Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
- Stormhost: Anvils of the Heldenhammer


Knight-Incantor (140)

- General

- Trait: Deathly Aura

- Spell: Stormcaller

Knight-Azyros (100)

- Artefact: Soulthief

Knight-Heraldor (100)

Lord-Relictor (100)

- Prayer: Translocation


5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

- 1x Grandhammers


10 x Evocators (440)

- 10x Grandstaves

- Lore of Invigoration: Speed of Lightning

9 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (510)

3 x Aetherwings (50)

3 x Aetherwings (50)

10 x Skinks (70)

- Boltspitters & Star Bucklers

- Allies

10 x Skinks (70)

- Boltspitters & Star Bucklers

- Allies

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Extra Command Point (50)

Total: 1980 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 140 / 400

Wounds: 130


Why play Anvilstrike?


  • Fun to play!
  • Good damage output and good hero sniping potential
  • If played well has the potential to win many matchups (Horde armies are the hardest to deal with)


  • Unforgiving, one mistake with longstrike positioning could lose you the game (List is built around double tapping on key targets with longstrikes)
  • Low model count, hard to score against horde armies
  • Don’t play this list against friends, it’s not a fun list to face even if the opponent wins (Aetherwings and longstrikes are frustrating to play against)

Allegience Ability

Scions of the storm: Deepstrike! 1/2 of your units can be setup in the sky instead of on the table and dropped in the end of your movement phase(Before the fourth round otherwise they die) outside of 9″ to enemy models. You usually want atleast 1 Liberator unit in the sky and if possible 1 unit of Aetherwings without leaving your Longstrikes or Evocators open to charges. 

Shock and Awe: Your units are -1 to hit the turn they are setup using scions of the storm OR Translocation. This is important if you use Translocation on your Evocators and make the charge. If you can’t kill everything you pulled into combat the -1 to hit makes your Evocators last a bit longer. 

Anvils of the Heldenhammer

You can reroll failed Battleshock tests for friendly Anvils of the Heldenhammer units (Not your skinks). 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command ability

Heroes of another Age: In the hero phase, chose a unit wholly within 9″ of a hero (wholly within 18″ of the general). That unit can pile in and attack or shoot with all of its missile weapons. 

You use this on your Longstrikes mostly, but Evocators being able to fight 2 times in a turn could turn the tides of game you thought was lost. 


Soulthief: Whenever your hero makes a wound on a model that does not die, roll a die. On a 3+ the model takes 1 mortal wound. 
Garbage! But we have to take it to be able to shoot twice with our precious Longstrikes.

Command Trait

Deathly Aura: -1 Bravery within 6″ of your generel, also garbage but we have to take it in Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost. 


Knight Incantor: Auto unbind, nothing more needed to be said. This could win you a game literally. Dont always have to use it early, could be super to save for later rounds and shut down an opponents tricky plays.

Knight Azyros: You have this guys because he’s fast and because he combos perfectly with Longstrikes. They hit on 2’s and he gives you reroll 1’s in a 10″ aura which then basically gives your Longstrikes rerolls on hits unless you shoot on something with Look out sir or any other – to hit modifiers such as Gryph feather charm. His lantern is solid but hard to use, usually you wont be able to pop it and hit many units since it’s a 2 turn setup. 

Knight Heraldor: Basically you want to keep this guy close to your Evocators, when you send them into battle make sure to give them run and charge so you make their threat range a bit longer. Thunderblast on terrain pieces is a solid mortal wound output when heroes tries to hide behind rocks or woods to stay out off your Longstrikes scope.

Lord Relictor: Pick Translocation, use it to move your Longstrikes around the map. You can shoot at basically what ever you want on the map as long as you have heroes placed around the map and succeed with translocation. The -1 to hit on the Lightning Storm is also very usefull.

Other Units

Liberators: These guys are dropped to take objectives, used to screen for Evocators so they can counter charge or just hold your own objectives. Never trust these guys to do any damage. 

Longstrikes: Unreal damage can be made with these guys when double tapping. Killing a Great unclean one, Mangler squig, Lord of Change etc! You need to play safe with these guys, if you let your opponent get to them they will die and you will have a hard time to win. Use your Liberators, Aetherwings and Translocation to keep them safe. 

Evocators: Hard hitting melee unit, use these guys as counter charge when your opponent hit your Liberators in the front. 
Always use 10 grandstaves so that your Evocators can hit in 2 lines, this is vital when you have a unit of 10. Never suicide bomb these guys, use them wisely and they’ll be able to pick off a huge number of models in your opponents army. 

Aetherwings: These guys are what makes this list work, you can block 2 charges basically with 2 units of Aetherwings. Imagine a Maw-krusha stuck in combat killing 3 birds just to get shot to death next turn by your Longstrikes. This is the unit that makes this list not very fun to face for your friends (You might even lose friends playing this unit). 

Tips for using Aetherwings against deepstrike, when deploying make sure your birds are in the front and Liberators 4″ behind, your opponent drops 9″ from Aetherwings. In the charge phase you roll your 2D6. If you roll 7 or higher you can put the deepstriked unit into combat. If you roll 2>7 then you will pull your birds back outside of 12 so your opponent cant chose a unit to charge. 
If you roll double ones, the 2. You place the birds so that he cant pile in behind your Aetherwings and into your Liberators.


No battalions are worth taking sadly (One day we will get good battalions).


Why skinks?

  • Bodies!
  • Good screening with 10×2 models (Skinks and aetherwings gives great board control!)
  • Sick objective control with the combo: Charge -> Retreat and watch your opponent cry

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Stormcaller or Azyrite Halo are the best choices in my opinion. 

Why Stormcaller?

  • Possible hero sniper (Unreliable though)

Why Azyrite Halo?

  • Use on Evocators or Longstrikes when you know your opponent wants to focus your key units to punish them a bit more for doing so

In-Game Guide

Remove ranged threats so that your Longstrikes have free range over the table. 

Control your opponents hard hitting melee units with your birds and liberators, the longer you can keep them from hitting your key units the better.

As a rule of thumb you don’t have to rush at the objectives turn 1 and 2, you basically can win if you can hold more objectives 3 out of 5 turns. Dont risk losing Evocators and Longstrikes early just to score some points. 

Will fill up this section more soon. 

Honest Goblin