Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz

Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90)

Fungoid Cave-Shaman

40 x Shootas

20 x Stabbas (130)

10 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (280)

Mork's Mighty Mushroom (80)

Malevolent Moon

Soulsnare Shackles

Total: 1000 / 1000

Wounds: 78

(both shaman have the Hand of Gork spell, with the boss wizard taking "low cunning" for an extra command point at the start of the first battle round. what is very weird is fungoids are not able to take a gloomspite artefact!  I defer to my partner as to what realm they are taking an artefact from, as common rules are that both teammates have to hail from the same mortal realm.)


Who sez GITZ ain’t team players! Seems to be a lot of team tournaments lately, so we discussed some volatile combinations involving the usual suspects like Nagash, Daughters, Tzeentch, Slaanesh – but the new Gloomspite Gitz army rises like da Bad Moon! What gives?

Allegience Ability

The Gloomspite abilities are great. Especially the 12″ no-battleshock zone. However, Gloomspites don’t fall apart without them. We might see some interesting mixed destruction lists that use gloomspites. 


The first key to the “team” list is the two Fungoid Cave Shaman bosses. They gain an extra CP on a roll of 4+. Your role in this list is a CP generator for your teammate! Any CP hungry army will benefit.

Other Units

UNLEASH THE FANATICS! 15 fanatics was considered, but it’s not likely you will maximize your melee frontage, so I stopped at 10. Here’s the key – if you choose a target that cannot survive the brutal attack from the fanatics, they will have nothing left to punch back with! Ten fanatics on the battlefield is a real problem for your opponent starting their turn, since in melee they get to attack again. All the magic and shooting resources might be needed to slay them. If you get the double turn, the fanatics get yet another attack and that is your opponents worse nightmare! 


It’s very tough to put a battalion in a 1000 point team list. So none in this one. 


It feels nice when an army is so good it doesn’t need allies! Too many good choices in the gloomspite gitz tome!

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

The new Gloomspite Gitz spell selection is excellent! Morks Mighty Mushroom is a horde killer, and the Malevolant Moon, aside from the D3 mortal nuisance, can give a -1 or -2 to opponents casting! Put the moon on their side of the board, and they might be -3 to cast in round 2. That can even slow Nagash down a little bit. The Mork’s Mighty Mushroom doesn’t move, so not much of a danger of it backfiring. The Moon can move back and cause D3, but Gloomspite wizard’s are not affected otherwise. 
The key spell in this list is Hand of Gork. It’s so important I give it to BOTH my wizards for backup. The ability to send a unit of moonclan grots 9″ from the enemy, and set up the fanatics 6″ for a reliable charge will take inexperienced opponents by surprise, but veterans will be twisting themselves making sure you can’t do too much damage, and likely will have to compromise their plans! Hand of Gork plus Loonsmasha Fanatics will be a nasty combo for a long time! 

In-Game Guide

The great strength of Gloomspite Gitz is the ability to drop hordes of grots on objectives, now rivaling Death in terms of tar-pitting opponents. Therefore horde killing spells and artefacts are your worst nightmare (besides that evil sun, Frazzleface). 

Honest Goblin


NYC Warhammer

NYC Warhammer

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