Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos

- Greatfray: Darkwalkers

Mortal Realm: Hysh


Doombull (120)

- General
- Trait: Nomadic Leader 
- Artefact: Aetherquartz Brooch 

Doombull (120)

- Artefact: Desolate Shard 

Tzaangor Shaman (180)

- Lore of Twisted Wilds: Tendrils of Atrophy 


6 x Bullgors (320)

- Great Axes

6 x Bullgors (320)

- Axes & Bullshields

10 x Gors (80)

- Axes & Shield


5 x Centigors (80)

5 x Centigors (80)


Ghorgon (200)

Ghorgon (200)


Brass Despoilers (190)

Endless Spells

Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Total: 1950 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 132


This list is designed to get the best out of the Warherd subfaction, so for that reason it’s possibly not the absolute best the list could be, but I believe it’s the best way to use Warherds units in the current Meta. It’s also very fun to play!

Allegience Ability

Brayherd Ambush:  BRAYHERD units can be deployed in ambush and at the end of your first movement phase, you must place them within 6″ of the board edge and more than 9″ away from any enemy models.

Shadowbeasts: This Darkwalker ability grants the Brayherd Aambush rule to WARHERD and THUNDERSCORN units. Additionally half (rounding up) can deploy in the second turn.

Blood Gorge: If a WARHERD unit destroys a unit in the combat phase it heals D3 wounds.

Primordial Call: Inflict D3 mortal wounds on a friendly unit to gain summoning points which can be used to bring in new units as per Brayherd Ambush deployment.

Herdstone: Terrain piece deployed in friendly territory. This grants Battleshock immunity and -1 to enemy saves within 6″, this range extends 6″ each Battleround.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command Ability: Slaughterer’s Call – The Doombull can give +1 to wound rolls to a WARHERD unit.

Command Ability: Savage Encirclement – At the end of the movement phase, remove a unit 9″ away from any enemy unit and wholly 18″ of a hero. At the end of your next movement phase it must deploy anywhere on the battlefield more than 9″ from an enemy model.

Command Trait: Nomadic Leader – Add 1 to run rolls of units wholly within 12″.

Artifact: Desolate Shard – Once per battle, at the start of your hero phase, the bearer can use the Desolate Shard if they are within 3″ of a terrain feature. If they do so, roll a dice for each enemy within 1″ of that terrain feature. On a 4+ that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Artifact: Aetherquartz brooch – When a Command Point is used you regain the point on a 5+.


Doombull: A mid tier Hero, fairly tough (8W 4+ Sv) with good overall damage output (3 attacks 3+/3+ Rend -2 Damage 3) including a few mortal wounds, can however be unreliable. 

Tzaangor ShamanA mid tier Hero spell caster, not very tough but he has one job which is to cast cogs. He has a one use per game spell cast which can reroll one or both dice for the cast. This gives you a fairly reliable way to cast which makes a big difference to the army. 

Other Units

Bullgor: Battleline with Doombull as General. A tough unit with low save (4W 5+), with great weapons they can hit very hard (2 attacks 3+/3+ Rend -2 Damage 3) or with shield they get a 4+ save in combat but a reduced rend on their attacks. Wound rolls of an unmodified 6 do a Mortal Wound. 7″ move with +1 to charge makes them fairly quick. These will cut through elite troops like butter.

Gors: Low damage output but fairly tough for their points. These are in the list to fulfil battleline and to be sacrificed at the Herdstone.

Centigor: A solid multi function unit, relatively tough (2W 4+) with a decent attack profile if they’re drunk (+1 to hit and be hit) and charging gives them re-roll wound rolls. They’re very fast at 14″ move, they can also run and charge. Great for taking out support heroes, and taking objectives.

Ghorgon: A brutal monster (14W 5+) with a main attack profile that will do most of the damage (5 attacks 3+/3+ rend -1 Damage 3), a second single attack which can do D6 damage. A further ability allows it to swallow whole a model if you roll equal or above its wounds characteristic, amazing for low key heroes or splitting up a unit’s coherency. These will obliterate hordes and heroes alike however they die fairly easily.


Brass Despoilers: Grants re-roll 1’s to hit, which for WARHERDS is really a game changer and not to be underestimated. Additionally once per game can grant re-roll all wound rolls for all units, which really ramps up the damage when you absolutely must kill something.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Summon Lightning: The Shaggoth’s spell, gives him re-rolls to wound and heals D3 wounds. Used if the Herdstone comes undeer threat.

Hailstorm: Halves move, run and charge moves on an enemy unit within 21″. Excellent at keeping strong units out of the fight.

