Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts
- Grand Court: Gristlegore

Abhorrant Archregent (200)

- Artefact: The Aetherquartz Brooch
- Lore of Madness: Spectral Host
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400)

- General
- Artefact: Ghurish Mawshard 
- Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour
- Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon (440)

- Lore of Madness: Blood Feast
Crypt Ghast Courtier (60)

40 x Crypt Ghouls (360)

10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

Ghoul Patrol (180)

Endless Spells
Chalice of Ushoran (40)

Malevolent Maelstrom (20)

Total: 1900 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 3
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 101

NOTE: warscroll builder is missing stuff.  The Command Trait on the general is Savage Strike.  The ZD has Razor-clawed as the mount trait


The Flesheaters are back!! This book is crazy, so many synergies, and so many ways to play.  Any dedicated FEC player will be happy as our army only got better, none of it got worse.  Whether or not you like big monsters, horrors or flayers, or masses of ghouls, there is something in this book for you.  Good thing too, because we don’t exactly have cheap models or many of them!  

I present for you here a basic balanced list composed of some monsters, some chaff, and taking full advantage of one of the new grand courts and tossing in some summoning and battallions. I went through many iterations of this in my head and settled on this, but likely there are many variations that are equally good and slightly different in good ways.

Allegience Ability

Deathless Save: standard 6+ after damage save for us.  Watch your bubbles are they are almost all “wholly within” now like most new books

Delusion: since this is a Gristlegore Grand Court list, we do not get delusions.

Feeding Frenzy: well, FF has come a long way from the old book, where it was triggered only in fight phase if you killed a whole unit and if you then rolled a 6 (ie: never triggered).  It is not a command ability!  For 1 CP (or for free for example with Feast Day), a unit that has just attacked for the first time (so units can only do it once) can immediately pile in and attack again.  Awesome. With our least featuring either 2 hard hitting monsters, or 40 ghouls, there’s plenty of fodder on which to play this awesome ability. And it synergises very well with the Gristlegore abilitiies (see below)

GRISTLEGORE: This is THE grand court to play if you are playing multiple terrogheists or zombie dragons. In fact Gristlegore unlocks ability for non-ridden TG and ZD to be battleline!! Of course you are still limited to 4 behemoths.

We will cover command stuff below, but basically the Gristlegore “thing” is that Heroes and Monsters get exploding 6s on to hit rolls.  Now your terrorgheist will have 3-6 (see below) attacks with the maw, rerolling hits (see below), and 6’s will cause an extra hit (which you have to roll wound for as per FAQ) and 6MW automatically. Then of course that same TG can immediately fight again with FF.  Oh…and there’s more…see below.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command Abilities:

Covered Feeding Frenzy above.  Basically you need to start your game with 2-3 CP, so plan right off the bat to have a list with only 1900 points.  If you plan it right, you could wipe your opponents army with a TG hitting first (see below), then feeding frenzy it, then you choose your first attacker…another TG…that then feeding frenzies….and so on. 


Basically, if your hero or monster dies and hasnt already fought, and its within certain amount of a hero (which it should and will often be), then it immediately gets to fight  before it dies. Keep in mind it wil be at its lowest bracket, but still, the terrorgheist particularly does not really get hampered much combat wise from degradation, and you will still explode on 6s, along with other synergies. super good. Again, you gotta save your CPs. This will probably be most used on your opponents turn when they wanna kill your TG/ZD before it fights.  If for some reason its your turn and you cast Monstrous Vigour on it to get it feeling full up again, then just leave him til last so he will die and fight…but then again you might as well just fight first and save your CP…I see this CA being situational

COMMAND TRAIT: Savage Strike

Your general (which should be a king on something) gets to always fight first.  Amazing. Couple this with fighting a second time immediately after, and you got a pretty good combo. Then other stuff buffs it….see below. Basically this list puts everything into its monsters, and your monsters will be terrifying.

RELIC: Gurkish Mawshard

Something had to be bad…it’s this relic. basically useless, you can slay one model within 1″ from you if you roll higher than its wounds characteristic.  At the beginning of combat, so you cant even pull a coherency trick cause the opponent can pile them back into coherency. Prety useless but its mandatory.

My list runs a ghoul patrol (see below for why), so I get a second relic.  I have chosen Aetherquartz Brooch for this. CP is so important to hitting power of this list (as well as reroll charges, morales etc), and starting with 3, and using so many means Brooch is probably worth it. Will have to test it out.  Other option was the Dermal Robe, which gives a caster (probably the archregent since he casts and unbinds 2) a +1 to cast, dispel, and unbind.  This can be key to gtting off those important spells.

MOUNT TRAITS: this is a new thing for the book, our TG and ZD get traits!! TG and ZD have pretty similar traits, but slightly different tables. You get one for free, and another per battallion, another reason to run a battallion in monster mash.  I went with Gruesome Bite on the TG to give it reroll hits on the maw attack. For the extra, i put Razor-Clawed on the ZD to give it an extra rend. You could also consider running the trait that lets you reroll your d6 on jaw attacks.


