Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness

- Damned Legion: Host of the Everchosen (Sixth Circle)

Mortal Realm: Ghyran


Archaon the Everchosen (800)

- Aura of Chaos: Khorne

- Spell: Binding Damnation

Chaos Lord (110)

- Reaperblade & Daemonbound Steel

- Artefact: Ghyrstrike

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (110)

- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch

- Spell: Mask of Darkness


3 x Varanguard (300)

- 3x Ensorcelled Weapons

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

3 x Varanguard (300)

- 3x Ensorcelled Weapons

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne

20 x Chaos Marauders (150)

- Flails

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne



Chaos Warshrine (170)

- Mark of Chaos: Khorne


Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Eightfold Doom-Sigil (40)

Suffocating Gravetide (20)


Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 93


Archaon and friends, double turning, double fighting, max protection…

Allegience Ability

Loads of abilities are available when Archaon is alive, so the key is to keep him alive for as long as possible.

All units aside from the Sorceror Lord have the Khorne Aura. Sorceror Lord has Tzeentch, mainly so I get an auto re-roll 1’s to save.

So the Khorne Aura is an 18″ bubble around Archaon, and a 12″ bubble around the lord. It allows re-roll 1’s to hit and +1 to wound for Archaon‘s Aura as Archaon is the General.

Archaon can pick a target unit that the entire army can re-roll 1’s to hit and wound against until the end of the battle round in my hero phase. Tasty when discussing later…

Everything is immune to battleshock when Archaon is on the table.


Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Ghyrstrike on the chaos lord gives him a 2″ reach weapon that hits and wounds on 2’s, re-rolls 1 to hit and is rend 2, damage 2. He is really here to make Archaon fight twice.

Archaon has a 6″ base, therefore to be wholly within 12″ of the chaos lord they must be within 6″ of each other… So Archaon charges in. The lord can’t keep up. This is here because if Archaon gets charged for 1cp the lord can make him fight twice. Bearing in mind he does about 15-20 damage per activation, I’ve had him charged by three keepers, take about 10 wounds, and kill all of them…

Archaon generates an extra CP per turn, and the allegience command ability says at the start of the hero phase i can roll a die and get a heads up as to who is getting the priority. This has recently been mentioned in the errata to say I must reveal the result of this die. It just enables me to  play mind games with my opponent.



So, we’ve talked about the lord above.

Now Archaon has so many rules I’m not going to go through them. At the start of the phase he can take off an endless spell within 18″ automatically (bye-bye comet/skaven nonsense) OR heal himself D3 OR maybe do some damage.

The sorceror lord has this ability that allows her to pick a unit wholly within 12″ and allow it to re-roll saves. If we whack this on Archaon, and get the nurgle prayer off on the warshrine then Archaon has a 2+ re-rollable save. With this, 30 witch aelves end up doing 3 damage on average and Archaon kills about 10 of them.


Other Units

Varanguard must have ensorcelled weapons. Glaives are better against morteks, but not better against anything else.

They hit on 2s and wound on 2s if wholly within 18″ of Archaon. Remember above I can pick a unit to re-roll 1s against for free. Also the 6th circle gives them +1 damage when they charge. Oh yeah, and they get to fight twice once per game (or more dependent if the Lord can spend a cp on them).

So on the charge they’re doing 18 2+, 2+, -1, 2d, and maybe 36 attacks, then they get their steeds, which are also +1d on the charge.

The marauders are there because the Sorceror Lord’s spell is a teleport and marauders have a charge distance of 8″ on a double 1. They need to roll a 3+ on 2d6 in order to get a 9″ charge off.

20 of them gives me 41 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 4s, -1r. Archaon also has a command ability that says a model from this unit can fight back if it dies


none  – 7 drops…

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

The S2D endless spell means at the end of every turn I can potentially give all my units wholly within 18″ of it +1a.

The gravetide is there to take up board space if I don’t quite have the numbers to do so.

Honest Goblin