Nomad Prince (Governor Trojanoak)


- General
- Trait: Stalker of the Hidden Paths 
- Artefact: Starcaster Longbow 
Spellweaver (100)

- Blows of Mystic Power
- Artefact: Wending Wand 
Waywatcher (120)

Waywatcher (120)

Waystrider (80)

20 x Glade Guard (240)

20 x Glade Guard (240)

20 x Glade Guard (240)

20 x Glade Guard (240)

5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)

5 x Wild Riders (120)

Waystone Pathfinders (200)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 125


Governor Trojanoak is a known across the realms for his trophy hunting, luxury item trading, wealth, womanizing and debauchery. His enemies claim he attacks without warning and retreats without honor. His entourage of distractingly beautiful aelfen maidens loose their arrows from afar, only to retreat into the wilds before their enemies even have time to react. 

Thanks to the Waystone Pathfinders battalion, this is a one drop list that deploys entirely off board.
This list is built around heavy archery, mobility, and point denial. This is accomplished by utilizing the special rules from the ‘Waystone Pathfinders’ Battalion as well as the Wanderer Alliance Abilities; by deploying off board and giving your opponent the first turn, by prioritizing targets for your 100+ arrows per turn, and by protecting your archers with cavalry and evasive movements.  

If everything goes well you should shoot 300 arrows before your opponent can fight back! 

Allegience Ability

 The Alliance ability ‘Realm Wanderer’ is great for defense, but use the Governor’s ‘Stalker of Hidden Paths’ ability to send your archers where they need to go on the offense. The Battalion Abilities are really the most important, as described above. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

I use the ‘Starcaster Longbow’ on my Nomad Prince General, just so he can shoot a bow too. His command ability is amazing, use it every turn. 
The ‘Wending Wand’ is good for my Spellweaver, just incase I need a unit to retreat back to her. 
The other heroes all have command abilities too, but they are more situational. The Waywatcher‘s could be useful.


Governor Trojanoak (Nomad Prince) is a great general. ‘Lord of the Deep Wood Host’ means reroll 1s for everyone! ‘Stalker of Hidden Paths’ will move archers within range of important targets. Starcaster Longbow so he is an archer too!

Spellweaver can auto dispel once per game, and revive d3 slain models to a unit. Important if Glade Guard are hurt before they loose the Arcane Bodkins, or to help any WildRiders or Sisters of Thorn when they are blocking CC. Wending Wand can retreat a unit, if necessary. 

The 2 Waywatchers are just for ranged damage, and to meet my battalion requirements. Mine are themed after the old Woodelf Sisters of Twilight: Twin Daughters of Trojanoak. 

The Waystrider is also a Battalion requirement, this hero can help block CC (like the WildRiders and the Sisters of thorn) 

Other Units

Glade Guard (Glade Girls) are the most important part of the force, they need to be protected until they can shoot their Arcane Bodkins. They can be teleported with the ‘Stalker of Hidden Paths’ ability. Shoot Bodkins at highly armored enemies.

Wildriders are for blocking the enemy and protecting Glade Guard. Same thing with Sisters of Thorn. 


‘Waystone Pathfinders’ is the most important part of this list. Deploy off the board and give the opponent first turn, this way you deny them any first turn damage! They will take objectives and you can pick the units you want to wipe off the board. ‘Defensive Volley’ can double your shooting output!


None, Governor Trojanoak is xenophobic and only wishes to spend his time surrounded by beautiful aelf maidens.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Mostly healing magic from the Spell Weaver. 

In-Game Guide

Deploy off board, give your opponent first turn to deny them damage and make them waste their alpha strikes!

When you come on the board, focus on safely positioning your archers as far from enemy units as they can shoot them. Prioritize your targets for a heavy volley of ‘Arcane Bodkins’ from your Glade Guard, but save the attack for turn 2 so they can benefit from the Nomad Prince‘s “Lord of the Deep Wood Host” ability.  Since you deploy your army in the movement phase, you can’t use the ability in the first turn.  Position WildRiders and Sisters of Thorn for blocking your archers. Try to position your Nomad Prince within 12″ of your opponent’s best/most expensive/toughest/scariest unit. You will want to open turn 2 with the battalion’s special ability “Protective Volley” and try to shoot it off the board.  Then use your ‘Arcane Bodkins’ to delete tough enemy units. Glade Guard that have already used the Arcane Bodkins are more expendable, but still valuable. They can help block charges, bait enemies, or take objectives, but they are still capable of killing chaff and finishing weakened enemies.

Once you’ve used all 84 of your ‘Arcane Bodkins’ your opponent will be hurting pretty bad. At this point you will reassess the battle field and develop a fluid strategy. By the end of turn 2 you should know which objectives you want to take and which targets you want to either kill or avoid. 

*Opponents with defense to shooting or fast movement can be difficult for this list. In tournaments they are probably rare to come across, since armies that are good against shooting are usually bad against everything else. 
*Objectives can be hard to take late game if you don’t prioritize your shooting well in the early turns.

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