Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160)

- General

- Trait: Grotesque 

- Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm 

Daemonsmith (100)

- Darkforged Weapon

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)

- Runestaff

- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

- Allies

20 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (200)

20 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (200)

20 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (200)

12 x K'Daai Fireborn (480)

12 x K'Daai Fireborn (480)

Total: 1980 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 160 / 400

Wounds: 173


The legion of Argorh are rarely seen on tables and for the past 6 months I have set out to try and show people that they are a competitive army. I have tried several different variants of the above list and have placed 13th at the Warhammer GT final and 19 th at Blood and Glory….. Not bad for a compendium army!

The legion has a great choice of units to choose from and the above list takes advantage of some of the best units that complement each other to give you the best advantage during your games of Sigmar.
The legion is not an easy army to master and target priority and efficient trades are needed to achieve victory.

The army can defend well against alpha strike lists and in turn with correct command point use can also pull of a good first turn charge if the opportunity presents itself.

There is very little synergy in the list enabling units to run around the table independently and cause trouble for your opponent. More on how to play this list in the Gaming guide after I have talked about the make up of the list.

Allegience Ability

Blackshard Armour

The first wound that is allocated to each unit with this battle trait in each shooting phase and each combat phase is negated.

This is an excellent allegiance ability and over the course of the game has the potential to save you so many wounds. The wound is ignored after all saves have been taken, so make sure that you make the most of mystical terrain and other wound ignoring abilities before using the blackshard armour to ignore a wound.

The blackshard armour makes the Bull Centaur Taur’ruk tougher to take down as he has -2 to hit in combat and -2 to hit in the shooting phase assuming you have look out sir, then his 4+ armour, followed by ignoring the first wound he takes.

This allegiance ability means that you always lose one less dwarf and you take one less wound on the K’daai. Always remember it, if you think you will forget this ability put a token next to your units and remove the token as the first wound you lose in the shooting and then again in the combat phase. In doing this your opponent and you will see if there are multiple attackers which units have already ignored a wound. No Confusion!

Burning Skies

In the movement phase, if an enemy unit can fly and moves more than 6", roll a dice. On a 4+ the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound. On a 6+ it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead.

This is a very situational ability, great against some armies, (Nighthaunt, KO) but useless against most armies.

But don’t forget it as again over several turns this can slowly chip away at your opponent’s fast-moving flying units.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Gryph-Feather Charm – Bull Centaur Taur’Ruk

Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target the bearer. In addition, add 1 to the bearer’s move characteristic.

For the scenarios Three places of arcane power and Relocation Orb it helps to have a character with an artefact that is very hard to kill and is quick to move around the table. Giving him this artefact also lets him keep up with the K’Daai to ensure they have a hero to keep them battle shock immune or re-roll a potential failed charge.

One point to note regarding this artefact is that it is all attacks that target the bearer are -1, so remember that when your opponent chooses this as a target for its ranged attacks, combine this with look out sir to be -2 to hit on the shooting and phase, and -2 when combined with the command trait listed below in the combat phase.

Command trait


Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons that target this general.
Combine this with the feather charm and look out sir to turn your Bull into a ninja that is -2 to hit in all phases. This in combination with the black shard armour ability means your opponent will have to dedicate some real firepower to take this guy down, and they will. No one wants a hero running around with 5 attacks at -2 rend and 3 damage.

Command Ability // Command points

This army does not need command points to function. The best uses for them are making the K’Daai auto run 6, reroll charges and ignore battle shock. I tend to use the Taur’ruk to chase after the K’Daai as he is general he can use these abilities up to 12” range. If you successfully make good run rolls and long enough charges, the Taur’ruk does have a command ability but it will only affect himself.

Favour the Burning God

You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly model with this command ability. Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons by friendly Ba’hal units while they are wholly within 12" of that model until the end of that phase.

Makes the Taur’ruk a 1 bull fighting machine. Simple, easy and good for potentially doing 15 damage to a unit. You will miss some though so an average of 6 – 9 damage seems reasonable to expect especially with -2 rend.



