Allegiance: Seraphon
- Constellation: Fangs of Sotek


Slann Starmaster (260)

- General
- Command Trait: Arcane Might
- Artefact: Serpent God Dagger
- Spell: Celestial Equilibrium

Lord Kroak (320)

- Spell: Stellar Tempest

Saurus Astrolith Bearer (140)

Skink Starpriest (120)

- Spell: Celestial Harmony

Skink Priest (70)

Skink Priest (70)


40 x Skinks (240)

- Boltspitters Celestite Daggers & Star Bucklers

40 x Skinks (240)

- Boltspitters Celestite Daggers & Star Bucklers

20 x Skinks (120)

- Boltspitters Celestite Daggers & Star Bucklers


12 x Razordon Hunting Pack (240)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Bound Purple Sun of Shyish (60)

Balewind Vortex (40)

Umbral Spellportal (70)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 150


The Seraphon book is full of goodies.

This list plays with a few Seraphon-specific toys, namely:

  • Kroaknado
  • Long-range Bound Purple Sun
  • Skink blotdarts (all of them, go and buy more dice)
  • The Serpent God Dagger

The threat range and output potential is very high but the list also has a number of vulnerabilities which I look at, these are:

  • Reliance on synergies (read: kill the heroes)
  • High drop count
  • Reliance on CPs
  • Army is made of paper
  • Spell-heavy (DoT dream)

Allegience Ability

Seraphon notes: 

The list makes good use of Seraphon‘s Sacred Asterisms but the call between Hunter’s Steed (+1 run/charge) and Sage’s Staff (+1 cast/dispell/unbind) can be difficult.

Contemplations of the Ancient Ones mean that your Slann and Kroak can change spells at the end of your hero phase, you might not need this but it’s worth remembering.

Starborn notes:

Starborn’s flat Bravery of 10 from Unfeeling helps with the skink hordes (more on that in the guide) and means those Razordon handler work more as wound markers than battleshock risks.

Celestial Conjuration provides good versatility as the game progresses, running 4xd3 conjuration points (Slann General, 2x Slann casters, Astrolith) means those 20 Saurus at 20 CCP can come as early as turn 2.

Lords of Space and Time creates global threat and objective potential with a teleport 9″ from enemy units.

Fangs of Sotek notes:

First to Battle (+3″ movement in the first turn to ‘Skink’ keyword units) provides some serious threat range.

Parting Shot is the reason to play FoS. The command ability to have your skinks shoot before taking a charge will make even the most melee hungry units hesitate (or face a potential death by a thousand blot darts). 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

FoS makes the Serpent God Dagger mandatory. While this sounds like a burden, it has game changing potential (and even if you don’t win it could make your day).

I’ve decided to put in on the Slann because everyone always (rightly) wants to kill your frogs and the chance to fell anything on a 5+ – if he survives and gets a wound through – is about as close to a melee slann as we are likely to get.

I’ve opted for the Slann general and Celestial Harmony more on this in the guide but the chance to reroll a cast/dispell/unbind with this list is my preference.

I think there is a fair argument to take an Astrolith general for Old and Grizzled for the extra CP on a 3+ (FoS is CP heavy) but I feel the additional Summoning from the Slann offers more on the whole.

Noteworthy is Kroak and the Slann’s Gift from the Heavens which makes a unit fly and provides +1 to save against missile weapons. Situational but can prove valuable against shooty lists.


Get your notepads out… (you will need them again in the guide)

Slann Starmaster, Kroak 0.5 – Rocks up as a serious support general with a few main aims: set Kroak up for the dunks, run a little side hustle of pumping our CPs and generate some additional CCPs (summoning points).

Kroak, he is terrifying – 4+ save with a 4+ shrug, gets +1 to cast/dispell/unbind just for turning up, is the daddy of casting mortal wounds and turns the Slann’s CP side hustle into a serious CP factory.

Saurus Astrolith Bearer helps with a bit of additional CCP but is really there to buff casting providing a respectable +6″ range. The 6+ shrug for wholly within 12″ is nice but you probably want him hugging your frogs instead of chasing your skinks.

Skink Starpriest offers a tentative CP on a 5+ (love them CPs) and has a nice warscroll spell but is likely there to serve two purposes: cast Celestial Harmony (more on this later) and to use his Serpent Staff ability granting additional mortal wounds on 6s to wound for one lucky unit (spoiler: probably skinks). While not it’s main purpose here, Kroak and your Slann can cast ‘through’ the starpriest if it is within 12″ with their Arcane Vassal warscroll abilities.

