Skaven Warlord General: 100 points, Lord of War, Crown of Conquest

Arch-Warlock : 100 points

Verminlord deceiver : 300 points


Clanrats : 120 points, unit count 20

Clanrats : 120 points, unit count 20

Clanrats : 120 points, unit count 20


Warp Lightning Cannon : 180 points, unit count 1

Warp Lightning Cannon : 180 points, unit count 1


Hell Pit Abomination : 220 points, unit count 1


Stormvermin : 500 points, unit count 40

total 1980/2000


Im putting this list up as it is what I ended up taking to a local tournament and getting 2 major wins and 1 major loss. I made this list with the help of Doom and Darkness, we chatted a bit over FB messaging and he help refine it to this point based on what models I had available to me at the time.

Best thing this list has ever done was vs a korn list with 3 bloodthursters. He went first and positioned all 3 close enough together that on my turn i killed 1 and put one at half health then double turned and finished the last 2 before he even got his second turn. Warp Lightning Cannons and Stormvermin cleaned them up quickly then ate a charge from bloodletters and kill them in retaliation because of the 2″ reach.

Allegience Ability

You are useing general chaos… i know where is the Skaven book right? well even still general chaos is not the worst allegiance abilities to use for this. If you get that six when your stormvermin fight you can end up hitting on 2’s!!

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Lord of war lets you pick a unit (stormvermin) within 3″ (yes your Skaven Warlord will hug them) and on a 4+ give them +1 to hit.

The Crown just makes it so you can spend command points on Gnash-gnaw on their bones! If either the Lord of war or allegiance +1 to hit goes off your looking at 2+ to hit for your stormvermin.


Skaven Warlord hugs his stormvermin and clanrats for deer life. Tails and clever casualty removal is a must here.

Arch-Warlock is there to cast a spell or two and maybe hold a objective. His once per game d3 mortal wounds is great and he is no slouch in melee either if he has to.

The Verminlord is there to do Verminlord things. Sling himself or the Arch-Warlock around the board, assassinate key targets, and be a thorn in your opponents side. I found placing him in the back corner to block deep striking works best because then your opponent has no idea where he will end up when he Skitterleap’s anywhere on the board 6″ away on a 3+ with 2 dice.

Other Units

Clan rats are your bodies here. You have over 100 with the stormvermin so keeping them around to chaff up your opponent and protect other units is key. Use the crown immunity to battleshock to great effect by leaving a tail to the warlord. If you have to kill the tail but leave the 1 guy in range. Then at the beginning of the battleshock phase they are immune to it then at the end you kill that 1 clan rat and move on.

The stormvermin are by far the biggest hitter in the army. With all of your buffs going off you are doing 121 attacks at 2’s and 3’s -1 rend and 1 damage, fighting up to 3 ranks deep to get everyone in. 

The Hell Pit Abomination is a great chaff killer. Often times he is the first target of the opponent and that is just fine. If he cant kill it outright it will heal up and keep coming, and if he does thats a lot of damage sent his way instead of your other units way.

The Warp Lighting Cannons are best separated so if your opponent gets to one he doesn’t get a 2 for 1 deal on it.  They are great distractions because you or your opponent cannot rely on what they will do so the threat of what they can do is often enough to get them targeted. Again leaving your stormvermin free to kill-kill!! 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

you could add shackles for the last 20 points if you wanted but a triumph might be better if you can get it.

In-Game Guide

This is a Limited War, Mobile, Attrition, Hoard army and is best played as such. Sneaky tactics and proper placement can see you winning the game even if you lose in kill points. 

Honest Goblin


My Bio:

Main army is my skaven, but also have Ironjaws and old Stormcast. Also play 40k. Genestealer Cult, IG, and Ik.

Gaming style:

My main style has got to be The Gamblers. I have the most fun when neither of us know exactly whats going to happen. I am also a Math-hammer-istas and a Wombo Combo Bambino.

Event Results:

Only Sigmar tournament so far was with my list Headtakers Revenge where I got 4th overal with 2 major wins and 1 major loss.