• Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders
  • Mortal Realm: Shyish
  • Leaders
  • Icebrow Hunter (140)

  • - General
  • - Trait: Everwinter's Master 
  • Frostlord on Stonehorn (420)

  • - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet 
  • Frostlord on Stonehorn (420)

  • - Artefact: Ice Mammoth Skull Plate 
  • Huskard on Thundertusk (360)

  • - Blood Vulture
  • Huskard on Thundertusk (360)

  • - Blood Vulture
  • Battleline
  • 2 x Frost Sabres (40)

  • 2 x Frost Sabres (40)

  • 2 x Frost Sabres (40)

  • Battalions
  • Skal (150)

  • Total: 1970 / 2000
  • Extra Command Points: 1
  • Allies: 0 / 400
  • Wounds: 69


I’m heywoah, I stream on twitch and make AoS Youtube content. If anyone’s seen the show it’s no secret my favorite army is also my first army: the Mongolian Mad Max crew themselves, Beastclaw Raiders.

It’s also no secret that since GHB17 hit the shelves, so too did competitive BCR. They hold the unenviable position of undisputed worst battletome army in the game and it is pure stupidity to run them in a serious tournament.

Stupid like a fox!

While it isn’t wrong, it is a fact that your opponent is going to know – and you can leverage this underestimation to try to Steal Wins. BCR cannot win in a fair fight. We don’t have the tools: quality bodies, movement shenanigans, flying, spells, buffs, command abilities. Therefore, trying to build a list where you kind of look like a real army (a block of 12 ogor allies or fungoid+butcher and some grots) is traditionally better, but you will still lose real hard by trying to play against actual armies on their own terms. So we skew super heavy and exploit what your opponent is building for in the meta at large by coming in sideways.

4 Behemoths dude – this is what you signed up for with beastclaw.

Literally no list this faction can build is competitive, but this is the list I’ve had the most success with, and the one that is the most fun to play.

Allegience Ability

Beastclaw Stampede: When you charge you can reroll wound rolls of 1. Straight up this sucks for dudes who hit on 4s with a pathetic number of attacks per model. The real reason you want to get the charge is Stonehorn do D6 mortal wounds to a unit they charge.

The Everwinter’s Blessing: At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice:

  • 1-2: Your whole army gets mystic shield. This is the one you want 75% of the time.
  • 3-4: Your whole army gets to immediately move 3”. This is the one you want 25% of the time. This seems like the one you always want, except you can’t move if you’re stuck in combat so except for late game mad dashes to objectives or turn 1 Leeroy Jenkins moments this one often doesn’t do anything.
  • 5-6: This is the one you want 0% of the time. Roll yet another dice for each unit in combat:
    • 1-5: Nothing happens at all.
    • 6: You do some mortal wounds to the unit you’re in combat with.
  • So, let’s say you’re in combat with a single evocator and you want to finish him off so you can move later in the movement phase. You need to roll a 5+ and then a 6 and then a 3+ to pull this off. You will fail 98 out of 100 attempts at this allegiance ability doing anything useful. Just take the mystic shield.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Ethereal Amulet: Your armor save cannot be modified. Pretty good on a 3+. This is the dude you crash into elite troops, heroes, and monsters.

Ice Mammoth Skull Plate: You can reroll all armor saves against weapons that have no rend. This is the dude you crash into Skeletons, Witches without mindrazor, Blightkings, Plague Monks, etc.

Command Trait:

Everwinter’s Master: You may reroll the Everwinter dice so long as your general is on the table. This means you have a 56% chance of giving your whole army mystic shield every round. Not bad when your frostlords are on a 3+ (and one of them unrendable – hey look, we made a budget stardrake).

Caution: If Icebrow hunter is set up in ambush, he’s not on the table and you can’t reroll. They were not good at writing battletomes back then.

Command Abilities:

Bellowing Voice: Worse than Forward to Victory in almost every situation. I never use this.