Skink Priest x2 because of better RNG. Star-stone Staff goes off on a 3+ and lets a skink keyword unit run, shoot and charge until your next hero phase; obviously not enough so also add 1 to save rolls. If that wasn’t enough, for a CP the priest also offers Herald of the Old Ones which provides an (unstackable) +1 to hit for a skink keywork unit (you can probably see where this is going now).

Other Units

Razordon Hunting Pack, a little less abusive than their Sally counterparts but with enough threat that I’m still nervous they may be repointed. 2D6 attacks (x3) at 18″ range when you have a teleport 9″ away is cruel. Instinctive Defence also incentives you to charge as it could see an extra d6(x3) shots before the combat phase so making for 9d6 shots of which those within 6″ will have rend very spicy.

Skinks the reason we chose FoS! I miss their retreat but at 60pts for 10, the amount of buffs you can lay on them (and their adorable little shouty faces) I choose 100 to start. Groups of more than 15 add 1 to their Attacks – which includes your Missile Weapons for now so… 40 skinks means 80 Blotspitter shots (I told you to buy more dice). The blotspitters offer 16″ range so can be effective if teleported, and as they are your main volume for objectives the shield provides slightly more durability.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Reminder: Contemplations of the Ancient Ones mean that your Slann and Kroak can change spells at the end of your hero phase, you might not need this but it’s worth considering before you finish your hero phase.

Slann only spells

Celestial Equilibrium CV7 will almost always be your first cast from the Slann as it provides +1 to cast/dispell/unbind to other friendly Wizards.

Stellar Tempest, a nasty horde killer with a CV of 8 and range of 24″ that sees a 5+ for each model in a unit resulting in a mortal wound. A few bonuses to the range and casting and you have some powerful threat.

Skink only spells

Celestial Harmony  with a CV of 5 will provide a friendly unit within 18″ (24″ if you are with your Astrolith) the pleasure of no longer needing to take battleshock tests. A nice 10+ and it’s all friendly units within range (you wanted Bravery 10 and you ended up with a hundred battleshock immune skinks). That said, this comes at the cost of the warscroll spell dealing -1 to hit on an enemy so it’s not automatically decided each hero phase.

Kroak spells

Comet’s Call with a CV of 7 provides a global d3 mortal wounds to d3 targets (ouch!). If you manage a 10+ you get d6 targets. You will cast this every turn, the hard part will be deciding what you want to hurt. While the Slann has this too, you will choose Kroak almost everytime for the casting bonuses you’ve given him.

Celestial Deliverance, is one of those rare spells you can cast more than once (and will, all the time). Opens with CV 7 and ramps up to CV9 on the third cast – pick 3 targets within 10″ (or more if you have an Astrolith and maybe.. a Balewind?) and on a 2+ deal d3 mortal wounds. Unless you are fighting Chaos Demons and then it’s 3 mortal wounds flat, still on a 2+.

Endless Spells

Bound Purple Sun of Shyish – you’ve chosen to play Seraphon, for 10pts only you can play with your toys, so it’s going to be a great big purple coronavius! A CV of 8 that starts wholly within 6″ and moves 9″ (no realm bonuses on Bound spells) and you are looking for hordes, ideally some nice repointed blightkings but we won’t be picky.

Balewind Votex CV of 6, offers an extra spell per turn, +6″ to other spell ranges and +1 save. Synergises really well with the Astrolith to see a very welcome +12″ spell range.

Umbral Spellportal CV 5 sees a portal set up wholly within 12″ and the twin set up wholly within 18″ of the first. With the bonuses from the Astrolith and Balewind the board is your oyster. Of note, when (not if) you put your big purple Rona through it, it pops off before going through (no turn one sun explosion), that said the Sun is set up with 6″ of the portal so offers huge range.

In-Game Guide

The army is made up of 2.5 parts which can be played almost independently:

  • Kroak, Slann and Astrolith (+Endless Spells)
  • Skinks, Priests, Starpriest
  • Razordons

Kroak, Slann and Astrolith (+Endless Spells)

The hero phase starts and we pick Sage’s Staff on Kroak for +1 casting (in turn one we will flirt with taking Hunter’s Steed for our skinks, it’s a judgement call).