Soulsnare Shackles: Possibly one of the most underrated endless spells, the chance to half movement and do mortal wounds is nice but the real wealth lies in the ability to block units as they cannot be moved over unless a unit can Fly. As you get three models on 40mm bases you can easily block a 200mm gap between two terrain pieces or surround a single model with them so the unit cannot move at all until it’s dispelled!

In-Game Guide

Pre-game and deployment.

This is a two drop list with everything except the Tzaangor Shaman being in the Battalion. 

Depending if you need to play offensively or defensively the Herdstone can be placed 3″ in front of your deployment line or further back on an objective, preferably near Arcane scenery to ensure a high roll for cogs. 

There are multiple tactics to use with this list depending on the opponent’s list and Battleplan, the general plan is to deploy the Shaman and Gor by the Herdstone to create summoning points and hold a home objective. 

The six Greataxe Bullgor, two Doombull and two Ghorgon deploy in ambush. with the remaining six Bullgor in the backfield within 18″ of the Shaman (ready to be encircled turn one or two).

If you have the choice, which you often will, take the second turn, this forces your enemy to either spread out to limit your ambush or leave gaps. Either way it’s huge psychological impact and they will make mistakes which you can exploit. 


Turn one you must deploy two of your ambushing units, so drop the General Doombull (as you want his 12″ bubble for charge re-rolls in a good place) and a Ghorgon. These two are a nice little package and with re-rolls at least one should get in to combat, don’t worry if they don’t to be honest you have more.

You can drop everything turn one if you’re in a good position, but I find turn two is generally better in most cases.

Turn two you deploy the rest of you ambush units and anything you encircled turn one. This is often the pivotal turn so use all your Command Points for charge Re-rolls and then +1 to wound buffs.


The trick here is to fight on your turns, aim to take out one main target per turn. The units of six Bullgor will generally annihilate anything they touch so use them to take out the biggest threat then encircle them away the next turn if you can. These guys when buffed from the Doombull and the re-roll wounds will be putting out about 25 damage through something with a 4+ save which goes up to 30 damage through if you’re in range of the Herdstone.

A Doombull/Ghorgon combo will do pretty well and getting through most things. great at taking out heroes and hordes alike.

One of the biggest threats to this army is hordes, so get your Ghorgons in and get chopping. If you can get two in to on big horde you can sometime eat models in the middle to split the unit in two to die to coherency.

Centigor always take my opponents by surprise, use them to get behind units and kill support heroes and/or take weakly held objectives. They will go through low save chaff pretty easy, make sure they’re always drunk.

Once cogs is active and you charged in you can then slow down time for the extra spell, the shaman then can cast two ranged MW spells for a little help where you need it, although ideally he should be next to the Herdstone to continue throwing Gor in to the fire.


You have little inherent defense except a decent wound count, so mobility and surprise is your defense. Use encirclement and ambush to spread your enemy wide and don’t let them concentrate any force. Summon Ungor in or use Centigor as chaff screens if you need too. Even a Ghorgon can be throwaway in this list, if you throw him forward your opponent will have to deal with him.


You don’t have the numbers to just sit and hold objectives, so take them and move on (unless your opponent has deep summoning abilities) on a lot of Battleplans on diagonals summoned units can control objectives without needing to move. The others you will need to move or charge on to them, only do this with Ungor if the enemy unit is in combat with something else.


You start with two extra Command Points so with the Aetherquartz brooch you should get a few back over the course of the game. Don’t be afraid to use command points for charges, but also don’t waste them on charges that aren’t important.

Lure the enemy in to your Herdstone range, when you’re dishing your -3 rend with most of your units there isn’t many combats you can’t win. 


Anything that ignores rend: Nighthaunt are troublesome, we have a low amount of high potential attacks so you have to really be careful against them.

Horde and summon armies: Anything that can keep churning out cheap units of chaff can be a struggle, however WARHERD do regain D3 wounds for units they destroy so not always too bad.

Shooting (sometimes): Large amounts of shooting will really take a toll on the army due to low saves, luckily most of your army will be in ambush or in combat be just be aware.

Battleplans with more than four Objectives: Until you summon in Ungor, you don’t have the models to cover everything. So prioritization or targets is key.


Mobility: This army is highly mobile and can fight where it wants to, Battleplans with late game objective bonuses or moving objectives should be relatively easy to react to.

Small footprint units: This army doesn’t suffer too much from piling in problems, you will generally get all of your attacks in if you are in combat. 

High power density: You can put out a large amount of damage in some small spaces, so use ungor screens and terrain or the board edge to your advantage. A Ghorgon in combat with one model of a unit of 30 that can’t pile in is the ideal situation.

Honest Goblin

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