Sorceress on Black Dragon 

Command Trait: Impossibly Swift

Artefact: Gryph Feather Charm


Artefact: Decanter of Egos 


20 x Darkshards 

10 x Darkshards 

10 x Darkshards

20 x Black Guard

30 x Executioners 

Warscroll Battalion:

Thrall Warhost


5 x Khinerai Heartrenders 

5 x Doomfire Warlocks 

Endless Spells:

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh

Emerald Lifeswarm 


This list was designed to be more fun than competetive. However it may just catch you out if you’re not paying attention!

Allegience Ability

Darkling Coven allegiance abilities are actually pretty good. Being able to run and charge/shoot can be a godsend! The ability to inflict 1 mortal wound on a unit instead of taking a battleshock test can be a good way of keeping those command points for rerolls instead of using them for inspiring presence!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

For the artefacts I have gone for the gryph feather charm on the dragon. Unfortunately this dragon only has a 5+ save so I have to do something to make it a bit more survivable! I’ve combined this with the command trait impossibly swift, which is another -1 to hit. This makes her -2 to hit base, which really helps out! If I manage to get the spell ‘word of pain’ off as well, whatever she gets into combat with will be -3 to hit. Tasty!

The decanter of Egos is there to help out with movement if it’s required to get someone onto an objective. That’s it!


Sorceress on black dragon: a bit rubbish as dragons go, but you do get a level 1 caster at -2 to hit base which is not too shabby in combat. I mainly use it for its mobility and killing cheap stuff! 

The sorceress on foot is there for her spell ‘word of pain’. Making a unit -1 to hit is really helpful.

Other Units

Darkshards are there for shooty chaff really. Everyone thinks they’re awful but their save is no worse than the other options. So use them as annoying chaff that has to be charged or else it will pin cushion you!

Black guard are there mainly because you have to take them for the battalion. That being said, they do have very reliable damage output. They just don’t do a great deal of it.

Executioners are the absolute beat sticks of this army. In my opinion, there is not a great deal that can stand up to a unit of these guys swinging at you. They have 2 atracks each hitting on 3s and wounding on 3s no rend and 1 damage. The kicker is that any hit roll of a 6 causes 2 mortal wounds. A unit of 30 will on average do 14 to 20 mortal wounds. Unfortunately when they get hit back they do die very easily. Just like everyone else in the army!


  1. Thrall warhost is a great battalion. It reduces your drops in this army to 3. It also let’s you pick a unit to charge, pile in and attack in the hero phase. This doesn’t stop the unit doing it again later in the turn either. This is great for catching out people who haven’t positioned themselves very well or if they’ve positioned themselves hoping for the double turn and don’t get it. This is also a great way to combat something that has an ‘always strikes first’ ability.


Doomfire warlocks are there for mobility and magic support. With these guys you effectively get a 10 wound level 1 caster with a 14″ move with 21 attacks. Not bad for 160 points! 

The khenari are there as late game objective grabbers that force your opponent to always be thinking that they are there.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Geminids, because why wouldn’t you? They are awesome!

Lifeswarm because this army dies very easily and very quickly! Anything you can do to combat this should be done!

In-Game Guide

This army is not for anyone looking to crush face! It is not an auto win, point click delete army either. It does however reward careful planning and precision in every phase of the game. Winning a game with this army is not straightforward but it does make winning all the sweeter!

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom

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