower, 1x Banner Bearer

4x Mournfang Cavalry

Weapon: Culling Club and Prey Hacker

Special: 1x Skalg, 1x Horn Blower, 1x Banner Bearer

4x Mournfang Cavalry

Weapon: Culling Club and Prey Hacker

Special: 1x Skalg, 1x Horn Blower, 1x Banner Bearer


1x Eurlbad



The basics of this list is to deploy in a way that supports a strong center and flank while leaving a designated flank of your choosing as a soft side. The hope is that your opponent will either deploy heavier towards the center and supported flank and leave your unsupported flank less guarded. This army doesn’t require a ton of hero support save for re-rolling charge rolls so your “weak flank” is still tough enough to go the distance. Move forward, shoot at key targets or soften up battle lines, charge and conquer.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The biggest command abilities you want to exploit is the Huskard’s built in trait as well as the Boulderhead Tribe trait.

The Huskard’s ability gives an extra damage to a friendly unit of Mournfang when they charge making them damage 3. 
The Boulderhead specific command ability allows a friendly hero on Monster to fight as though they were in their top bracket, making your Frostlord and Huskard all the more frightening.


Your Frostlord is a wrecking ball and can go toe to toe with most other heavy hitters out there. His artifact gives his mount a +1 to hit with its weapons and his mount trait gives his Stonehorn’s hooves an additional rend. All in all you just want to use him as a leading assault force accompanied by his Mournfang.

The Huskard is here mostly to provide his command ability. If he weren’t required for the battalion he could be replaced with a better utility hero.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

This list’s biggest weakness is its lack of magic support. You can choose make one of the Mournfang units a unit of 2 instead of 4 and bring a Butcher along to man your Mawpot and deal with spells. This is a useful alternative build. If you choose this build I would recommend losing the Aetherquartz Brooch and giving the Butcher the Wizard Skin Apron to make a better use of him.

Honest Goblin


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My Bio:

Hi, my name is Nolan and...I’m a Warhammer addict.

I was introduced to GW’s games in mid 7th edition of 40k. I played Chaos then, Emperor’s Children. After the introduction of 8th edition I was tired of being stomped by Imperial soup lists so I figured I’d give AoS a try. I haven’t played 40k since.

I started out in AoS with Stormcasts (like so many other people) and joined in with the Soul Wars expansion. Since then I’ve built up a decent collection of SCE and just started building an Ogor Mawtribes force. 
I usually play at Discover Games in Fayetteville, Ga or at Animezing Escape in Locust Grove, Ga. I also play in the Giga-Bites Tournament series in Marietta, Ga. 

Gaming style:

I’m honestly a really flexible player. With my SCE army I prefer a mix of mobile shooting and a single buffed Death Star unit to do the heavy lifting. 
I’m still new to Ogors but I’m liking the Beastclaw side of things and love the mobility and hitting power they offer. They’re also a very simple army to play.

Event Results:

Currently I have only played in game 1 of the 6 game tournament series in Marietta at Giga-Bites. Out of 3 games I had 2 major losses and 1 win by concession (major victory). Hopefully after this Covid shenanigans is over I can go back to the tables with my Ogor list.