Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
- Stormhost: Anvils of the Heldenhammer

Lord-Aquilor (180)

- General
- Trait: Deathly Aura 
- Artefact: Soulthief 
- Mount Trait: Wind Runner

Lord-Relictor (100)

Knight-Azyros (100)

Spellweaver (100)

- Heartwood Staff
- Allies

Spellweaver (100)

- Heartwood Staff
- Allies

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Vanguard-Hunters (110)

- Boltstorm Pistols and Storm Sabres

10 x Evocators (440)

- 5x Grandstaves
- Lore of Invigoration: Speed of Lightning

3 x Aetherwings (50)

9 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (510)

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 200 / 400

Wounds: 111


Welcome to my Anvilstrike Variation. This List is Sadistic. If you do everything right, your Opponent can’t do anything. You disrupt Magic with auto-dispells. You disrupt Charges with Aetherwings, you disprupt positioning with Teleport, Deepstrike and Flanks.
You will never have a auto-lose Szenario and you will never get dominated by any List possible.

Your easiest Match-Ups:

Big Killy Monster Lists like FEC, Slaanesh and everything depending on Charges and doing Dmg in Close Combat.

You do well against other shooting Lists, since you tend to have have more Range and better Shooting and dmg potential then others.

Challenging Match-Ups are against (Top Tier Players) With lots and lots of models on their hand (Tzeentch Changehost, Skaven (although maybe not anymore), Lots of Hords)

Allegience Ability

  • Re-Roll Battleshock. Meh.

1st. Key Mechanic of this list:

  • Pile-In and Attack or Shoot in Your Herophase or do both with different units. Comes in with the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost.

Protect your Raptors, and you will win the game. This List has many mechanics to do so. Be careful, this list needs skill in decision making / prioritizing. You don’t want to the guy who has unharmed Raptors and still lose the game.

2nd Key Mechanic of this List:

  • reliably shutting down key-charges with screens and foremost Aetherwings and Auto-dipelling Key-Spells

3rd Key Mechanic of this List:

  • Repositioning through Aquilor and / or Relictor. Before, after or in between shooting. If you do this right, it feels lik an art and you will feel like the position master. Don’t forget to grap objectives and don’t get lost into tabling the opponent while loosing the game. We’ve all been there.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Doesn’t really matter. It suits, that the Aquilor has the Soulthief Artefact. It’s kinda simimliar to the Lunar Blade of his sworn Palladors. But Other than that, and that this List does not contain Palladors. The Artefact and the Battetrait is kinda the Tax on your Anvil Shenanigans.


Awesome Aquilor!

  • Sigmars First Ranger. This one gets all the Girls. Forget Celestants.
  • He recently got a 20p drop.
  • Has the Kick-Ass ability to fly-run 7D6 and still Shoot (but not charge).
  • His Command Ability is basically battle-field wide. It has a 24″ range and you can ride the Winds aetheric (7xD6) beforehand.

Awesome Relictor

  • You will respect his versatility. Giving the Enemy -1 to hit. Nice. And Teleporting your troops in the same turn. Nice.
  • Healing, also not that often. On rare occasions, he can be an ambulance. Teleporting himself to heal where need be. If you happen to do this, that means you already won the game and are bored.

Awesome Azyros

  • Fast.
  • Nice 1-Time-D6-vs everything-in-8″-Bomb vs Chaos. (D3 Bomb otherwise)
  • Gives everything Re-Rolling ones, once his lantern shines on it. The Lanterns shine is a 10″ bubble and always active.

The Chicks from the Wood

  • Your 2x Spellshied and Geminids Caster-Re-Caster

Other Units

9x Raptors + Aetherwings

  • Key Unit. Untouchable. All your synergies are made for them. They almost never move, except getting teleported by Relictor/Aquilor. Therefore keepin 30″ almost always.
  • You have mechanics in Play to shoot twice in your turn.
  • You have mechanics in Play to basically Re-Roll their to Hit (+2 hit / RR1 from Azyros.)
  • You have many mechanics and in place to stop opponent from touching them (Nasty Aetherwings)
  • You have many mechanics in place to reposition them in between or before shooting.

Skill comes in when:

  • You struggle, because you overprotect them, or don’t get to protect them against charges or spells.
  • You are not in a position to shoot, because you let some chaff tag them. Again this is forgiving. You can teleport out of combat in the hero-phase and still shoot in the hero-phase.

