Allegiance: Slaanesh
- Host: Godseekers Host
Mortal Realm: Aqshy

Keeper of Secrets (360)

- General
- Sinistrous Hand
- Trait: Hunter Supreme
- Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak
- Spell: Progeny of Damnation
Keeper of Secrets (360)

- Sinistrous Hand
- Artefact: Cameo of the Dark Prince
- Spell: Slothful Stupor
The Contorted Epitome (200)

- Lore of Slaanesh: Hysterical Frenzy
Infernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (140)

The Masque (120)

30 x Daemonettes (300)

30 x Daemonettes (300)

5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (100)

Supreme Sybarites (120)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 115


This is the list I’ve been using for a good 3 months and that I took to the Weekend Warlords 2-day tournament in Milan, Italy. I came up 11th out of 58 on a 4-1, which for my first 2-dayer is a pretty good result. Overall I was the 3rd best Slaanesh player.

Allegience Ability

Well we all know about depravity, summoning and bla bla bla. Nothing special you guys don’t know of.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Hunter Supreme is useful to give some sort of reroll to my flying Keeper since she won’t be anywhere close to the Fane during most of the game.

The Thermalrider Cloak is something I remember coming up with before the summer and thinking “Wow those ladies are already fast but we lack a way to at least partially fly over screens, so this could work really well!”. So I ended up testing it and it worked brilliantly, also seeing how it’s pretty much a staple in every list now (I swear at the moment I started using it it was nowhere to be seen).

The Cameo of the Dark Prince works brilliantly: turn 1 you use it, gain your CP and immediately sacrifice it on the Fane to have an ever rerolling to hit Keeper. Combined with the battalion, almost 100% of the time I had 4 CPs.


Kippers: locus and claws and stuff, nothing new here. They’re my main butchers, attracting attention and literally distracting (pun intended) the opponent. Big monsters scare people so it happened many times that people were more focused on taking them down rather than playing the objective game.

Epitome: the magical powerhouse. They helped so much in fishing for those sweet sweet realm spells, as well as shutting down enemy key spells. Also their “double” ASL mechanism is a good backup (Locus+their own built in ability).

Enrapturess: 1 DP per turn is good, but mostly her magic disrupting ability can really mess up magic heavy armies. Her shooting, while still unreliable, can still be useful in gaining D3 extra DPs per turn, as well as chipping off wounds on 5-wound or so heroes.

The Masque: first of all she’s fucking beautiful, and that would be enough to field her. All jokes aside she is my backup summoning beacon. She is pretty tough with her 4++ FNP. Most of the time opponents tend to ignore her while focusing on the Keepers, so she can go around supporting with a 4+ Locus where needed, or even sit on objectives in Hero objective games. But most of all if all things go down she should be alive 99% of the time to help you summon stuff back.

Other Units

Daemonettes: these ladies are for me the true stars of my list. What lacks in most modern Slaanesh lists is bodies, but here they are. Their strength sits in their capability of serving multiple tasks: unloading lots of attacks if deployed on a big front, zoning and area denying whenever you’re worried about those nasty deepstriking units, objective grabbing since they’re a whole lot and pretty damn fast, screening when worried of alpha strikes. I would never give them up for another Keeper at the time. They are my toolbox and I advise you to try them out at least once!

Hellstriders: they serve multiple tasks as well. Zoning, screening, objective grabbing. Their mobility is key, they can be a very good mobile screen, as fast as a keeper and pretty reliable, with 10 wounds on a 4+ save, 5++ MWs FNP.


Supreme Sybarites: well we all know how much we love CPs for Excess of Violence and this is our main way of generating them for the first 1 to 3 turns, or until our Keepers start dropping.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Progeny of Damnation: well we all want our Keepers healthy right?

Hysterical Frenzy: while not very easy to have going off on the Epitome because of the range restriction, giving it to them almost guarantees it going off when the range is ok.

Slothful Stupor: hard to have go off but too good not to take. Shutting down key heroes can be insanely tasty.

In-Game Guide

What I like the most about this list is it combines the punchiness of the double kipper with the bodies and usefulness of the 60 daemonettes. The list is pretty flexible thanks to the 60 ladies serving all the aforementioned tasks. Deployment depends on scenario but you always want to have the Cameo Keeper deployed within 6″ of the Fane for the Turn 1 shenanigan. Try spreading out your heroes to cover most of the board with at least a potential Locus wherever your opponent might strike. Keep your small heroes alive since they are your summoning beacons in case the two big ladyboys go down.

What I’ve sadly discovered is we do struggle against heavy shooting lists, especially on long table scenarios (thinking Thunderquake Seraphon, shooty Skaven, etc), but hey no list has a perfect solution for everything!

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed, if you have any comment or stuff you want to tell me you can hit me up at


Honest Goblin


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Event Results:

11th@Weekend Warlords 2019, 19th@Gods of War 2020