Allegiance: Chaos

Mortal Realm: Chamon

Verminlord Corruptor (260)

- General
- Trait: Lord of War
- Artefact: Rune Blade 

Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (200)

Grey Seer (120)

Kairos Fateweaver (380)

Be'Lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince (280)

The Masque of Slaanesh (80)

40 x Clanrats (200)

20 x Clanrats (120)

20 x Clanrats (120)

Warp Lightning Vortex (100)

Umbral Spellportal (60)

Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Soulsnare Shackles (20)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 137


Hey lovelies, had a few messages about the list I ran recently at Bloodtithe, one of the UK’s premier international team events, run by the bloody marvellous Marc Wilson. Cannot recommend enough if you can put together a team! 

Myself, Dan Bradshaw, Will Barton and Dan Ford were lucky enough to take out the event, so this was very much a list designed with a team environment in mind. 

My hope was it would be so difficult to see all the various combos and synergies it would make the match up selection process much harder for our opponents and in turn help us get the match ups we wanted. Also, my own games in theory would be easier, I doubt many will have practised against or even played/read some of the war scrolls I would be using! 

In this I reckon I was successful, ‘no idea what the fuck your list does Darren’ was a common theme before and over the weekend ? 

As soon as the new hotness was revealed (FEC/Skaventide releases) I knew I wanted to use a list based around the Warp Lightning Vortex. My first port of call when designing a new list is always reach. I want to get to my enemies guts before they get to mine. Taking out key/support heroes early reduces both your opponents damage out put and resilience. They’ll kill less, die quicker and it gets in your opponents head from the off, all good things. Plus the threat gives your opponent a harder time in deployment. Many games are won or lost in deployment, being able to put your opponent under pressure straight away is very valuable indeed. Give your opponent as many difficult decisions as soon as possible . Plus you are getting value from your resources from the off.

The new Warp Lightning Vortex is just ridiculous, combining great mortal wound out put, reach and utility (the spell forms a triangle where each point is 7″ apart, all units within 6″ can take mortal wounds when it’s set up AND  at the end of each movement phase. But the real gold is any unit that starts it’s move within 6″ of any of the 3 models cannot run or fly), more good things..  So I set about thinking on how best I could support it and what other units would get the most out of it’s additional benefits. 

One problem with the Skaventide tome I came up against was the lack of battalions I liked to reduce my drops. My ‘Rat Trap‘ was going to need time and space to set up and I didn’t fancy moving millions of screens around the board all weekend. Enter Kairos and Be’lakor ? 

I’ve wanted to use Fateweaver and Be’lakor for such a long time. I love a wombo-combo me and these chaps have some of the coolest rules in AOS. Fateweaver allows you to choose the result of a dice of yours or your opponents one time and Be’lakor can, for 1 whole game round, stop a unit moving (including charging, and piling in), shooting, attacking in melee and casting spells unless your opponent can roll a 4+ each time. So the obvious combo is using Karios to guarantee an important unit, be it Nagash, 20 snakes, Eels etc etc can’t move for a turn. This can really break up your opponents initial assaults and again forces them to really think about their deployment and early moves.. Importantly it gives you the time you need to set up your Rat Trap.. 

With my mind made up I was gonna use Mixed Chaos the rest wrote itself. I wanted a way to maximise my chances of getting Vortex off and ways to get the most out it’s secondary affects, reliable efficient screens and more ways to use Kairos’s change dice shenanigans

So I came up with the list above.

Allegience Ability

Mixed Chaos, so each time you choose units to attack, if they are near heroes or the General, on a 6 you can add plus 1 to hit to all your melee attacks. Surprisingly handy in practice, hadn’t even factored it in before I started playing with the list at the weekend. Helpful in a list without the best melee threats. All the monsters are average fighters, so every little helps. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Original list used Spiteful Deceiver for the Command Trait, I hadn’t realised it had changed to reroll 1 failed wound from plus 1 to all wounds for one melee weapon the general is using.. So Lord of War would be a much better trait and what I would of opted for had I realised..  Pay attention Watson.. On a 4 plus you can pick a unit near your general to get plus 1 to hit, typically you pick the Verminlord, though Be’lakor isn’t shabby in combat either. You know have 2 ways to get plus 1 to hit in an important clash. 

No battalions, so we get 1 artefact. I opted for the Runeblade on my Verminlord Corruptor‘s Plagueflail. the popular opinion it would seem is the Sword of Judgement, but I figured this list was going to have no trouble killing heroes and with no way to teleport (at least initially) my Verminlord, he would be easy to avoid. Rend 3 on a weapon that can get 10 attacks was going to help me clear through hordes much quicker and after using it, i’m happy with my rationale. you can get the same -3 rend from the Ulgu items, I opted to be from Chamon, so I could say ‘Chamon Mother Fuckers’ every time he fought, in keeping with the dancing theme, though thanks to the recent Netflix revelations, perhaps I should rethink my choice here..  


