Allegiance: Ogor Mawtribes

- Mawtribe: Underguts


Tyrant (160)

- General

- Command Trait: Mass of Scars

- Artefact: Gruesome Trophy Rack

- Big Name: Brawlerguts

Slaughtermaster (140)

- Artefact: Gnoblar Blast Keg

- Lore of Gutmagic: Blubbergrub Stench


4 x Ironguts (220)

6 x Leadbelchers (240)

8 x Leadbelchers (320)

6 x Ogor Gluttons (240)

- Pairs of Clubs or Blades


Ironblaster (120)

Ironblaster (120)

Ironblaster (120)

Ironblaster (120)


Goremand (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Extra Command Point (50)

Total: 1990 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 147


This list is intended to take your opponent through a wide emotional spectrum throughout your game. They will be confused, they will be concerned, they will laugh, they will cry. This list will be super swingy but a ton of fun. 

Allegience Ability

Trampling Charge – Impact hits! After an OGOR or RHINOX unit makes a charge move, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 1″ of this unit and roll a number of dice equal to the unmodified charge roll for that charge move. Add 2 to each roll if the OGOR unit that made the charge move has 8 or more models or is a MONSTER. For each 6+, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

Might Makes Right – When determining control of an objective, each OGOR counts as 2 models instead of 1, and each OGOR MONSTER counts as 10 models instead of 1.

Ravenous Brutes – If an OGOR unit is more than 3″ from any enemy units, it is hungry. If an OGOR unit is within 3″ of any enemy units, it is eating. Add 2″ to the Move characteristic of a unit that is hungry. Add 2 to the Bravery characteristic of a unit that is eating.

Underguts – Gunmasters: Leadbelcher units’ Guns have a range of 18″ instead of 12″

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command Trait – Mass of Scars – Subtract 1 from wound rolls for attacks made with missile weapons that target your general. This is pretty meh, it’s part of the tax of the Underguts.

Command Abilities:

Thunderous Salvo: pick 1 friendly UNDERGUTS HERO. Until the end of that phase, add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of missile weapons used by friendly  UNDERGUTS IRONBLASTER units wholly within 12″ of that UNDERGUTS HERO. You can only use this command ability once per shooting phase. This is the money maker. This will get you 8 cannon shots in the shooting phase. 

Bully of the First Degree – Battleshock immunity for D3 mortal wounds on the unit. Not likely to be that useful. 

Volley Fire – Reroll 1’s in the shooting phase for a unit. This will be handy for either the big units of Leadbelchers who didn’t move (D6 shots per) or if you really want to give cannons a good chance of hitting. 


Gnoblar Blast Keg – Once per battle pick a unit within 9″ of bearer and roll 6 dice. Add 1 to the roll for every 10 models in the unit. For each 6+ the enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. This is just the mandatory Underguts artefact but it may come in handy for a hero snipe or finishing a unit or screen off. 

Gruesome Trophy Rack – Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by friendly GUTBUSTERS units wholly within 12″ of the bearer that target a Monster or Hero. This will give your 8 cannon shots a 3+ to hit against Heroes or Monsters not getting Look Out Sir. Also note this is all attacks, not just melee. 


General – Tyrant: This is the boss. You can pick any big name you want for him and there are some decent options. Deathcheater for an extra wound, Brawlerguts for wounding on 2’s for all your weapons on the charge, Fateseeker for a 3+ save or Longstrider for an 8″ move instead of 6″ (10″ when hungry). I don’t think you’d need Giantbreaker as your cannons will chew all the monsters up already and Wallcrusher is just wallcrusher, ’nuff said. You’ll want this guy to just hang with the Ironblasters until you decide to engage with them to hand out extra shots and +1 to hit. Can dish out a ton of pain if you remember all the weapon rules and roll decent. 

Slaughtermaster – This is a great hero overall. The cauldron can be fickle but who doesn’t like to hit on 2’s? Never put him into melee. He’ll want to get Blubbergrub Stench out when you want to get your Ironblasters into the mix so they get those 4+ mortal wounds on the charge.  

Other Units

Ironguts – Great counter punch. 3 damage scares people and a little bit of rend helps. Use this as a hammer to be applied delicately and at the right time. If they have an opportunity to trade out for your opponent’s good pieces it is a worthwhile trade.

Gluttons – Always nice to have some big boys around. I always like to take the clubs for exploding 6’s to hit as I had rules that only happen when you get hurt. Also if you spike a roll on the clubs adding more chances for 2 damage hits are always nice. 

Leadbelchers – These guys are arguably better in melee than they are at ranged. Not that they’re bad, just a nice tool. Let your Gluttons screen in the hopes of letting these guys stand still for those D6 shots instead of D3. If you want to pepper a monster or hero to death, hang out near your Tyrant, 8D6 shots at -1 to rend with 3’s and 3’s may be able to pull it off. 

Ironblaster – This unit is not an artillery piece. Don’t think of it as one. This is a Chariot with a good gun. You’ll want to be moving and applying them like a chariot. Depending on the scenario maybe only commit 1 to the charge so you can guarantee more shooting on round 2. With 9 wounds and a 4+ save they may survive a round but I wouldn’t ever count on it. Don’t commit them unless you need the trade and have Blubbergrub Stench up for the 4+ mortal wounds on the charge. Don’t be afraid to stick those 8 cannon shots into units instead of trying to snipe heroes or monsters. 


Goremand Battalion – 1 Slaughtermaster, 1-3 Units of Gluttons, 1-3 Units of Leadbelchers, 1 Unit of Ironguts: It lets the Slaughtermaster reach into the pot twice to help fish for healing or +1 to hit in melee for any of your units. It also decreases your drops, gets you the Trophy Rack and a command point. 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Blubbergrub Stench – Casting value of 5. If successfully cast, until the start of your next hero phase, friendly RHINOX units are treated as MONSTERS for the purposes of the Trampling Charge battle trait (pg 71) while they are wholly within 18″ of the caster.

Extra command point because I’ve not got anything good to spend the 50 points on. It’ll probably be used for rerolling 1’s in shooting. 

In-Game Guide

Let me preface this by saying I’ve not run the list yet. This seems like a ton of fun but you’re relying on random damage results and attack profiles. If you don’t like that sense of adventure, this is not a list for you. This won’t be a hyper competitive list but should be good for some excitement. 

You probably won’t get your choice for turn. This is a 6 Drop list as it sits right now. You can drop your battalion first and then put your big guns strategically based on their deployment or try and tease them out by putting your cannons and tyrant down quickly one at a time and filling out with the Battalion. 

In the mix of it, shoot yer guns, try and pluck off heroes or decimate units. Hope your charges can finish them off with mortal wounds or at least cripple them bad enough that they won’t be able to kill you back as you slowly work through all of your different fighting. Remember your 8 man unit of Leadblechers will also do mortal wounds on 4+ on the charge so ideally, you want them charging in before they lose a model. You’re not going to play the magic game well as you’ll have only 1 cast and unbind. Your opponent is likely to underestimate your small units unless they play against the Gutbusters often. It’s always fun when the 4 Iron Guts get into a fight, end up landing 7 or 8 hits, your opponent doesn’t save any and then you tell them it’ll be 21 or 24 damage. And then you get to roll a few bite attacks on top of that. 

The list is pretty straight forward, just remember your Ogor rules, have a beer and a few laughs. Shoot tons of shots and when the dust clears, laugh with your opponent when either everything died or nothing did. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list!

Honest Goblin