Allegiance: Khorne

Mortal Realm: Ghyran

Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)

- Artefact: The Crimson Crown 

Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (260)

- General
- Trait: Devastating Blow 
- Artefact: Ghyrstrike 

Bloodthirster Of Insensate Rage (260)

- Artefact: A'rgath the King of Blades 

Skulltaker (100)

30 x Bloodletters (320)

20 x Bloodletters (240)

10 x Bloodletters (120)

Council of Blood (150)

Murderhost (220)

Total: 1990 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 107


My new list going into 2019. As with every year since AOS dropped I’m going to promise to play just the one faction/army for the year. Hopefully that holds true this time. 

The list this time is a council of blood with a small murder host. Nice wee two drop with a great damage output and next to no staying power.

I’ll be working on this going forward for the next few months. Feel like dropping a few bits to upgrade to an exalted thirsted would be good, just to get the 6″ pile in without charging effect, but that’s for the future.

Allegience Ability

Blades allegiance offers the summoning, the other blood tithe options and some cool traits/items. 

Shame generic chaos allegiance isn’t more of an option as unpredictable destruction is great with blood letters.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Ghyrstrike plus devastating blow on the IR means in the ideal scenario he’s smashing 4d6 +12 mortal wounds on his target plus 12 MW on any other enemy units in 8″

Crimson crown is there for some exploding attacks despite its annoying wording. Hopefully January FAQ resolves it again.

The last item let’s the other IR hit on 2s refilling 1s against choice targets just because hitting on 4s normally sucks. It also means I have all three big guys with relics for that mission where that matters. 

Command abilities is big here because the council let’s me use all 3 for free each turn as well as starting with 3 cp in my turn 1. So the two IR have bubbles of re-roll charges and the WOK can buff 1-3 units with run and charge at +1 to both. 


Skulltaker just there to fulfil murder host requirements and his re-rollable save means he might stick around longer than a basic herald for objective play. 

The thirsters are ‘throw it forward’ reap-profit pieces.

Other Units

Blood letters fulfil all other roles, objectives, chaffage, board control, threat, as needed.


Council let’s me use CA for free. Murder host is well known. I like that it makes it a two drop and that I get the two CP.



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

None. The WOK has an unbind at +2 and there’s an auto unbind off the blood tithe table. No dispel options in the list for taking care of endless spells.

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Based in Aberdeen. Running Fall of the Old World for the 2nd time in March 2019. I was on the Scottish 6 Nations team in 2018 but lost all my games. 

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