General-Corruptor: What a spell and with Kairos being able to use the spells from all Chaos wizards within 18″ coupled with the fact he’s a much more reliable caster (the lowest result on the dice changes to the highest) the high casting value of 7 was less daunting. The spell is pick a unit within 13″, every model in the unit takes a mortal wound on a 4+ (move over Gaunt Summoner, you’ve had your time to shine).  Now factor in the list has a spell portal and you have a big threat right from the off. Now the list could kill elite armies and hordes pretty efficiently.  The Corruptor has, like all Verminlords, become much more points efficient as well with a much improved war scroll. Protection of the Horned Rat makes them so tanky, difficult to shift in 1 turn. Look out for Mystical Terrain when deciding deployment, with in your territory or probably more importantly where you wanna move him to in the early turns and he’ll stay around long enough for Kairos to delete some hordes for you.

Plus he’s a beast in combat thanks to his Rune Blade. The Vermlord’s command ability allows you to reroll failed hits, with up to 10 attacks (depending on wounds taken) that mortal on unmodified 6s, 2 ways to be hitting on 2s (Lord of War and Allegiance ability), wounding on 3s, rend 3.. He takes names ? Little bonus at the end of combat also, any unit within 1″ takes d3 mortals on a 4+, sweet.

Starts at move 12″

Units near him are -1 bravery great, as quite often multiple units are taking tests from the all the AOE damage you are pumping out, Be’lakor likes a failed bravery test, see below. 

Double caster as well (wtf) Important having multiple double casters in the list as there are 4 endless spells you can dispel yourself and recast into better positions (list has 10 hard casts and 1 potential extra from cogs, happy) 

He’s a steal at 260pts. 

The Grey Seers: Little Grey Seer is here to use 3 dice to cast Vortex and pick the 2 highest. ‘Darren are you using Kairos to cast Vortex because I don’t think you can?’ is the most common question about the list so far..  No I am not, nor should you. It isn’t a spell, there is a clear distinction between them and endless spells, plus it’s war scroll says only Skaventide casters may cast it. so we need this chap. His spell is also pretty handy, 13″ range d3 mortals and -1 to hit in melee on a unit if you can roll over their wound characteristic on 2d6. Debuffs are strong AF. Lessen the damage output of your opponents units, more time to get those mortal wounds off and it isn’t the only debuff the army has access to..

He’s a double caster as well (wtf) valuetown. 

Grey Seer on Bell: Shenanigans time ? 

This bad boy cover 2 of my desires from above. Firstly I don’t want to play fair. Think Verminlord Corruptors are valuetown? why not get another for free? nah, fuck that, I’ll take a Verminlord Deceiver for free. He doesn’t stroke your goat? then how about a Warpseer? 
At the beginning of the hero phase you  get to ring the bell *sniggers* roll 2d6 and consult the chart for it’s affect. But the one you want is double 6, because you can then summon a free Verminlord (another great time to shout Chamon Mother Fucker when it happens (depending on your feelings towards the Netflix documentary of course..).  Kairos can change the result of one of these dice though, get in, so you only need roll 1 6 out of the 2 to pull this off. It’s not consistent, but when it happens you are in a good spot. The Verminlord you summon depends on the situation. I won’t explain all my ways to make the most of this, but I will tell you a story of how I tabled 120 Grimghasts at the weekend in game 3..  

I roll a 6 and a 3 for bell, change 3 to 6 with Kairos, summoned a Verminlord Deceiver next to Kairos. Kairos usess the Deceivers Skittleleap to teleport the Deceiver behind the screening Grimghasts 6″ away from their general. Casts arcane bolt, thowing stars him in the face and charges in for the kill. No Grimghast general, no more bringing back entire units of OP Grimghasts as long as I’m careful  about losing units (that undead faction could bring units back on a 4+ if one of my units dies or some shit like that).  

Just one example of the type of silly plays you can make and how you can catch an opponent off guard. Made 3 free Verminlords out of 5 games this weekend, 60% of the time it works every time! 

On the chart there are also results that do AOE mortal wound damage. Sometimes when this and Vortex has gone off, units can take 3 d3 mortals, perhaps even 2d6 plus 1 d3 mortals. Support heroes melt, Many units are taking battleshock tests. Be’lakor loves this, again the Corruptor helps this also. With Kairos being able to do 2d6 mortals at range also (wait for it, see below) even large monsters are melting quickly. Can make your Skaventide wizards have plus 1 to cast or make your opponent -1 to hit within up to 26″, great with the mini Grey Seers -1 to hit spell. If you don’t get a free Verminlord he is still pulling his weight (no pun intended). Plus more Horned Rat Protection (5+ special save) and 13 wounds, another tanky double caster. 

Speaking of casts, his own spell is great. Roll 2d6 minus the targets movement characteristic and they take that many mortal wounds, 18″ range as well. Synergies nicely with Soulsnare Shackles, as they half a units movement characteristic. another character snipe esp low movement infantry ones. 

