Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords
Mortal Realm: Ghur

Skyport: Barak-Urbaz
- Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People


Aether-Khemist (160)

- General
- Trait: Fleetmaster 
- Artefact: Aethershock Earbuster 

Aether-Khemist (160)

- Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm 

Arkanaut Admiral (120)

Brokk Grungsson (260)

Runelord (100)

- Allies


10 x Arkanaut Company (120)

- 3x Light Skyhooks

10 x Arkanaut Company (120)

- 3x Light Skyhooks

10 x Arkanaut Company (120)

- 3x Light Skyhooks


9 x Endrinriggers (360)

- 2x Grapnel Launchers

10 x Warriors (80)

- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields
- Allies

War Machines:

Arkanaut Frigate (240)

- Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon

Grundstok Gunhauler (160)

- Main Gun: Sky Cannon
- Great Endrinworks: The Last Word

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 180 / 400
Wounds: 111


Watch the video to see this army face off against its first foes, some Barbarian Slaves to Darkness!

Grimspark had always been a restless and ambitious Khemist. After one particularly long and boring season of “hostile acquisitions”, he got an idea. It had seemed ages since he’d had a good Chimera steak or Gargant sausage. Ghur was nearly untouched by Duardin hands, opening trade routes there would make him filthy rich! But Ghur was untouched for good reason, the beasts there could tear an ironclad in half with a single nibble. Not to mention the ravaging hordes of orcs and grots… “Thats it!!” he exclaimed. he gathered a small expeditionary force and set sail.

Upon arriving in Ghur Grimspark made haste to the markets. The Grots were easy, they would do ANYTHING for a scrap of gold. It didn’t even have to be Aether gold, they would line up to sign on for a mere nugget of dirty ore pulled straight from the ground, fools. The Orruks were a bit harder to convince, but Grimspark always managed to distract them with something else to fight which is all they ever wanted anyways. As for how the Orruks and Grots felt about this? They were mostly unaware that they were being used as fodder. Their main confusion was why the silly stunties always Insisted that their boots be kept shiney, or why they sent the Boyz with the shiniest boots to fight first.

This is a “Combined arms” Army and started with the question “what would happen if KO took Orruk and Grot “employees” into their forces”. It is also meant to be a tournament viable list, or at least a list that doesn’t see KO crumble turn 2. You could build this without the Orruks/Grots, if you want… I guess. For my build there are Grots in with the Arkanauts, 40k Boyz Standing in for Dispossessed Warriors, 40k Storm Boyz mixed in with Endrinriggers and a custom Orruk Runelord.  

This is actually a starter list as it includes everything I currently have rather than what I ultimately want to field, hence “the first expedition”.


This army is pretty simple and sort of centres around the idea that KO’s biggest weakness is survive-ability. Enter the Dispossessed Anvil/screen, in this case Warriors backed up by a Runelord. Their entire job is to get to a point hold it for as many turns as possible and Ideally Screen the “Core” behind them.

The Core does most of the work in the army. Dealing out fairly high, semi reliable damage, it includes 2 units of 10 Arkanauts, Our Admiral and a Khemist. Each unit of Arkanauts carry 3 Skyhooks which pump out 2 shots each @ 4+,3+,-2 d3 damage, when buffed by our Khemist. The Admiral makes the whole Core battleshock immune and is decent in a fight himself.

The Frigate, holding 10 Arkanauts, a 2nd Khemist and 9 Endrinriggers, is our hammer. We use “Fleet master” to re-deploy the frigate where we really want it without giving away anything if necessary. The Arkanauts have 3 Skyhooks again buffed by the Khemist for double shots. The Endrinriggers are mostly bog standard and saw through anything they touch! They do have 2 Grapnels though which increases their threat range from 24″ to 48″.   

The Gunhauler, and Brokk are both place holders in this particular list but also allow for some key tactics to be used. The Gunhauler is great for slowing or even breaking charges on your flanks and has the mobility to help take undefended points or even reinforce the hammer. the way I see it hes a cannon+ so why not take him.

Brokk is really fun and an amazing model. He’s decent at being a secondary, more surgical hammer especially when paired up with the Gunhauler. Brokk also has a surprising amount of ranged firepower and can really contribute to wiping away what ever is engaged with our anvil.

Allegience Ability

I took Barak Urbaz for my port city for the khemist buff and because it works with my narrative. You could realistically take what you want with a bit of tweaking. Barak Nar is also a strong choice.

