Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

Mortal Realm: Ghur GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500)

- General
- Celestine Hammer
- Trait: Staunch Defender
- Artefact: Shardfist Pelt
- Mount Trait: Keen-clawed

Lord-Castellant (120)

Celestant-Prime (340)

Knight-Incantor (140)

- Spell: Azyrite Halo

Knight-Heraldor (100)

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandhammers

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield
- 1x Grandblades

2 x Fulminators (Or Concussors)


2 x Fulminators (Or Concussors)


Total: 1980 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 90


This list is something quite unique to me and it is a very stupid list… one of many I have made and taken to tournaments. But, to my joy, I am noting more and more people noticing that the principle behind it – the concept that “Dragons are Awesome and nobody needs more than 25 models ish”– is catching on in various ways.

Similar lists have performed well at big events but most are too sensible for my liking and are not acknowleding the elephant in the stormchamber – and that elephant is wielding Ghal Maraz and that elephant can FLY and do all sorts of tricks. 

The Celestant prime is like Dumbo and Rambo had a beautiful child that they gave to Sigmar to raise as his own and that is just heart-warming.

Note/ This list is 3.0 which takes into account the Dec 2019 points changes.

This list is an earlier variant of Starcast (see my other rundown). In principle you can swap the 4 Fulminators for 500 points of stormcast or allies and the list isn’t very much different.

… Except if you also remove the Heraldor and then take gotrek and cogs but that’s something else entirely… 

Allegience Ability

We are making use of the SC allegiance abilities. They’re good (watch out for Total Commitment ofc).

Things to note:

The Prime – deploys separately and doesn’t need to come down BR3 and doesn’t count towards the number of units in the celestial realm. Can use Orrery of fates to choose an alpha charge from 9″-12″ so might get a lot of guaranteed use out of Shock and Awe.

The Castellant – Or rather, the gryph hound – counts as another drop on the table meaning you can setup another unit in the celestial realm.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The LCoSD is a massive, prickly, unkillable (to all but a bunch of mortal wounds – seeing as we’re skipping Ignax’s Scales which you can also take if you want to be more unkillable with less reflective damage) and beautiful unit when used correctly.

But the CA is kind of average. It’s “worth it” with 2 extra Dracothian Guard (just my opinion) and that’s the main reason they are there. What is really strong with it is that you have no range limitation, it’s just ON for all lizards. Which is nice. If you haven’t needed a command point for a run, charge reroll or battleshock (which is very, very unusual with this list) then feel free to use it if you have Drake and Dracoths in combat. Even just the Dracoths (the Drake alone is seldom worth it – but I have squeezed out a few extra wounds this way to take out a key piece fast).

Shardfist Pelt with Staunch Defender, Warding Lantern and Azyrite Halo means you want your LCoSD into combat with large units (more than one at one time) with as many attacks with no rend as possible:

With rend 0, saves work out as follows:

1 – reroll

2 – Save

3 – Save

4 – Save and 1 mw to the attacking unit

5 – Save and 1 mw to the attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken

6 – Save and 2 mw to the attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken


1 – Fail

2 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″

3 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″

4 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″ + 1 mw to attacking unit

5 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″ + 1 mw to attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken

6 – Save + 1 mw to all units within 3″ + 2 mw to attacking unit & heal 1 wound taken

The above is for combat phase – for shooting only Azyrite Halo and Sigmarite Thundershield apply.

If someone is wondering about Shardfist Pelt versus Smouldering Helm given that they are identical – they actually aren’t. The pelt is a reflected mw for save rolls of 6+ and the Smouldering helm is a reflected mw for successful save rolls of 6+. 

Now… I don’t actually think that you can have an unsuccesful save roll of 6+ (in contrast to an unsuccessful unmodified save roll of 6) so the real answer is it’s HIPSTER and less conspicuous on the battlefield – it’s a cape made of shards of fists (or fists and shards), not a helmet that is quite literally on fire.


Lord Celestant on Stardrake

I love this model. Have done since I bought and painted it on release. I’ve been playing it since before it was strong and i cannot leave it behind. My model is wardamaged and has had so many tournament accidents that I’m tempted to buy a new one and I’ll probably try to run two in a list (cough, cough, oh who wrote this?)

This model is durable and reflects many mortal wounds. It can also reach out and touch buffing characters that thought they were oh so safe.

In melee it’s so-so but can put out hurt against some units with hammer and claw. The bites are the best fun. Target banners, musicians and leaders of note in enemy units. You often want to let your opponent activate first (when safe to do so) and pile in so you can bite through their coherency and they lose half their unit.

Opponents who have limited to middling experience with drakes think they’re OP as F. Opponents who know what they are doing will try to pin it (note Heraldor in list) or ignore it and kill the rest of your list.  It’s your job to distract them.

Pay attention to the wholly within buff ranges of Azyrite Halo and Warding Lantern. It’s easy to lose those if you aren’t careful.