He also makes any rats immune to battle shock wholly within 13″ of him, so now your screens being reliable is covered as well. Happy 

Fateweaver: Covered most of his uses already, to recap, he knows the spells of all Chaos wizards within 18″ of him (your casting the Corruptors horde killing spell through the Spell Portal mostly) but his own spell is decent. Starts at d6 mortals, 18″ range, if it kills anything you summon a free Chaos Spawn where the enemy was. so you can tag units nicely or kill a cheeky character on an objective that thinks it’s safe at the back by using the Portal and pop your free spawn there, very useful as threat more than in practice. People can’t just defend an objective with a cheap hero, so aren’t able to threaten your own objectives with as many units.

Ok, twisted my arm.. Here’s another free Verminlord application.. Summon a Warpseer and use Kairos to cast his excellent d6 mortal wound spell at a whooping 26″ range. You can now do 2d6 mortal wounds to a key hero in the 1st turn if your opponent hasn’t seen it (his own spell through the portal, plus this one). If they have seen it, great they have been forced to deploy their support heroes deeper.. You get more time to set yourself up ? this spell also means that enemy unit can now only charge d6″, units that fly ignore this part, even happier you have Vortex to stop them flying now aren’t you, fuck you Eels. 

He also double casts, double unbinds and changes the lowest result on the dice you roll to the highest, so he’s a very consistent caster/unbinder. Often I was slowing down time with Cogs so I could pump out 3 spells with as much consistency as possible. Spoilt for choice in this list, just imagine if this was in the realms.. (Bloodtithe was only using realm items, no realm spells, features etc). Can go aggressive or defensive with this guy. 

Be’lakor: Not just here to stop a unit moving once.. with 6 attacks, 3s 3s rend 2 damage 2 he’s decent in melee esp when he’s hitting on 2s. Plus at move 12″ and fly he get to places. Keep him near the Corruptor (units more likely to failed BS near him) and when models die from battleshock he heals d3 wounds. He only has 8 wounds but he is immune to rend. One use of Cogs I found really handy was slowing down time with Be’lakor. 4 up rerollable/unrendable save is a pain in the arse. Again Be’lakor was often looking out for Mystical terrain. He was a handy speed bump in many cases. 

His spell is another great debuff, unit within 18″ is -1 to wound. you can, esp with Kairos, get -1 to hit, -1 to wound off on a unit. Sometimes if the Screaming Bell has rolled a 10-11 for it’s bell ringing you can get -2 to hit, -1 to wound on a unit. Lovely, less damage taken, more time to zapp-zapp. 

Another double caster to boot 

The Masque of Slaanesh: My MVP, such tech. Such beautiful tech. 

Enemy units within 12″ have their movement halved. For free. No roll. All enemy units. Just get her within 12″. She’s movement 10″, run her 6″ with a CP if needed and this baby has a 28″ threat range. 

This halves all pile ins and charge rolls as well. Now factor in units cannot fly or run if they are near the Vortex.. Plus there’s Shackles in the list, so units are quarter moving.. Plus you could make an unit not move for a turn with Be’lakor.. Plus you may have summoned a Warpseer and a unit can now only charge 1 d6

Basically your opponent isn’t moving, if you play it right.. Ever. 

More time to zapp-zapp. This is the Rat Trap on steroids. Units cannot run or fly to escape it and are at the very least halve moved if not more.. 

She is decent in combat late game (don’t throw her away early). She’ll reroll hits and wounds if her movement is double the amount of her target in melee, another mini synergy with Shackles I enjoy.. 


EDIT: had a couple of fine chaps get in touch and query if the Masque halves charges and pile ins. I only started using it this way in game 4 when my opponent pointed out how her war scroll reads ‘Enemy units that start their movement phase within 12″ of the Masque of Slaanesh halve their Move that turn.” and not Move characteristic. Pile ins and Charges count as moves, so I went along with that rationale. 

But you could say the capital ‘M’ in Move should be interpreted as Move characteristic and that this is an old war scroll and thus poorly worded.  

The rule above Infernal Choreography, The Endless Dance, however uses Move characteristic.  Why not just use that? Bizarre. So fuck knows..

I don’t know of an Faq that clears up why Move and not Move characteristic isn’t used… So can see both sides

Either err on the side of caution and just halve her movement in the movement phase (she’s only 80pts after all) or discuss this with your opponent before the game and go with what they feel is reasonable would be my humble suggestion. Hopefully it’ll rewritten when Slaanesh get their tome ? 

Other Units

The Clan rats are their to push the bell, not run away thanks to it’s immune to BS buff it gives out. The 40 are on bell duty, the over 2 units of 20 were normally on the flanks, screening the important stuff. 

With plus 2 to run and move 6 these guys were super useful. They retreat and charge as well, really good little screening unit. Was very pleased with them in all my games. Especially not running near the bell. 

All had Rusty Spears 


Not today


Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

Shakira, Shakira

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells





Think I’ve covered what they all do above 

In-Game Guide

Planning on using this more in the future and playing around with the concept. Plus I’ve mentioned a few of my favourite tricks already, there are lots more. You are most welcome to try and guess them and message me, perhaps you’ll find one I haven’t, I’d love to hear them! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this all if you’ve gotten this far. I really hope you have loads of your own ideas and start using some forgotten war scrolls yourself. Please do get in touch if you do! 


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