Allegiance: Devoted of Sigmar
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

War Altar of Sigmar (250)

- General
- Trait: Strategic Genius
- Artefact: Betrayer's Crown
Warrior Priest (80)

- Sigmarite Warhammers
Warrior Priest (80)

- Sigmarite Warhammers
Witch Hunter (50)

- Pistols & Blessed Rapier
War Altar of Sigmar (250)

- Artefact: miasmatic blade 
Celestant-Prime (340)

- Allies

40 x Flagellants (260)

40 x Flagellants (260)

40 x Flagellants (260)

Pilgrimage of Wrath (140)

Total: 1970 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 340 / 400
Wounds: 165


I find your lack of faith in this list disturbing.

D. Vader 1977

Ok so this list was an attempt to win one game with an army that hasnt been.  been represented much in age of sigmar to date.

Flagellants models are sweet and the army has some interesting if not competitive mechanics.

I have taken this list to 2 events now a one dayer in London using realm commands where I won 2 majors of 3 (vs mixed order and nighthaunt) and to bobo2019 where I won 2 majors (vs beastclaw raiders and maggotkin) and competed vs fyreslayers, stormcast ballista list and grand host of Nagash.

The list can win games possibly a 3-2 list with practice and a few modifications which I’ll go into.

Allegience Ability

Your allegiance ability is faith in sigmar. If you pray hard enough during the game you will win priority roles and accomplish incredible feats … unfortunately none of this has been written into a book yet so moving swiftly on….nothing to see here 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Ok “strategic genius” is the command trait I picked. It gives you one additional command point. There are no command abilities in the army so command points are used for running with a 6 and reroll charges. Really important for a horde list with this much board presence.

The alternate and probably better choice would be “master of defence” to get the 6 up ward vs wounds/mortal wounds. 


War Altar of Sigmar – this unit is key for 5 reasons

1. as it gives you the option of having any of your flagellants units within 10 of the altar immune to battleshock. Having the choice here is key as it means that when you want to survive and grind to hold that objective you can opt to be immune to battleshock but when you want to remove the ethereal zombie dragon you can let them all run away and potentially lash out at it on the way out.

2. It provides a death save for models within 15 on a 6 plus. Please note this is not a negate save and so doesn’t help the war altar itself. It also doesn’t stack in aos 2 following errata.

3.  In an army with no wizards this altar has 2 unbinds – crucial.

4. Shooting! Enough to deal a few wounds here and there at long range – effectively 30 inches – but against the right enemy you will find that 2 altars are more than capable of shooting off great unclean ones in one turn of shooting.

5. Prayers! Praying to sigmar is how you make your flagellants into combat monsters. Use one altar to make the flagellants plus one to hit and the other to make them plus 2 to hit (hitting on 3s!) or to reroll all failed hits.




Honest Goblin

United Kingdom