Allegiance: Pestilens
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Verminlord Corruptor (220)

- General
- Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin 
- Artefact: Sword of Judgement 
Plague Furnace (180)

- Artefact: Liber Bubonicus 
Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)

40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades

1 x Warp Grinder Weapon Team (80)

- Allies

Congregation of Filth (170)

Endless Spells
Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 80 / 400
Wounds: 232


HuyCon Wargaming (shameless plug for the youtube channel of the same name). I’ve been running this list successfully at the recent Da Boyz (4 wins – 1 loss) tournament in Rochester which had about 50+ attendees. Not

If you ever felt the need to paint a billion of the same models but thought that they should be scary enough in close combat then this is THE list for you!

Additionally, there are a million rules (despite the few units) that give the Pestilens an edge over a lot of horde armies. This list has a combat punch and the board control to dominate certain builds and hang tough with a lot of other armies. Also, bonus is that it punishes armies that paid a premium for fancy rend weapons and/or mortal wounds! 


Allegience Ability

Pestilens have a couple allegiance abilities which are decently useful: 

  • +2 Bravery for every 10 models. This is a big deal because who likes running on battleshock. As cheap as those bodies are, this is a nice extra benefit for the army. 
  • GREAT PLAGUES! This is the real allegiance ability. On the face of it, it’s decent. Basically on a prayer roll of a 6 (unmodified) you can trigger only 1 out of 5 GREAT PLAGUES (these can only be used once per battle). Most of these are offensive in nature but the main one you want to fish for early is +1 to subsequent prayer attempts for the rest of the game. The prayers in the army really take your monks to the next level so getting this early on makes a load of difference. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The Command Trait I’ve taken allows the Verminlord to pray as if he/it were a priest. This is useful because a) the priest’s prayer is innately useful and b) because it gives you another attempt at rolling the natural 6 for a GREAT PLAGUE!

The Verminlord Command Ability is fine for the most part +1 attack per weapon (which could be useful in other potential Pestilens builds) however; Inspiring Presence is still top dog Command Ability. Guys die in droves so…. you’ll want to keep those points. None of the other guys have a Command Ability…so ya… there’s that. It’s one of the first books GW published in Sigmar, mistakes were made. 

Of the Artefacts, I’ve taken: 

  • Liber Bubonicus – this allows the Furnace to try to pray the regular Priest’s prayer (another shot at rolling for a 6) which is the main reason it was given. 
  • Sword of Judgement – this was put on the Verminlord because it actually makes him a threat to big things that might be a big problem (Stardrakes, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, Mawcrushas etc.) or as a super fast character killer. The reason its on the Verminlord is because of the insane number of attacks that reroll all misses. A lot of chances to get those 6s bay-bay!!

Some alternative Artefacts that could have been taken: 

  • Gryph-Feather Charm to Furnace: This I would consider because in the battalion the Furnace is ultra important. So the defensive buff of the charm could be worthwhile. Depends on how much shooting you see I suppose. I don’t see a tonne therefore, I chose to go the riskier route. Downside was that the Verminlord no longer has access to the Sword of Judgement and therefore loses a lot of effectiveness.



The Verminlord Corrupter is not a too expensive but kinda expensive model on its own. He is the only caster that Pestilens has so in certain missions the Corrupter is super vital. One of the big overlooked advantages of the Verminlords are the speed of movement! I mean, most people don’t really think about how quick they move (12″ base, FYI). The Verminlord is important because he is the only one that can cast Cogs which is such a clutch Endless spell for a largely footslogging army. 

