2x Storm

1x Sea (General with Midnight Pearl for anti-shoot)

1x Allied  Celestant-Prime

3x 10 Thralls


I present my 3 Waves lists! I have played many different variations and come to some conclusions!

– It’s cooler then Nagashes breathe to play 3 waves.

– They preform better then what you, me and your opponents thinks!

– It’s very mission/opponent dependent but ALWAYS FUN and requires you to think very carefully.

Allegience Ability

Waves ability; You get the following bonuses in each turn.

  1. cover save 2. run n charge 3. Fight first im combat phase 4. retreat n charge 5. cover save..

Shoot ability: Opponent must always shoot the closest thing! Which will be your Aspect with the cloud on it! So he vanishes and they dont get to shoot at all.

Boats! Abuse the boats! Build a castle with em, or force the playing field for your none-flying opponents! Also have your models 6″ within the boats to get that sweeeet 6+ ward save.

I SAID models, not units!! so keep 2-3 of the 10 thralls you got! Conga-line em to get extra saves!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

+2 wounds trait on general

and anti-shoot cloud of midnight!


2x Aspect of the Storm – These heal D3 and are very figty when they chage! Which they can do all day, since they are allowed to retreat and charge!

1x Aspect of the Sea – 2 spells! -1 to hit spells all day long on your opponent! also has a healing spell, and gets to hell if it didnt make any rerolls on it’s cast. Which it wont need to do cause of +1 to cast from ionrach enclave!

Celestant Prime! This boi gets +1 cover save and run and charge shenanigans too! cause of ionrach!

Use this to your advantage and harass your enemy with his shooting comet! Constant mortal wounds! OOOOr if you face an opponent you need dead. You hold him in the sky til turn3. Take him down supercharged (+2 attacks per  every round he is in the air). And hit your opponent first with him and every other aspect in your list!

Other Units

Thralls. They are very good in groups of 10. Killed Exalted Keeper of Secrets in a combat phase without rerolls, not a problem! (Remember they get reroll 1s to wound if 9″ from an aspect of the storm though)

Honest Goblin