10x Evocator

  • You need bodies on the scene that can smash. Don’t find yourself shooting objectives clean, but still need 2 turns to get a body in to claim it, giving opponent 2 more turns of control.


We don’t need no

Ba – Ha – Ta – Lon


2x Spellweavers aka the Chicks from the Wood

Cast-Re/Cast Geminids and Auto-Dispell for a mere 200p total.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Geminids are the best Spell hands down. I’d still use it if they where 80 Points. If you don’t take the geminids, it’s your own fault. I average out on a felt 5xD3 everytime I cast it with the very nice buffs which helps this list alot against hordes.
If you have 60x anything infront of you, give them -2 with gems + relictor and they are half as scary. But do the math, sometimes -1 attack  is better then -1 to hit and vice versa.

In-Game Guide

Positioning s Paramount.

Enjoy the hell out of deployment.
I really love this part since I love playing high-drop. I position my Raptors and Wizards after I’ve seen where everything is, reliably always. Aside the Battleline-Hunters, I only put stuff into reserve on “Escalation” Battleplan and vs other Anvilstrike (the latter is planned, not happened yet). The Hunters can deepstrike 7″ away from enemy. 

I swapped Incantor from my previous Aquilorstrike for a second Spellweaver. I realised I basically only used Incantor for her Auto-Dispell and, yes she is way more versatile and can fend for herself nicely, but that seldom matters since it’s not her job to fight in most situations, with all the other mechanics of this list in place to protect the Raptors from harm. Even when she went straight into enemy lines to get to pop the flasks, … it was nice, yea but didn’t really matter the course of any of my games so far. Her casting the geminids, unbinding and auto-unbinding on the other hand did matter every. single. game. I though I can get that optimised to 100p, the Spellweaver just does that. Few games with only 2x Spellweaver made me see to focus on the real fun part of the game: Positioning the raptors throughout the game.

2 Repositioning Mechanics:
The Obvious Relictor Prayer … works… but sometimes not. Luckily you have Liberators and Aetherwings and a double-Spellshield. But still, that can mean whilie you’re save, you are not dishing out crucial damage to win later on. You don’t score aggressively with this list, you score stategicly. I have 1 Extra CP.  With this you can plan ahead.  Always try Translocation first. If it goes off, then fine. If not, think if you really really need it to go off, sometimes you don’t. Keep the CP then. It’s open more options next round since you’re Anvils of the Heldenhammer. Sometimes I teleport the Relictor himself to a strategic edge near position, then use another hero to activate the raptor shooting, then reposition raptors EOM, shoot, and the relictor is the ticket back. Drop hunters infront for a little Screen and if the Translocation does not work next round, you can think of keeping the CP for End of Movement to collect them again with the Aquilor.  The Aquilor ability is almost battle-field wide : 24″ and he can run winds aetheric beforehand.

Worked well in the past,. The Hunter always payed off, which suprised me at first. But now I know: There is always a chance that some of the few (used to be fewer) battleplan with 6″ from-edge-objectives comes along in a Tournament. Total Commitment is not so bad anymore, with the Aquilor/Raptor/Hunter flanking 7″ from enemy. One mistake or forced event from my Opponent and I got up to 10 Models on that Objective for a CP. I had to cut one unit of Aetherwings though, which still stings me, I love them, best screening unit in the entire game.

Bizarre engough that in some heavy contested games I found myself still dominant, yet unable to get enough horde clearence to score crucial objective points. The other Armies kept melting away and could not threat anything of me, but I could not threat  the objectives, and it is only 5 Rounds in the game. I think I overshot the goal to protect my Raptors. I had Translocation, Aquilor CA and Aetherwings + Screens to keep them save. The Hordes also couldn’t do anything, since I either hit them with -1 (sometimes -2 with relictor) to hit from geminids. I need to clean them fast enough and have bodies on the scene, before they retreat out of 3″ and still keep the Objective. The Plan now is, to go on more recklessly or nitty gritty with the raptors.  Use them as Bodies more often, teleport them out of combat and so on.
1 Unit of Aetherwing had to go. The upside: 10x Evocator again to help with horde / MSU clearance. I figuered this is what I needed to work on.

Secondary Objectives

  1. Shooting x Units
  2. Shooting x Heros
  3. Have x different Units in enemy Territory
  4. Slay x Models

Works well in that order to pick for me.

Honest Goblin