At the Double & Forward to Victory: The default command abilities everyone has. Each are superior to Bellowing Voice individually or together due to run and charge.

Bonus: Everything that matters is also a hero, so no worrying about distance when using CAs.


2x Frostlord on Stonehorn:

This guy is Babe Ruth driving a monster truck – with all the positives and negatives that implies. He is speeding – run & charge and can’t choose not to. Like Babe Ruth, he’s drunk, and when he crashes, the unit takes D6 mortal wounds automatically. Like the Slugger, he strikes out constantly, but when he hits it’s a home run (inaccurate, random attacks, but 10 with damage 3). Finally, like the Babe, he’s fat – stone skeleton halves damage and mortals on weapons and abilities that target him (rounded up) plus the defense artefacts makes for a medium-level durability monster (so long as your opponent doesn’t follow proper target priority of spamming him with 1-damage attacks).

Caution: 1-damage weapons completely ignore a stonehorn’s regenerating granite skeleton and do full damage for some nonsensical reason so beware big clouds of inexpensive, wretched peasants.

Caution: They must charge, so sometimes you’ll have to spend a command point to reroll a successful charge fishing for a failure to stay on an objective.

2x Huskard on Thundertusk:

Glass cannon artillery barge that serves drinks. The main gun does 6 mortal wounds on a D6 roll of 2+ (no hit rolls, no wound rolls) out to 18” and they move 8. The drinks heal D3 wounds and they can throw them 18”. They have pet birbs that deal 1mw to something (50/50 an enemy unit you want or an enemy unit you didn’t want). Boy that sounds real good, is there a downside? Of course! Welcome to Destruction.

Caution: Does literal zero melee damage.

Caution: Cannon damage charts very fast. If they have taken 5 wounds and miss a heal they’re basically useless.

1x Icebrow Hunter:

Frost Sabres become battleline if this turd is your general, and we need that to play 4 big bois.

This guy is garbage, but he can deepstrike down with some stupid cats and maybe waste time or gather some points before he gets killed by a stiff breeze. Ideally your opponent might think you care if he’s killed and wastes time doing so, though smart opponents will correctly ignore him for the distracting buffoon that he is.

Other Units

Frost Sabres:

Like the Icebrow Hunter, these models aren’t meant to participate in the mechanical side of AoS: Rolling attacks, making saves, none of it on either end. They are for screening, for being deployed on objectives before the game begins, and for splitting up and following behemoths around so the big bois can drive off after they kill everyone and you still have bodies near the point.



This is the battalion that lets Icebrow Hunter bring cats along to his deepstrike party. Putting things in the sky tends to get people deploying differently and spreading out or hanging back. That’s the kind of edge we’re looking for. If your opponent correctly ignores that potential because they are too useless to matter, then drop them down as screens.


no room

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


In-Game Guide

Your plan differs depending on battleplan and opponent faction, but the default strat is: Gentlemen start your engines formation. Two frostlords in front, two thundertusks in back. Mighty Ducks into the enemy and snipe heroes while topping off the front line with heals. Due to lack of flying and poor to hit values, overkilling a unit is better than splitting attacks and leaving stragglers. At least pretend to care about objectives with your cats and the hunter.

Battleplans We’re Good In:

The ones where heroes and monsters capture.

Battleplans We Suck In:

Every other one.

Armies We Are Good Against:

Armies That We Can Steal A Win From If The Opponent Makes Lots Of Mistakes:

Armies We Are Bad Against:

Armies We Literally Go 0-for-10 Against:

Get some favorable matchups and play extremely tight and you too can go 3-2 like me at Waaaghpaca 2019!

Get some unfavorable matchups but still play extremely tight and you too can get dead last like me at Dragonfall!

Secondary Objectives

The first two are trivial, most are impossible.

Honest Goblin


Team Heavy Magic

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i make videos

Gaming style:

defensively overanalyzing with random bursts of irrationally aggressive play

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