Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords

- Sky Port: Barak Zilfin


Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit (190)

- General

- Command Trait: Grudgebearer

- Artefact: Staff of Ocular Optimisation

Aether-Khemist (90)

- Artefact: Spell in a Bottle

Aetheric Navigator (100)


10 x Arkanaut Company (90)

- 1x Skypikes

- 1x Light Skyhooks

- 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns

6 x Endrinriggers (200)

- 1x Skyhooks

6 x Endrinriggers (200)

- 1x Skyhooks

6 x Endrinriggers (200)

- 2x Aethermatic Volley Guns

- 1x Skyhooks

- 1x Grapnel Launchers


1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (130)

- Main Gun: Sky Cannon

- Great Endrinworks: Zonbarcorp 'Debtsettler' Spar Torpedo

1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (130)

- Main Gun: Sky Cannon

- Great Endrinworks: Coalbeard's Collapsible Compartments


Arkanaut Ironclad (480)

- Main Gun: Great Sky Cannon

- Great Endrinworks: Zonbarcorp 'Dealbreaker' Battle Ram


Iron Sky Command (110)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Warp Lightning Vortex (80)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 100


EDIT: GHB2020 was like Christmas for KO, so we managed to stick another Gunhauler into this list.


This list wasn´t invented by me. I have run it very successfully so far and wanted to share it.

The list works around making the best use of the Warp Lightning Vortex in combination with alpha shooting and then mopping up whats left in melee.

Allegience Ability

Each KHARADRON OVERLORDS HEROSKYVESSEL and KHARADRON OVERLORDS unit with 10 or more models starts a battle with 1 share of aether-gold.

Once per phase, you can say that 1 unit from your army that has any shares of aether-gold will spend 1 of them. If you do so, subtract 1 from that unit’s Bravery characteristic for the rest of the battle, but you can pick a triumph it is eligible to use and immediately apply its effect to that unit. Ignore any restrictions on a triumph that say it can only be used once per battle if you pay to use it with a share of aether-gold.

Fly High (Skyvessels only):

Instead of making a normal move with this model, you can say that it will fly high (it can retreat and disengage). If you do so, remove this model from the battlefield and set it up again more than 1″ from any terrain features or objectives and more than 9″ from any enemy models.

Hitchers (Endrinmaster & Endrinriggers):

If this unit is wholly within 6″ of a friendly SKYVESSEL immediately before the SKYVESSEL uses its Fly High ability, you can say that this unit will hitch a lift instead of making a normal move (as long as this unit has not already made a normal move in the same phase).

If you do so, after that SKYVESSEL has moved, remove this unit from the battlefield and set it up again wholly within 6″ of that SKYVESSEL, more than 1″ from any terrain features or objectives and more than 9″ from any enemy models.

No more than 7 models can hitch a lift on the same SKYVESSEL in the same turn.

Barak-Zilfin Subfaction Abilities:

Artycle – Master the Skies: 

You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly SKYVESSELS that target a unit that can fly.

Amendment – Don’t Argue With the Wind: 

In your movement phase, if you declare a friendly BARAK-ZILFIN unit will run, do not make a run roll. Instead, add 6″ to the Move characteristic of all models in that unit for that phase.

Footnote – There’s Always a Breeze If You Look For It:

Once per battle, in your hero phase, 1 friendly BARAK-ZILFIN unit can make a normal move (it can runretreat or disengage).

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Spell in a Bottle

Pick 1 endless spell. Any endless spell can be chosen (all restrictions are ignored) but you must pay any points required for the model. Once per battle, the bearer can automatically cast that endless spell (do not roll 2D6) and it cannot be unbound.

This is how we sneak in the (probably) most powerful endless spell in the game into our list. It is automatically cast and can´t be unbound. It can however later be dispelled like any other endless spell (unless you killed all the enemy wizards).

Command Trait Grudgebearer:

After armies are set up, pick 1 enemy HERO. Double the damage inflicted by weapons used by this general that target that HERO.

The Endrinmaster has multiple missile and melee attacks. Should get the job done to kill key enemy heroes.

Staff of Ocular Optimisation

Pick 1 of the bearer’s missile weapons. Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by that weapon.

This is the obligatory artefact with Zilfin, put it on the Dirigible Suit Weapon Battery for best use.

CA: By Grungni, I Have My Eye On You!

You can use this command ability in your hero phase before a friendly ENDRINRIGGERS unit wholly within 18″ of a friendly model with this command ability uses its Endrincraft ability. If you do so, you can re-roll any of the dice that determine how many wounds are healed by that ENDRINRIGGERS unit in that phase.

