Allegiance: Nurgle


Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)

- General
- Trait: Grandfather's Blessing 
- Artefact: The Witherstave 
Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore (200)

- Lore of Foulness: Magnificent Buboes
Festus The Leechlord (140)

- Lore of Malignance: Blades of Putrefaction
Rotigus (340)

- Lore of Virulence: Favoured Poxes

30 x Plaguebearers (320)

5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)

5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)

5 x Hellstriders Of Slaanesh (100)

- Claw spear
- Allies
5 x Hellstriders Of Slaanesh (100)

- Claw spear
- Allies

10 x Chaos Knights (320)

- Ensorcelled Weapons

Endless Spells
Quicksilver Swords (20)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 200 / 400
Wounds: 161


Fast, magic heavy, tanky, and absolutely disgusting in combat. four traits of four different chaos gods all found in this handy dandy 2000 point list for nurgle. The key combination pieces of the army involve a defensive block of plaguebearers that you can increase the durability of by a unit of hellstriders sitting nearby to harass, and an offensive block of chaos knights that when properly buffed, will annihilate any unit in the game.

Allegience Ability

two things come to play with nurgle. the wheel and the trees. slap that tree in the middle line of the board and the already 12 minimum movement of the knights (10+1 for a run and +1 for musician) will bring them in range of that tree for a nice run and charge, god help your opponent if you start off 18″ away or if you rolled higher for your charge. The other is the wheel. god damn does this wheel put in work. the ideal spot you want the wheel to be put on is 5. forcing your opponent to reroll 6’s to wound. more on this later, but if youre in a bind, 1 or 2 are not bad places. meaning your army has a 66% chance to start somewhere positive with the wheel. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

the witherstaff. hot fucking damn this stick. rerolling 6’s to hit. remember that wheel spot 5? now theyre rerolling 6’s to wound. notice how your hellstriders have a -1 to hit aura? notice how your plaguebearers are at -1 to hit in combat? does your opponent hit on 4+? congrats they now need 6’s and  only 1 out of 36 attacks will land. now enjoy your invincible unit. oh no! does your opponent have abilities that trigger on UNMODIFIED 6’S?! too bad they have to reroll them all.  This is why the witherstaff is so potent. 

as for the command trait? that wheel control is SUPER important. you hit your opponent with d3 mortal wounds out of nowhere? you want to ENSURE that you can do that again and keep the hurt on the smaller heroes. dont forget to reset it back to 5 to keep the debuffs rolling. 


ah the heroes. the backbone of stupidity for this army

  1. rotigus. while the spell looks powerful, youre only really going to be triggering 2-3 units getting hit. and that is FINE. why? because heroes have shit for wounds. when combined with your wheel punishing them, watch them collapse. BUT DAN why not take a GUO with a bell and a dagger! thats MORE SPEED and more magic! guys….have you seen how fast your army is? turn one charges are not impossible for you. 3″ extra movement is NOT NEEEDED. you are already too fast too furious. and rotigus is decent enough in combat to pack a punch, especially on heroes you’re peppering with mortal wounds
  2. FESTUS THE LEECH LORD. HOT DAMN THIS GUY. 20 more points than a sorcerer, 5/6 chance of doubling your healing of your rotigus, and has one of the best unique spells of the game. too bad turn one he’s casting blades of putrefaction on the knights. but thats a story for later. BUT DAN he’s a weak hero who could easily get shot or magiced off the board! thats why you never let your opponent see him. AOS has a BAD habit with LOS blocking terrain and its whole, not existing. wanna know what blocks line of site? A FAT FUCKING ROTIGUS. shove this baby so far up that GUO’s ass that he’ll never see the light of day. also it will conveniently leave him over 30″ away from an enemy wizard (in a 24″ deployment zone mission)  when you deploy so far back. less chances to unbind this!
  3. Chaos lord on Daemonic mount– my favorite option. wanna know whats stupid about a unit of 10 chaos knights? 50 attacks. wanna know what is stupider? when 32 of those hit on 2’s. WAIT DAN THATS NOT DUMB ENOUGH! good. you’re learning. remember that blades of putrefaction spell? congrats! now it triggers on 5’s not 6’s! and the leader hits it on 4’s! dont forget it counts for all of those nice pony attacks too!….wait….is that not dumb enough for you? ugh fine, dont tell GW i told you this….but his command ability, is still stackable! thats right! didnt alpha or resolve blades turn 1? congrats! now blades procs on 4’s! and 3’s for the leader. the longer you hold the gun in the chamber the sooner its going to explode over your opponents entire army. but best use it as soon as you have an opportune chance
  4. sorcerer lord on manticore. ahh the red headed orphan stepchild of the army. why take him? because he’s 200 points of usefullness. that 12″ move means he will reach the objective in places of arcane power, his free mystic shield says hey! now this unit is even tougher, and his unique spell allows you to point a microwave at an enemy unit (read as hero cause thats who you target) and set it on high. he’s also 40 more points than his foot/horse cousin, has better attacks, more mobility and a better save. a bargain at cost.

Other Units

so we spoke about the knights the hellstriders and the plaguebearers. the knights and striders are all about mobility, while the plaguebearers are all about defense, especially being combo’d with a unit of hellstriders.

so that leaves the blightkings. you’re a nurgle army. you need battleline. its a 21 wound unit with great damage potential and costs 160 points. you take it. theyre not the best thing in the world when hit by penalties, but who cares. theyre there to clean up and deal with what your opponent sends at you. or be your second wave after they finally clean up that 30 wound, 4+ rerolling 1’s on armor 5+ mortal wound save knight bullet you shot into their face




hellstriders. 10% of your army to make key opponents units 17% less effective. thats just math. also 16″ move makes them amazing harassers and objective grabbers.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

so you have 20 points left over. you take the swords. you’ll probably never cast it, but what the fuck else are you gonna do with the 20 points. a triumph? dont joke you’ll forget you took it

In-Game Guide

i feel like i went over the main things already. be tanky. target key weakpoints in an opponents hero or unit line with all the mortal wounds you can spit out at infinite range, and then combo with your offensive knights and defensive plaguebearers

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