Dreadblade Harrow -90

Spirit Torment -120 aetherquartz brooch

Olynder -220

Reikenor -170

Options for general:

Dreadblade allows for taking ghasts out of combat when they get stuck in with 1 model fights and let's them keep making surgical strikes.

Olynder as gegeral allows you to take advantage of MSU build.and makes it a little easier to grind after a failed shooting spree.  

3x10 chainrasp horde -240

7x4 chainghasts -980


Purple Sun- 50


I began this list looking through all of the warscrolls for models with attacks “X” with X being models in range.  

I thought chainghasts were an interesting choice, because A) they also have shooting in nighthaunt and B) they also have a reNd -2 so they can be used for hordes or armor.  

Allegience Ability

-1 bravery to enemies within 6″

6+ save while within 12″ of hero

Enemy failed battleshock heal 1 wound to a hero within 6″

Half your units can be set up to deepstrike

Unmodified charges of 10+ allow you to attack right away. (And later, in the comabt phase)

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Your general gets spectral summons command ability.  (You’ll use this often if you pick dreadblade as general)

At the start of the movement phase pick a friendly nighthaunt on field, then teleport it to your general. Wholly within 12″ of your general and 9″ from any enemy.

If you instead choose Olynder, she has the ability to return a summon able model to all NH units within 12″.  She could actually use spectral summons to return an in jured unit to her, healing it later in the game, recycling which ghasts are used for combat and which are used for shooting.

Artefacts: I like aetherquartz brooch on either dreadblade or spirit torment. Teleporting MSU could get command point hungry.


(General) Dreadblade Harrow: can keep deepstriking.   Good combination with Spectral Summons.

-Ruler of the spirit hosts

Spirit torment: chainghasts support. Reroll hits of 1 and bring back models.

Olynder: mortal wound output and chainghasts durability if she is general.


Reikenor: easy Cogs cast to change your deepstrike to charges to 7″


Other Units

3×10 chainrasp horde: battleline tax/higher body count for objectives on your side.

7×4 chainghasts: -2 rend shooting at 15″.  Harder to screen with deepstrike from 9″.

Their close combats have attacks/model in range, which works well vs hordes after they snipe the armor.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Cogs. 7+ cast.  Adds 2 to move and charge of everyone.  Reikenor has the ability to give himself plus to cast so it makes it a little more consistent to get off a 7″ charge after deepstrike.

New purple sun price on Reikenor is nice.

In-Game Guide

The plan is to set up chainghasts in reserve and remove armored targets with rend -2 and charge in and take out hordes with their close combat.  

With dreadblade Harrow you can bounce them around battlefield in later turns so you can focus heavily on one side or enemy when needed.  If you chose Olynder as general you can afford to take some hits more, but you also need to keep in mind chainghasts could get caught in combat doing very little damage against low model count units.

Secondary Objectives

Model them as undead kharadron overlords!

Honest Goblin


My Bio:


Armies I've played:


Mixed chaos

Mixed order aelves

Daughters of khaine

Mixed destruction


Live in Ohio.  

Tournaments attended:

DaBoyzGT (NY)

Midwest Meltdown (IL)

Adepticon (IL)

Rend 4 (OH)

Gaming style:

I call it Purist.  I dont care so much about painting score, TO made objectives or kill points.  I aim for 5 major victories according to the book and each army has different resources and plans to do it. I like to achieve this through different angles, which leads me to constantly be looking to make new armies.   My brothers and I jokingly called this attitude "Restarted" growing up making a new character on video games every week and never mastering any.

Event Results:

DaBoyzGT 2017: 2-2-1 can't remember major or minor

Midwest Meltdown 2018: 3-2 all majors

DaBoyzGT 2018: 3-2 all majors

Adepticon 2019: 3-2 All Majors

Rend 4: 4-1 (3rd)

Midwest Meltdown 19: 4-1 (5th)

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