Absolute best use of the LCoSD buff to the 9s, send into massive units, and let the opponent have a double turn (but only when safe).

You will like scenarios where Heroes hold objectives.

Lord Castellant

There for the lantern (most often on the drake). Share lantern to Prime (can surprise opponents), Fulminators or Evocators if that’s safe or necessary to do.

If you absolutely must you can do 1mw /d3 mw to a chaos / chaos demon unit instead. I think I’ve done this precisely one time in my AoS career.

This model exists to buff the general in 99.9% of the hero phases you will play with this list. Watch out for the wholly within range of the lantern. The drake has a big base.

Enjoy the free gryph hound! In this list the warning cry is of minimal use but use this gryph hound to run interference and complete daring charges into the biggest units you can find to pin down.

It’s like Mission Impossible starring a bird-dog.

Knight Heraldor

Mr (or Mrs) Toots. Great for mobility. Awesome against sylvaneth and the like. Let your Fulminators and Stardrake run free. Consider letting Evocators actually reach units with a charge rather than a counter charge.

Be wary of the horn blast as the range must wholly cover the terrain piece (it’s a wholly within ability the b*stards).

The terrain changes in GHB2019 may end up being a buff too the Heraldor (or a nerf – it kind of depends on how those rules are implemented by TOs and how your local group already played with terrain).

Knight Incantor

Another buff source for the LCoSD. Also pretty decent statline all round. Can kill stuff if charged. As survivable as all SC heroes.

Please, please use this unit like I did once and kamikaze your knight incantor into 20 sequitors while smashing spiritflasks all over yourself. I did 8 mortal wounds that day. It was so, I dunno, Mad Max and totally worth losing the buff in the final round or two.

Warscroll spell is surprisingly ok.

Celestant Prime

I only recently painted up this bad boy, this golden swiss army knife, this, this Sigmar’s shiny ballsack…

It’s a mind-bending addition to the list. A true wildcard in some matchups. Keeps your opponent on their toes.

You’re almost certainly better off taking another incantor, a comet and then maybe 5 more liberators.

But when you use the Prime right, you’re unstoppable. It is an insane compliment to the Stardrake.

Mobile, flying, long, long threat ranges in charge and shooting phase.

You’ve got so many options – artillery combined with rain of stars, heraldor and a couple of dracoth bad breaths; assassin in the late game to cement a win; guaranteed alpha strike (true guaranteed – I pick 12″ baby) vs backfield characters.

I’ll be honest the latest I’ve left this guy off is BR3, I think BR5 is a ballsy move and the damage – a huge spike – is surely just a novelty, surely?

Don’t forget you can roll for everything first and THEN choose to use Orrery to change the roll (my favourite part of the warscroll).

Don’t forget you can do that your turn and your opponent’s turn (albeit on their turn it is save, hit or wound roll only).

Don’t forget -2 enemy bravery when you deploy via lightning (fuck total commitment again!)

Don’t forget +1 SC bravery.

Don’t forget you can run and shoot (and charge with heraldor assistance).

Don’t forget that if you put all the Drake buffs on the Prime your opponent will make mistakes in utter confusion (you also might lose both models)

Always remember that this model and your stardrake are 900 points together 😀

Other Units

All TWO of the OTHER UNIT types in the army


Sit on objectives and be afraid of losing points. Handy to keep at least one in reserve. Don’t forget +1 to hit against models with 5+ wounds.

They are the only unit bar the evocators and incantor that can be empowered


The eternal teases, temptress beings, harlots of the dice. Never in your life has 3+ 3+ resulted in more 1s and 2s than- … oh forget it they just did 30+ wounds. Never mind.

(Or Concussors)

With a GHB2019 points drop these are now 100% a decent pick. You don’t mind being charged and you can mess with units pile ins.


What are we? A Phalanx? Skyborne? No way.


Where we’re going, we don’t need allies.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Realm spells can be novel for the Incantor but you’re mostly going to cast Azyrite Halo (pay attention to potential defensive uses of the Incantor’s warscroll spell mind you). Offensive potential as well.

If you liked you could tweak this list to take geminids, the everblaze comet and maybe another Incantor (more extensive tweaking) as the SD gives that sweet +1 cast and SC spells are criminally easy to get off (contrast to say, Nurgle).

In-Game Guide

May expand at a later date – when I truly feel I can play the list in most matchups.

Secondary Objectives

Where possible just take the objective to keep your artefact bearing SD alive. There’s potential for destroying enemy units too.

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom

My Bio:

N.Irish guy living in Stockholm. Returned to hobby with release of AoS.

Gaming style:

Bit of a "Quickie" bit of a "Mover", touch of the "Gambler".

I like being a combo breaker. I favour smaller model count ("elite" by which I mean I paint and play slow) armies with ways to get to and take out unreachable buff sources.

Event Results:

Not so bad, not so bad. High-mid table. Rarely podium unless tournament is small.

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