The Plague Priest with Censor is a decent hero who is normally my very first drop since I care about this dude the least. The major difficulty you’ll find is getting a model. Just convert him with a censor and a book and Bob’s your uncle. Literally, there is no reason to not take him over the warp-tipped staff same points, same prayers, but the censor bearer has a better attack profile and the once per battle book use (which is always good). Between the 2 different prayers I almost always use the splash damage one on Turn 1 (since nothing is in range and it doesn’t require a unit to be in range) but given the opportunity I like +1 to wound with the obvious effect of helping the monks wound more and get those 6+’s to happen much more frequently. Not going to bother writing much about close combat or shooting with any of the heroes. Suffice to say, they could fight in theory…

The really important hero is the Furnace (unless you are not a Pestilens player then its the Priest)…Reason is obviously because of the 13″ 6++ feel no pain save. The other big benefit is the prayer is different than the priest prayer. The first prayer of piling in and fighting when dying in close combat is good to put on the conga-line unit because you know they will be taking a tonne of casualties. The normal prayer you’d be going for is the re-roll to wound prayer. A fully buffed unit of monks with +1 to wound and rerolls on wounds is definitely scary. 


Other Units

The real juice of this army is in Plague Monks. You have the choice of double blades or blade + staff. Double blades is amazing because it gives +1 attack on the charge and rerolls to all missed hits (that’s right, not just on 1s…. ALL). At 40 guys the horde bonus really kicks in at 240 points for the whole unit (6pts per monk effectively which on a % basis is a great discount from 7 pts to 6 pts is a 14% discount!). What else is there to this unit (of which you have 200 of): 

  • 2 base attacks 4+/4+ with rerolls to all hits is decent enough to drag down a lot of stuff by volume
  • they are on 25 mm bases meaning they fight in 2 ranks which ups the volume of attacks by a bunch
  • they can take a full command and each option so: book/scroll for the champ, bale chimes, banner, icon and doom gongs
    • Scroll is better to be honest because its so much more reliable in terms of range and spreading out the fact that the furnace can’t buff all units. 
    • Bale chimes are great just to get rend 1 on 6s to wound
    • Icon is hilarious as acid blood will annoy the heck out of people (when a monk dies you roll a die, if its a 6 that’s a mortal wound). It can be galling to kill the enemy and have mortals drown them to death. 
    • Banner is another source of awesome mortals. 6’s to wound, roll another d6 if its a 6 that’s a mortal wound. Amazing.

Consider this output: 40 monks fully buffed charge in with 120 attacks 4+/4+ with rerolls to hit (double knives), reroll to wound (furnace prayer), +1 to wound or more (priest prayer), 6’s are rend 1, 6’s also could be more mortals on subsequent 6s. Not a lot of units can weather that level of attack. 

Also, because you have 200 models the amount of board control is absurd. Just a little side benefit. 


The Congregation of Filth has two benefits: 

  • Rerolls of charges if the unit is 20 or more. 
  • 6++ (feel no pain save) for units within 13″ of the Furnace. 
  • Cuts drops dramatically (army has 4 drops total). 
  • You will be considered super cool and who doesn’t want that. 

Realistically, the main benefit is to lower your drops and to get that save because its the only save these monks are ever gonna get. 


One of the downlow key units in this list is the warpgrinder team. It allows a Skaven unit (aka 40 monks) to deepstrike with the normal restrictions. 

This is a huge because it will cause people to either stay back more than they would like or cause you to be more disruptive to their lines. Cogs going up really makes a big difference for this unit. 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Not much in way of spells to speak of except for Cogs. Basically I always run them faster because the rats need to go fast. 

In-Game Guide

Normal set up is a screener unit in front to chaff out alphas. 

You may need a unit in the back to keep deepstrikers away but I think that is match-up dependent. 

A big thing is really setting up counter charges really well. They may hit you in the face and obliterate a unit but you got 80 more monks in the pocket for those Evocators or whatever. 

Couple of things if you get into trouble: 

  • Don’t be afraid to break coherency. You might lose a monk but if you can give inspiring presence or the FNP from the furnace it’s worth it. 
  • When it comes to the screening unit some people like to try and tie down the ends of the unit with say gore gruntas. Break coherency and move on. 

Missions with static objectives where bodies matter are great. 

Missions like relocation orb/requires wizards/heroes with artefacts are tough. 


Good matchups generally are: 

Tough matchups would be: 


Honest Goblin