Urbaz gives you:

  • re-roll battleshock if in enemy territory. Nice bonus
  • 1 add artifact (Aethershock earbuster/Gryph feather/whatevs). Really nice, especially for customization options.
  • 1 time per battle, pile in and attack or shoot “as if it were” that phase, if within 3 on an enemy. Surprisingly effective! Buffed Endrinriggers fighting twice is nice. Extra helpful if you’re playing for turn 2 double turn.
  • +1 footnote ( No trading with some ppl). Because there are no other ones.
  • Khemists pick 1 extra  “SKYFARERS” unit for their buffs. This is why we take Urbaz it means 12 shots, rather than 6,  from the Skyhooks in our main blocks of Arkanauts.
  • A couple other things we don’t care about in this list.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


  • Aethershock Earbuster:
    • Khemists are already good vs hordes this just makes them better.
  • Gryph Feather Charm:
    • This goes on the Khemist who goes in the ship to help him live longer.
  • Last Word:
    • in this case we put it on the Gunhauler as he will be used to break flanking charges or take undefended points.
    • Command traits:

      • Fleetmaster: allows us to redeploy a ship after deployment. Can help with the psychological warfare of deployment.

      Command abilities: See Barak Urbaz code



  • These are the backbone of the army in conjuction with the arkanauts. Their buff ads 1 to the attack profile of 1 weapon on a friendly Skyfarers warscroll. Urbaz allows them to pick 2 units. This buff goes on Arkanauts mostly but is super deadly when used to buff The Endrinriggers saws.


  • Literally here just to give out Battleshock immunity with his command ability.


  • This unit is surprisingly key to the list and in further versions there will be 2 of these. The +2 unbind is clutch in a meta defined by magic use. Being able to buff the anvil on a 2+  as well is just a huge bonus and its a prayer so can’t be unbound.

Other Units

The Warriors:

    • Can “form shield wall” to re-roll saves.
    • Re-roll wound rolls of 1 in opponents combat phase. re-roll all failed wounds if 20 or more models in unit.
    • Banner: EITHER
      • Relic: if targeted by spell on a 5+ it has no effect.
      • Clan: Halve number of models that flee from battleshock
    • can take buffs from Runelord for


This list really revolves around the allies and eventually will feature 20 longbeards and 2 runelords to really skew into the allied anvil.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

YUCK!! who uses filthy magic?? I’ll kill ’em!!

In-Game Guide

Always go second!

Throw the anvil down, use their march ability to get them into a good strategic position. 2nd turn start using shield wall.

With the enemy locked into a fight with the  anvil the “core” rains skyhooks and whatnot on them for at least a turn or 2 that should evaporate anything in your way. OR use the skyhooks to snipe important enemy lynch pins.

Use the hammer to pressure the squishiest part of the enemy line, the biggest target and/or the most important objective. Pop all the boys out immediately. The Khemist buffs the Endrinriggers and the Arkanauts. The endrinrigggers move as close to enemies as possible, keeping in mind their 24″ grapple. Move everyone else up to within range of shooting. Blast the enemies chaff or Heroes/Monsters with the skyhooks, pistols, cannon, and khemist fog to bring them down as much as possible Unleash a volley from the Endrinriggers then grapple to your real target and saw it into oblivion.

Go first second turn (ideally)

Use the Urbaz ability to pile in and attack again with your Endrinriggers.

Continue to blast your enemies off the table.

Offer your opponent a tissue for their tears.

Honest Goblin



My Bio:

Have been Hobbying for ages, started finally playing a little more than a year ago. I play Death (LoN and LoS) and Kharadron Overlords. 

You can find me as a regular guest on Mini War Gaming's AOS series, usually playing Death but, have been branching out and practicing with some mixed order lists lately. 

Gaming style:

Generally I would say that I am a "Controller" type of gamer, but recently I have started to veer towards "Quickie". 




  • “So because of all those debuffs, you can’t hit me” Cool, calm collected and they wake up in the morning hoping to make it rain on your sunny day. The aim of these players is to make you not play your army the way you want to or had planned to. While this is a very viable tactic, it's frustrating to play against and we imagine a sick delight to play as. Just be aware it won't get you many favourite game votes and knowing what units to control will require a lot of planning ahead of time and some good system mastery.


  •  “I alpha strike, then I either win or I hit the bar” Some players just don't want 2.5 hours of intense tactical decision making, to see every dice roll as a key part of a rosetta stone of decision rubrik and that's totally ok. You want a fun game and a low impact weekend. All the gamble of this playstyle happens in army selection. You go for the win in the early turns. 

Event Results:

I have been to several tournaments and have lost all but my very first game... So y'know... I'm obviously a fantastic source of strategic advice. 

Most of my playing experience actually comes from Making Battle reports with Mini War Gaming, for their AOS series.