Allegiance: Big Waaagh!

- Mortal Realm: Ghur

- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line



Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (480)

- General
- Boss Choppa and Rip-tooth fist
- Command Trait: Mega Bossy
- Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact)

- Mount Trait: Mean 'Un

Swampcalla Shaman with Pot-grot (105)

- Lore of the Swamp: Sneaky Miasma

Orruk Warchanter (115)

- Warbeat: Get 'Em Beat

Wardokk (80)

- Lore of the Savage Beast: Power of the Were-boar


10 x Orruk Ardboys (170)

- 2x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers
- Reinforced x 1

5 x Orruk Ardboys (85)

- 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers

5 x Orruk Brutes (160)

- Jagged Gore-hackas
- 1x Gore Choppas


6 x Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)

- Reinforced x 1


Rogue Idol (430)



Beast-skewer Killbow (130)


Core Battalions

*Battle Regiment

**Battle Regiment

Total: 1995 / 2000

Reinforced Units: 2 / 4

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 113

Drops: 2

Allegience Ability

The allegiance abilities for Big Waaagh! are Mighty Destroyers, Venom Encrusted Weapons,   Warpaint and The Power of the Waaagh plus the bonus heroic action of ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go! 

The first three abilities effect the respective faction that the come from. Mighty Destroyers effects Ironjawz. Venom Encrusted Weapons effects Kruleboyz Orruks, and Warpaint effects Bonesplitterz. While the Rogue Idol is all three, it is not an Orruk so no Venom Encrusted fists or stomps, and its base ward save is better than the 6 given by Warpaint. But that is okay, because  it can still use Mighty Destroyers.  And as we all know movement is king in AOS!

The Power of the Waaagh and ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go are the new allegiance abilities in Big Waaagh. The Power of the Waaagh gives a series of cumulative bonus  to  Orruks in you army based on the number of Waaagh! point you have collected up to that point.  The amount of Waaagh points you collect is D6 for your general being alive, +2 for a Warchanter, + 1 for a Bonesplitter wizard +1 for each Orruk unit who charged in the charge phase, and +1 for each Orruk within 3 inches of an enemy unit at the end of the combat phase. ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go is a new heroic ability that you get that allows you to roll a dice and if you roll over the turn number you get a number of Waaagh! points equal to the turn. Again the Rogue Idol is not an Orruk.


Megaboss on Maw-Krusha: He slices, dices and juliennes fries! Pretty much if you can take one you want one.  He has a boss choppa and rip tooth for  the 3+ save.  Mega bossy  so that I can use Mighty Destroyers a second time. He has the Amulet of Destiny for the 5+ ward, and Mean ‘Un because it’s fun (and it is!)

Swampcalla Shaman with Pot-grot:  He supports the manskewer boltboyz by improving their venom encrusted weapons, and has  Sneaky Miasma for his spell to give an additional move to the Rogue Idol

Orruk Warchanter : He provides 2 Waaagh points  a turn and supports any Ironjawz unit with Violent Fury  w/ Get ‘Em Beat for the ability to give a unit a 3D6 charge.

Wardokk : serves as a minder for the rogue idol,  often the hero who uses Er We Go, and provides a 1 Waaagh point a turn. He has the Lore of the Savage Beast: Power of the Were-boar to cast on the Rogue Idol.

Other Units

10 x Orruk ArdboysThis unit of Ardboyz  serves as forward objective holder, but it is probably a little light to serve as an anvil.

5 x Orruk ArdboysThey serve as either back objective holders or chafe depending on the circumstances.

5 x Orruk BrutesThis unit serves as forward objective takers. They’re probably not going to kill a true  anvil or a monster hero, but they could finish either off or take care  of anything else. They have Gore-hackers for the -2 rend.

6 x Man-skewer Boltboyz: They are great for  softening up targets either at a distance  or up close. 

