Allegiance: Chaos

Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Archaon (660)

- General

Fatemaster (120)

- Artefact: Sword of Judgement 

Fatemaster (120)

- Artefact: Spellmirror 

Fatemaster (120)

Fatemaster (120)

Fatemaster (120)

20 x Kairic Acolytes (160)

20 x Kairic Acolytes (160)

10 x Kairic Acolytes (80)

1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)

Fatesworn Warband (160)

Malevolent Maelstrom (20)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 112


* Disclaimer: I am not an experienced wargamer, having only a handful of Kill Team games under my belt. However, I have a longstanding love of combinatorial/synergistic game mechanics in various other gaming contexts. I have recently found myself engrossed in Age of Sigmar and am hoping to develop the hobby fully. Please correct me where I am horribly mistaken.

* Wouldn’t it be nice to have re-roll everything, all the time? Run, Charge, Hit, Wound, Damage, Casting, Unbinding, Praying, Save… and more. Who needs friends anyway?

Allegience Ability

* GA Chaos (Fist of the Everchosen, cuz why not?)

* Unpredictable Destruction: on 6+ units in combat near your heroes get +1 hit

* Failure is Not an Option: +2 bravery and re-roll charges near your heroes (from FotE Firestorm allegiance)

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

* Archaon is our General

* no command trait

* Warlord without Equal: one command point here activates all your other heroes command abilities for free if they are taken in the hero phase

* One Fatemaster gets a Sword of Judgement: hope for 6’s

* Another Fatemaster takes the Spell Mirror: anybody within 6” gets a 5+ to ignore spells


* Archaon

* Slayer of Kings murders heroes and monsters if you get 2 6’s to hit

* Eye of Sheerian makes your opponent re-roll hits on Archy

* Armor of Morkar shoots back mortals on natural 6 saves, shooting or combat

* Chaos Runeshield, the old 5+ vs. mortals

* Crown of Domination adjusts battleshock by 2 up or down within 10”

* Dorghar’s heads eat dudes and does fun things

* Everchosen: 4+ ignores any spell that affects him

* Fatemaster x5

* yep, 5 of these guys

* 16” fly

* Soulbound Shield, ignore wounds and mortals from spells on 4+

* Disc of Tzeentch, adds 2 to combat saves if attacker doesn’t fly

* Lord of Fate: this command ability is the lynch-pin for your army. In the hero phase roll a die, any tzeentch mortal within 9” can re-roll _any_ die that matches your result. Bunch everybody up, kick off Archy’s CA and roll these dice out serially, remember to re-roll any results that you’ve already seen on another Fatemaster for extra cheese. Oh yeah, everybody on the list is a Tzeentch mortal. Lasts until your next hero phase. rinse, repeat.

Other Units

* Kairic Acolytes (20) x2

* Take everybody not carrying a scroll with Arcanite Shields, giving you a 6+ ward-save when allocating wounds

* deploy as 18 models, so your battalion gives you another 6+ ward-save

* shoots 18” (with scrolls) on 4+, 4+ if you’re within 9” of Archy

* also a crappy 4+,4+ melee weapon attack

* pet Vulcharc punishes enemy casters within 18” with a mortal wound when they successfully cast on a 5+

* Kairic Acolytes (10)

* Same deal as above, but you have to deploy all 10 so you only get the shield ward-save

* Chaos Warshrine (Tzeentch mark)

* how about another 6+ ward save for everybody nearby?

* can also pray to give one unit in range re-roll to all hits, but you probably won’t need it


* Fatesworn Warband

* congrats, you’re a 1-drop

* also congrats, every attack has a minimum -1 rend (this seems worth 160 points by itself to me)

* 2 of your battle line units get that 6+ ward-save

* all heroes can arcane bolt regardless of being a wizard, if they’re already a wizard the arcane bolt is an extra freebie

* the rule of one seems to apply in matched play, so pick one guy a turn for the free arcane bolt



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

* Archaon is your only wizard, but casts 2

* no spell lores are available, maybe realm spells will be useful?

* if Dorghar eats a wizard you learn whatever spell the meal knew

* Malevolent Maelstrom

* costs 20pts

* seems fun

* I think I’ve got less to fear when it explodes than anybody else

In-Game Guide

* Once again, I have 0 AoS games experience. This should perform best as a death-star, which I think means it has issues with objective play. Hopefully it can be dominant enough to leave some acolytes behind here and there to hold objectives, maybe with a warshrine to keep them company.

* 1 drop. Go first. Trigger Archaon CA, then Fatemaster CAs in turn. Re-roll Fatemaster CA results if they match a previous result to get the best spread (hope for 1-5). Roll Eye of Sheerian, re-roll if need be (a 6 would be nice). Cast Maelstrom, re-roll if you like. Move carefully to keep everybody you want in overlapping 9” ranges with the Fatemasters (thankfully not wholly within). Setup to take incoming attacks, maybe on an objective.

* soak up those attacks. Re-roll saves, mortal-wound saves, spell effect saves, 6+, 6+, 6+ ward saves

* counterpunch; be careful of your ranges when piling-in

* re-roll hits, wounds _and_ damage results (Fatemasters have d3 damage, Dorghar has d6); don’t forget you have -1 rend at a minimum

* keep Archaon alive, maybe re-roll your Everchosen roll to ignore that Hand of Dust and go Slayer of Kings that mofo.

Secondary Objectives

I dunno, you got me.

Honest Goblin