Good little hero but with movement 4 he really needs to be placed near the front lines of your army. He also has a mortal wound shooting attack that goes off on a 2+ for D3 mortal wounds but only has a 6” range so again keep him close to the fight. If he does enter the fray he can also hold his own in combat with 2 attacks that do D3 damage at -1 rend, not bad for a wizard with a 4+ armour save!

The Demonsmith is also a caster that can cast one spell a turn. The Spell on his warscroll is why we bring this dude to the fight. His spell makes a unit -1 to hit and they can not run. What really makes this a great spell is that it has a casting range of 36”. This means you can debuff a unit and be out of that pesky dispel range with the correct placement.

The last point to note on this guy is that if you take a wound he has +1 to dispel, but with only 5 wounds this is very situational.

Bull Centuar Taur’ruk

In this list he is the general and very resilient, being that he is -2 to hit. He has the one artefact in the list and can go toe to toe with many other heroes. If he is not being used in a mission that requires him to go objective hunting his rend and damage can be used as a counter charger or can be used as a second attacker in a combined assault as his -2 to hit should keep him alive.

His profile does not degrade and if he charges his hoof attacks do D3 damage instead of the one. If you use his command ability he turns into a real combat monster as he hits on 2’s and wounds on 3’s.

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (Mark of Nurgle)

The only ally in the list, he is here for his spell, Demonic Power. This spell is cast on a 5 and lets a unit re-roll 1’s to hit, to wound and saves. When this spell is cast on the K’Daai it increases their damage output by 33%. As the K’Daai are also ethereal (ignore rend) the re-roll ones on a 5+ save is a great bonus.

The sorcerer lord also has an ability (Oracular Visions) which lets you pick a unit within 10” to re-roll saves of 1. I will often cast demonic power on one unit of K’Daai and then place this ability on the second unit.

I have given this model the mark of Nurgle, if you play a nurgle opponent some of there abilities find it hard to go off when against another nurgle model. He will also gain the abilities of the nurgle “wheel”. He can take the mark of Slannesh or Tzeentch but when playing against these armies he would gain no bonuses from having these marks.

Try not to get this guy into combat with 5 wounds and a 5+ save he wont live long. Also remember that
because he is an ally he does not get the blackshard armour ability, so n ignoring wounds!

Other Units

K’daai Fireborn

These guys are the main power house behind the list, they are fast and resilient. Having a movement of 8” with fly and run and charge they have the ability to fly over your dwarf screen up to 14” then make a charge roll, giving them an effective threat range of 26”. You can use this movement to hop over your opponent’s screens and create favourable exchanges in their backfield if they are left the space to do so

A full unit of these guys has 60 attacks, hitting on 3’s and wounding on 4’s, but the best bit is every wound is D3 damage! Unfortunately, K’Daai are based on 50mm bases so they have a huge footprint on the board that can sometimes make them hard to bring to the fight. Luckily, they have a massive 3” reach which means when you finish your charge all models within 6” of the enemy should fight. Having this 3” reach can be used effectively to fight over the top of screens, either your own or our opponents.

A full unit of 12 has 48 wounds and is immune to rend, and if they have one of the buffs from the sorcerer lord should be re-rolling ones to save. This makes them a real tank to anything that relies on rend to destroy units. However, as they only have a 5+ save weight of attacks will bring them down fast which is a problem when they are only bravery 6. Therefore, I use the Bull Centaur to baby sit them in the battle shock phase to make sure these valuable models don’t run away.

The last ability that these daemons have is called Kiss of Fire. On a 2+ at the end of the combat phase they do a mortal wound to every unit within 3”. Great for when you charge and manage to tag multiple targets. Also good for putting a mortal wound on a character that may have pilled into the fight after you have already fought.



I have gone with 3 units of 20 of these guys as my battle line, they gain no bonus for being at max strength so no need to max one unit out to 30. I use them in the list for objective holding and screening my more valuable K’Daai from being alpha struck. Those these are the shooting variety of dwarf and not the combat one, they still come with a 4+ save. Not fantastic in combat but still a respectable 4 to hit and a 4 to wound no rend damage 1 attack, but we didn’t bring these guys to fight…

The power from this unit comes from shooting, they have a fantastic rule that triggers when they role a 6 to hit in the shooting phase, as a side note this is unmodifiable! When they role this 6 it causes the opponent to take a mortal wound in addition to any other damage that the shot might cause. If the unit does not move they can also re-roll ones to hit. On average they should cause 10 mortal wounds a turn, more if you don’t move. The shots are -1 rend so will do some decent work. As the main hammer unit in this army are the K’Daai, who rely on mass attacks with no rend, its good to have this source of mortal wounds and rend in the list.

