Allegiance: Chaos

Mortal Realm: Hysh



Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)

- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh

Archaon (660)

- General

Chaos Lord Of Slaanesh (100)

Chaos Lord Of Slaanesh (100)

Chaos Lord Of Slaanesh (100)

Chaos Lord Of Slaanesh (100)


- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch



10 x Ungors (60)

- Mauls & Half-Shields

10 x Ungors (60)

- Mauls & Half-Shields

10 x Ungors (60)

- Mauls & Half-Shields



10 x Chaos Knights (320)

- Chaos Glaives

- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh


Total: 1700 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 6

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 107


Another one of my favorite genre: Aetherquartz Archaon!

This one is the slaanesh version, even though it is mixed chaos.  You could also easily go slaanesh allegiance for 2 extra move on your knights, but you would have to sacrifice some command points to take different battleline.  (Not a problem, it’s overkill anyway.)  Taking three units of hellstriders instead of ungor would lose 3 command points but might actually make it better, but it doesn’t make the combo sound as cool on a fun list rundown!

The plan: 6 Command points to start.  +1 on first turn: 7
Use archaons ability 6 times with all buffs hitting chaos knights.

1 remaining, but you have 6 attempts at getting 5+ to return a command point with brooch so average of 2 back.  3 remaining.

Use those 3.  get one back.  use that one.  

If you lost count, that’s 10 activations of archaon‘s command ability.

Combo Below !


Allegience Ability

Chance at +1 to hit.  This list is planning on having its combo unit at +10 to hit, so we don’t care.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch.  Starting the game with 7 command points?  Sure we’ll up all your command points 33%.  (You return a command point on a 5+ every time you use one)

Command Abilities:

Archaon: For one command point, everyone else can use their hero-phase command ability for free.

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount:  A unit of Chaos Knights or blah blah blahs gets reroll charges and +1 to hit.

4x Slaanesh Lord: target slaanesh mortal.  6+s to hit generate an extra attack.


They’re all up there! ^^^ every hero has a command ability and archaon can let them all use it ten times turn 1.

Other Units

3×10 ungor battleline.  180 points, sure.  protect the knights.  We’re aiming for the look on opponent’s face, not strategy!!

10 Chaos Knights – Really wanted archaon to be able to be general of slaves to darkness to make these battleline and have it be an actual attempt at list, but the lord of chaos undivided can’t rule chaos undivided.  These guys can get stackable +1 to hit from the daemonic mount hero so here they are.  (initially I was looking into centigors thanks to our generous creator, but they are not mortal unfortunately.)

In-Game Guide

Here’s the math behind the combo.
Explained above is the fact that all your heroes will use their command ability ten times.  
The Daemonic Mount Lord gives Chaos Knights +10 to hit.

The 4 Slaanesh Lords makes them generate 40 Additional attacks on hit rolls of 6+ (now anything above a -4 to hit)

10 Knights at 2 attacks each with Glaives. 20 attacks, each generating 40 additional attacks. 820 attacks at 2+
820x.83333=683.33333 hits at 3+
683.333 x .66666= 455.555 wounds at -1 rend

vs 6 up: 455.555 x 2 dmg = Wait for it! 911! call an ambulance!
vs 5 up: 756.222

vs 4up: 455.555

vs 3up: 303

2up: 151! let’s celebrate then fall over!

2up rerollable: ok now it gets down to actual game numbers, but 25 is still pretty good.

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DaBoyzGT 2018: 3-2 all majors

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