Old Blood on Carnosaur (260)

- Artifact - Aetherquartz Broach

Scar Vet on Carnosaur (240)

Scar Vet on Carnosaur (240)

Scar Vet on Carnosaur (240)

Slann Starmaster (260)

- General
- Command Trait - Great Rememberer


5x Saurus Knights (90)

5x Saurus Knights (90)

5x Saurus Knights (90)

4x Razordons (160)

3x Skink Handlers (40)


Firelance Starhost (150)

Endless Spells:

Balewind Vortex (40)

1900 points
3 extra command points
100 wounds


This is JUST FOR FUN monster mash list! Probably not a competitive list. The goal will be to stack the Old Blood’s command ability on all four Carnosaurs each turn and generate more command points with his artifact to keep the dino train rolling!

Welcome to Jurassic Park!!!

Allegience Ability

Lords of Space and Time – The allegiance ability that helps make Seraphon the kings of mobility. Even better when you are teleporting two Carnosaurs each turn!

Also useful for teleporting in the group of Razordons to snipe squishy support heros.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Artifact – Aetherquartz Broach – Since the goal will be to stack the Old Blood’s command ability on all the carnos, his artifact will give one command point back on a 5+ for each one you spend. Statistically you should get at least one back each turn (if you are popping 3 per turn).


Canosaurs – This is where you make your money! Popping three command points from the Old Blood on this 4 dino ball of death will result in a lot of fun!

Other Units

Slann/Summoning – Slann + Balewind should produce 10/23/36/49/62 points (by round). So summon in a bastiladon turns 3 and 4…or whatever you need based on gametype.

RazordonsRazordons are there as personal protectors for he slann. They can also be used to teleport in and snipe squishy support heros

Knights – Just use them to cap objectives…. cause their lances NEVER actually cause mortals. lol


Firelance Starhost – Just to lower the drops and get a few minimal buffs. Nothing gamechanging.



In-Game Guide

Tactics – So turn 1 you should have 4 command points (2 extra from list, 1 from battalion, and 1 for the turn).

The goal will be to stack the Old Blood’s command ability on all four carnos each turn.

With each command point spent, his artifact will give one back on a 5+. I would suggest using 3 the first turn (statistically you should get one back). If you always get at least 1 back, you can continue to pop 3 command points on him each turn the entire game. 

This will give +2 attacks x 3 for each Carnosaur. If fighting a monster heavy list. use one on their claws so you make sure and get two hits to give the jaws a bonus.

Buffing up their jaws with all 3 +2 attacks should give a NASTY profile:
4 Carno Jaws – 44 attacks (4x(5+2+2+2)) at 3+/3+/-1/D3

And that’s JUST their jaws. They all still have their melee weapons and claws. Lots and lots of attacks!

Turn 1 use a command point on the slann’s command ability and make all the Carnos fly!

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