Usefull, but not overly important.


Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit:

He unlocks the Endrinriggers as Battleline. Keep him close to the boats for 3 wounds helaing each hero phase or send him out on a mission to delete critical enemy heroes.


He´s only there to do one job: let loose the Warp Lightning Vortex and watch havock run loose.

His shooting attack can be ok, but the range is limiting. His warscroll ability is not usable when inside the boat, usually after he performed his duty I drop him with the Arkanauts onto an objective.


He´s the tax that comes with the battalion, which we need for low drop rate and the extra artefact. His warscroll ability is useful and he´s the only access to dispelling and unbinding.

Once all enemy units moved out of range of the Vortex, he can try to unbind it if needed.

Other Units

Arkanaut Company:

90 points Battleline, comes with the Battalion. Your only source of bodies. When wholly within 9″ of an objective and buffed by the Khemist, their shooting is OK. Don´t expect them to do anything great though.


These boys can hitch a ride with a Skyvessel if 7 or less (1 unit + Endrinmaster) and heal it on a 4+. Their pistols can still shoot if the redeploy with 9″, with the Skyhook they get +1 on charges. The melee weapons are great. Usually I use one unit with all the special weapons, which have a 24″ range. These are the ones who don´t hitch and just move their 12″ and guard a back field objective.


An extra Skyvessel to jump around your Endrinriggers. Shooting is ok, can drop bombs at the start of the movement phase for some extra MWs. On its first charge it causes extra MWs on a 2+. This is useful if you really need that unit dead but couldn´t do it in the shooting phase.


The BIG ship. Does a lot of shooting, can drop bombs in melee and cause MWs on the charge. Has 18 wounds and has access to a lot of healing. Hels itself 1 wound each Hero phase. Each Endrinrigger unit within 1″ can heal 1 wound per odel on a 4+. The Endrinmaster heals another 3 wounds flat. Thats ~7 wounds you heal per hero phase back, can be more if you use the generals CA or have more Endrinriggers close by.

Has a 3+ save which can be re-rolled once per phase, if you spend your gold share for it.


Iron Sky Command:

Your only way to a very low drop rate and access to the second artefact.

Do not take battleshock tests for friendly KHARADRON OVERLORDS units while they are wholly within 18″ of the ARKANAUT IRONCLAD from this battalion.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Warp Lightning Vortex:



Summon Warp Lightning Vortex has a casting value of 8. If successfully cast, set up 1 Warp Lightning Vortex model wholly within 13″ of the caster of the caster, then set up the second and third Warp Lightning Vortex models exactly 7″ from the first model and exactly 7″ from each other (the models will form a triangle with each model exactly 7″ from the other two models).



When this model is set up, and at the end of each movement phase, roll 1 dice for each unit within 6″ of any of the models from this endless spell. Add 1 to the dice roll if that unit is within 6″ of two of the models from this endless spell. Add 2 to the dice roll instead of 1 if that unit is within 6″ of all three models from this endless spell. On a 4+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. On an unmodified roll of 6, that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds instead of D3 mortal wounds.


Units cannot run or fly when they make a normal move that starts within 6″ of any models from this endless spell.

In-Game Guide

Thanks to the 2 drop and the fly-high ability, it doesnt really matter where we deploy, because we have such a great mobility. So go ahead and hide all your units in the back corner of your deployment zone. If facing low-drop alpha strike armies, use the arkanauts to create a screen around your ships. Keep the Endrinriggers and Endrinmaster wholly within 6″, so they can hitch a ride.

If we have the choice, opt to go second. This way you have the chance for a double turn, which means the Vortex can go off 3 times (!) wthout interference from your opponent and you get two rounds of shooting.

The Zilfin ability allows for a hero phase move. Fly high is a move. So we can get the Khemist in the Ironclad within 9″ of the enemy, throw out the Vortex (setup wholly the first model  within 13″) and then either move closer in the movement phase for shorter charges or move away to not be affected by the vortex. When performing this hero phase fly high, we can bring a unit of Enrdinriggers and the general with us. They also can move in closer in the subsequent movement phase and then shoot & charge.

Since the can fly, they can charge over the enemy screens and attack the juicy units.

The other unit of Endrinriggers will come in within 9″ in the movement phase with the Gunnhauler. 

Pick your targets wisely and consider the different missile ranges your units have.

If you get charged , remember that you can always jump out of combat and it´s not considered a retreat (see FAQ). 

Crucial to this list is keeping your Skyvessels alive, they will score you the points in the late game with their great mobility.

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