The Archregent is a must in all FEC lists, basically that is fact.  There is almost no reason to take a normal GK anymore if you have 200 points for an Archregent.  This dude has FEROCIOUS HUNGER which gives a unit d3 extra attacks…this will give your TG extra d3 on ALL its attacks, including the maw, which, along with exploding 6s and rerolling from Gruesome Bite will be amazing.  Also, he is a wizard with 2 casts, AND he can summon a courtier, 3 knights, or 20 ghouls…20, not 10…20.  That’s just amazing.  And he can do this for free next to the Charnel Thrones (see below).  Keep in mind, that summoning is at the end of the movement phase, so your Archregent will be “pinned” in place for the first turn to summon.   I would let him summon the 20 ghouls, and let the TG summon knights and the ZD summon your vargulf, all of them do it for free within 1″ of the throne.

The ghoul kings on TG and ZD do their thing. Unholy Vitality helps you survive with a 5+ additional after damage save.  He summons knights, so flayers or horrors, depending on what you need.

The GK on ZD if key to this list.  A lot is stacked on your general, and that is sort of a decoy for this dude, who summons your vargulf, and then casts Malefic Hunger that gives 16″ reroll wounds aura! That’s so gross!  This helps horrors and flayers hit their 6s, but generally just makes your whole army better.  Definitely a must have for most FEC armies i think.  There is no other access to reliable reroll wounds. I think either monster could be the general, its really a matter of personal preference, mathed out, both are almost the same.

My list finally runs a ghast due to requirement for the ghoul patrol, but if that werent the case, likely wouldn’t run any courtiers in the list and just summon one. 

Other Units


Ghouls are gross now. Still a bit overpriced at 100 for 10, but rocking 2 attacks base, 3 over 20 ghouls is great. Then you cast Ferocious on them for an extra d3 attacks, they reroll hits next to ghoul king, and wounds after ZD spell, it’s pretty nice.  Their real synergy here is with the Chalice (see below), also the flexibility to outflank from ghoul patrol.  Generally though i wouldn’t outflank anything unless its like Better Part of Valour where you could win turn 1 with a good outflank. 40 ghouls, with ghast backup and the Chalice will last you a long time and will tie up stuff well. just be careful to keep them in your wholly within auras.

CHARNEL THRONE: this ridiculous model (sorry, i think it sucks! Just look at the Gitz shrine!) does let all foot kings within 1″ of it summon for free, so for 1 turn, it will be awesome, then literally does nothing. Ah well, still its nice so we can save our CP for other stuff. Keep in mind summoning is at the end of the movement phase, so to use the throne, you will pin your king down for a turn.  Luckily the archregent has 24″ range on his hunger spell.


Ghoul patrol went up to 180, and lost the ghoul heal, which kinda sucks, but I reckon it’s worth 180 just for the extras. Also, ther is literally no tax to run this battallion, as we need 3 ghoul units for battleline. There is now OPTION to outflank, it’s not mandatory, although you still need to come in turn 1.  Most importantly, it gives you a CP (very valueable), an extra relic (nice), and an extra mount trait (also nice). And MOST important maybe, it lowers this lists drop to 4 (likely to go first against almost all except things like sylvaneth).  Choosing first turn is super strong, a double turn at end of turn 1 with the way this army works is probably a tabling for your opponent.


pff…who needs allies….

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Unholy vitality and Malefic Hunger as explained above. Ferocious Hunger as explained above.  The new FEC lore is pretty sweet.

Spectral Host gives a unit fly (or 3 units if you roll 10 or more), or if it flies already, makes it run and charge. Amazing.  Your biggies can run and charge with this, or your 40 ghouls can fly.  Gross.

Blood Feast is basically spell that does d3 and heals d3, d6 if roll 10 or more. Ok, source of heals.

Monstrous Vigor: very nice easy spell that makes a wounded monster act as if unwounded. So amazing, especially considering when you die you can attack….as if unwounded!! Of course, the target of this might be obvious, but it’s worth faking out your opponent by casting this on one of them if both unwounded….But overall synergises nice with monster mash list.

The Deformation spell ius not that useful. It doesn’t affect biggies, and does literally nothing to 1 wound ghouls.  Miasma, while amazing if you roll a triple, is just too unreliable.


OK. Here’s the SHIT!  This easy to cast endless spell just sits there until dispelled.  Every model (yours and opponents) that dies within 12″ of it heals a flesheaters model for 1 wound on a 4+. .  This also happens EVERY TURN (yours and opponents).  Sick.  It can alternatively return 1 wound models back to a unit (ie 40 ghouls). So literally your ghouls killing things heals themselves.  All is not lost without the ghast around!

Maelstrom: this was just cause i had 20 poiints left. Could be useful against magic heavy lists to get some dispels in.  

I think if you are playing in the realms, you should find use for maelstrom, but also seriously consider swapping brooch for the dermal robe as mentioned above.  

In-Game Guide

Basically, you sit back turn 1, then hit things hard with your biggies and 40 ghouls, summon in 20 ghouls, 3 horrors/flayers and a vargulf hit from sides/back, and then go for the double turn and table your opponent. With d3 extra attacks, fdighting first, multiple feeding frenzies, fighting on death, chalice to heal, it all synergizes pretty well.

I think bad matchups are against things like arkhan, nagash, gitz, where it may be hard to get your spells off, and anything with -1 to hit is going to seriously hamper your offense. I think you play cagey and stay if possible out of dispel range. Set your throne up far back (literally no reason to put it forward and is useless after turn 1).

Honest Goblin




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