Cast Celestial Equilibrium from the Slann (+1 casting to other friendly wizards). Remember you have +1 for the Slann warscroll and +1 from the Astrolith (within 12″). If you fail, use the Arcane Might command trait to re-roll the cast, if not, save it.

Kroak hopefully now has +1 casting from the warscroll, Astrolith, Asterism and Equilibirum (so +4), if you happen to have arcane terrain too you are living the dream. Check your range (or plan it at deployment) – look for a horde within 32″ (for Stellar Tempest) and/or targets within 22″ (for Celestial Deliverance) – you can also check range from your Starpriest if it is within 12″. If you have targets in range, get that Balewind out! With a +4 you need snake eyes to fail. Either way you have 4 spells to pick (but in your first turn will cast 3 because you want the CCP). 

Depending what is in range you will most likely cast Comet’s Call CV7 (bonus on 10+) and 2-3 attempts of Celestial Deliverance for plenty of mortal wounds to start out – this will largely form the core of Slann/Kroaknado but you can vary elements based on need and CCP generation.

If nothing tasty is in range (and you have probably been forced to go first) then get that Purple Sun on the board – this is really what we wanted anyway…

It’s time to start the fun. Use one of Kroak’s spells (at +4) to put down your Purple Sun, remember you can’t do this if you have cast Balewind so pick one based on the situation. Use your Slann to put down the Umbral Spellportal. The Slann will only be on +2 (warscroll+Astrolith) but that makes the portal a 3+ on 2d6 – so it will go off unless you tell anyone the odds then it’s guaranteed snake eyes. Place one end of the Spellportal somewhere close to where Kroak has/will cast the Sun and the other either towards the enemy for threat, or to create a ‘danger zone’ towards an objective. Only you can move your Bound Rona.

You are looking to forfeit one spell from the Slann and Kroak each turn for you d3 CCPs. CCPs merit a guide in their own right but we are looking to drop screens (6CCP for 10 skinks, 5 guards for 10CCP), provide some additional firepower (basti at 20CCP) or more often take objectives with 20x Saurus for 20CCP.

A quick note on the Saurus, summoning 20 means they get +1 attacks (more than 15 models) and they can have a drummer so can re-roll failed charges. At 20 CCP this is what you are usually working to and should pull off once or twice.

Summoning and teleporting happens at the end of movement so you can summon from your Astrolith or Slanns, then teleport them.

Without crashing your Sun through your own troops, send

Skinks, Priests, Starpriest

FoS provides +3 movement to skink keyword units in the first turn.

You are going to use your heros (and loads of CP) to make the most of you very cheap skinks.

Heroes – and their placement in relation to your skinks is the key to success. You almost always want your skinks wholly within 12″ of your Priest and Starpriest. This needs to be right at deployment and at the end of each turn (ready for your next hero phase).

At deployment you are looking for the Starpriest to be within the buff range of the Astrolith (+1 casting and +6″ cast range) and wholly within both blocks of 40 skinks (and ideally have the block of 20 wholly within 24″ of the Starpriest). Each priest needs to be wholly within 12″ of one or both of the blocks of 40 skinks (ensuring each priest is ‘assigned’ to each block).

The hero phase will determine your CPs. 1 for the turn then 5×4+ and 1×5+, so between 1 and 7. This will determine how hard you buff your skinks (or how little).

Start with your Priest RNG and use Star-stone Staff on each of the two 40 skink blocks (it’s a 3+) giving your skinks the ability to run, shoot and charge (and +1 save). – You do this first to decide where to allocate the Starpriest’s Serpent Staff which now provides additional mortal wounds on 6s to wound.

With at least one unit buffed up it’s time for the Starpriest to cast Celestial Harmony CV 5 (+1 cast an +6″ range from the Astrolith). If we manage the 10+ bonus then our skinks are immune to battleshock, if not then cast it on the buffed skinks.

We ideally want to save at least 2CPs to be able to use Parting Shot but if we have some extra (maybe we nailed it and got 7) then you can use a CP from the Priest for Herald of the Old Ones on your skinks for +1 to hit.

As it’s FoS you can move your skinks +3″ in your first turn. If your priest is successful you can run, shoot and charge; if you also use the Asterism you get +1″ run and charge. The combinations means with 16″ blotspitter range you have a turn 1 shooting threat range of 34″ (8″ move+3″FoS+6″run with luck or CP with +1″ Asterism+16″ range) and/or 31″ melee (but would require a 13″ charge, noting the +1 from the Asterism). 

Honest Goblin

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