Rogue IdolTo Rogue Idol or not to that is the question? It is a Kruleboy, an IronJaw, and a Boneslpitter, but not an Orruk.  For the price of an of a it and the Wardokk you can get another Maw- Krusha, but you’ll lose a Waaagh point a turn.  The Rogue Idol has -2 rend on all of it’s attack which is something it has up on the Maw Krusha. It has a 5+ ward, gets +1 to its attack when it charges, and does 1 mortal wound on a 4+ to each enemy unit within 3″, and  it buff others with  a +1 to casting for friendly Orruk wizards within 6″ and  +1 to bravery for friendly Orruks wholey within 18.  Also, it’s a totem so it can issue commands! The Rogue Idol is all about the synergies you can build with it. 

Beast-skewer Killbow: For those extra juicy targets!


The entire army fits into two Battle Regiments. The Rogue Idol and the Wardokk go in one Battle Regiment with all Ironjawz except for the 5 Ardboyz. The 5 Ardboyz go in the second Battle Regiment with the Kruleboyz.

In-Game Guide

Okay so here’s how the army plays. 

General Stuff

The army is two drops so most likely you are going first, and the high mobility allows of you’re two melee hammers will adapt to their deployment on the first turn. Also you’re ranged hammer of the Beastskewer  Killbow, and Manskewer Boltboyz will effect how they deploy their army.

Also, don’t forget the Big Waaagh! battle tactic Wait For It Ladz… as it is really useful in the late game.

Hero Phase

It’s base Waaagh! generation is D6+3 and because of the number of support heroes you can use ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go ‘Ere We go every turn without any conflict. So it climbs the chart as fast as possible in the hero phase.

Both the Maw Krusha, and Rogue Idol have shocking mobility due to the fact they can issue Mighty Destroyers, and since the Maw Krusha has Mega Bossy they can both do it in the same turn.( You must move the Rogue Idol first) Furthermore the Swampcalla Shaman can use Sneaky Miasma on the Rogue Idol giving it an additional move.  This gives the Maw Krusha a 24″ move and the Rogue Idol a 20″ or 30″ move depending on the use of Sneaky Miasma. This puts Savage Spearhead with a +1 bonus in play for as long as the two of them are alive, even on the first turn!

The Swampcalla Shaman sticks close to the Boltboyz to improve their venom encruted weapons, but depending on deployment or whether the Boltboyz are alive, he may use Sneaky Miasma to add a turbo boost to the Rogue Idol.

Other than the Warchanter’s ability of violent fury (+1 damage) and his Get’em beat which can be applied to any Ironjawz (including the Rogue Idol). He often makes a great candidate for Heroic Willpower on your opponents turn.  

The Wardokk is really just a Rogue Idol support piece. He can heal the rogue idol with his dance. He has Power of the Wereboar to give the Rogue Idol +1 run & charge and +1 wound. In addition, he helps build Waaagh! points and is often using ‘Ere We Go, ‘Er We Go, ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go.

Movement Phase

No real shenanigans during this phase as most of them happened during the hero phase.  Though you’re probably not running with the Rogue Idol or the Maw Krusha because they are A.B.C. (Always Be Charging)

Shooting Phase

This army has three shooting units the Boltboyz, the Beastskewer, and the one I always forget the Maw Krusha. The Boltboyz a phenomenal utility piece in this army they can really reach out and do damage to soften anything and make it easy prey for something else. The Beastskewer is for big game hunting , and it strikes fear in you opponent.  The Maw Krusha’s shooting attack, more often than not, serves to soften the unit it is going to charge.

Charge Phase

The main thing here is Mean’un. A Mean’un Maw Krusha does D6+3 mortal wounds on a stomp. This doesn’t effect monster or units in Heroes of the Heart Land, but for units that it does effect it’s mean. This great for clearing screens or when engaged with multiple units decimating one and attacking another thus making you Maw Krusha harder to swarm. It also has a psychological effect  on your opponent who will be less willing to throw bodies at your Maw Krusha to bring it down. 

Combat Phase

While the Rogue Idol is tough, the Maw Krusha is insanely survivable. Both have good wound tracks and both hit well. The Idol has more -2 attacks but the Maw Krusha has higher damage. ( 20+ 2D6 vs 24) plus the Maw Krusha has a bunch of -1 rend as well. The rogue idol is good for smashing tough units while the Maw Krusha is fighting anything it wants. Both in combat means your opponent must choose who to use All Out Defense against.

Battle shock Phase

Don’t forget your +1 bravery from the Rogue Idol!


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