Their guns only have a 16” range and being a dwarf you only move 4” so the threat range is 20”, great on the deploy 15” on missions as you should be able to fire at something turn one, if it’s a mission where your 24” apart, its best to get them onto objectives and continue to screen the k’daai.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


All of legion of Azgorh wizards know this spell as standard, Cast on a 6 fireball is basically an arcane bolt that gets better the more models are in the enemy unit. It does 1 wound to a single model, D3 if the unit has 2-9 models and D6 wounds to a unit that’s 10+ models.

As only the Demonsmith knows this spell in the list, your more likely to be using his scroll spell, Ash Storm.

Ash Storm

The legion go to spell that all our Demonsmiths know, 36” range to put a unit at -1 to hit and unable to run. This is another spell cast on a 6+, more than likely he will try to cast this every turn, unless a realm spell really puts you at a better advantage

Daemonic Power

Every time its possible this should be cast on the K’Daai. Massively increases the damage and defensive
capabilities of any unit it is cast on.

In-Game Guide


In many games, I will use the dwarfs to screen the K’Daai and the characters. This idea can be adapted to most deployments, dwarfs at the front and everything else behind. An example of this can be seen here.

When deploying in this formation it offers protection to all your key units, with the bonus that if the Fireglaives are charged turn 1 the K’daai should be drawn into the combat and will be able to fight due to their 3” reach. Also, with the K’Daai being on 50mm they should take up most of your back board so that armies that will ambush will not find space behind your troops to deploy 9” away from your army.

What Do I do next?

So this list is 8 drops so the majority of the time I found myself going first due to my opponent having the choice and making me do so. They often do this as they think that it will waste your first turn, but infact you can use this to either push objectives if they are central on the board or possibility make a turn one charge with a buffed unit of k’Daai.

Push Objectives

To push objectives, the idea is to buff up both units of K’daai with the 2 sorcerer lord abilities, use demonic power on the side that your opponent has gone heavy on. Move up the board and keep formation, if they have units that will drop in be sure to spread the K’daai out more in the backfield so that units can not drop behind you, if they don’t have deep striking units, push the K’daai up close to dwarfs to make the most of there 3” reach and attacks. Your opponent will think twice about fighting the dwarfs if they know the buffed K’Daai will reach over and attack them back.

First turn Charge

Sometimes you will go first and only be 18” away from your opponent, you can try and throw 12-24 K’Daai at them first turn and try and pin them in their deployment. Being only 18” apart means that will a lucky run or a command point 6” run you could be 4” away from the enemy as the K’Daai move 14”.
If this strategy works your dwarfs and heroes can score the objectives and buff the K’Daai as your opponent spends valuable turns trying to kill past them so they can try and score objectives. Just remember that you also have 60 shots that will be raining down on the enemy as they fight your K’Daai.

Good Matchups

This army works excellently against low model count armies due to the number of models you bring to the board. Also anything with a poor armour save 4+, 5+ and 6+ will die when facing the K’Daai in combat. I have personally killed entire units of 30 blood letters, 40 Clan rats and 30 dryads in combat with a buffed unit of K’Daai. People will underestimate the amount of damage they can do, take advantage of this. Death is a swing army for this list, I have called it a good match up as my list does enough damage to kill out blocks of 30 reapers and 40 skeletons in one combat, with a good double turn you should be able to win these matches quite easily.

Bad Matchups

Armour saves will stop the K’Daai in their tracks, a re-rollable armour save is even worse. The new Stormcast lists seem to be a problem for this army unless you can get a good first turn charge and do some real damage before they throw the buffs up.

Daughters of Kain are also a hard match up as they have lots of attacks to bring down the K’Daai. If you can control the combats and strike first against the witches, then this match up can be won, however the multiple re-rollable saves can stop your army in its tracks.

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