General - Lance and Tyrant Shield - Dimensional Blade


Sword and Tyrant Shield - Sword of Judgement




10 Drakespawn Knights

10 Drakespawn Knights

Drakespawn Chariot




5 Sequitors


Endless Spells

Everblaze Comet


Ebondrake Warhost


Hey, this is a list using the poor younger brothers of the Order Draconis…..the Order Serpentis. This statement holds true if you intend to play them the exact same way but I believe the Order Serpentis are more suited to an endurance playstyle which I’ll get into later.

Also you may have noticed the hamster reference above which is obviously an account of how the Horned Rat is a false god and only the Hamster God is real, all non believers shall perish like rats and dwarfs should.

Allegience Ability

Standard Order re-roll battleshock which for this army is essentially useless

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Dimensional Blade – Gives -3 rend to the dreadlords lance which at 2 damage on the charge should do work, I considered the ethereal amulet and given the tanky nature of the list may be something I revert too down the line but this gives the list a way of dealing with high armour heroes/monsters.

Sword of Judgement – Against heroes or behemoths any 6 to hit caused d6 mortal wounds and the sword wielding dreadlord has six attacks so should have legs.

Do Not Disappoint Me – Dreadlord gives re-rolls to wound for an Order Serpentis unit within 14″, on himself even this is tasty as a lot of the low volume attacks tht he and the dragon have wound on 3’s and degrade as it takes damage


Dreadlord – He’s fast, he’s tanky, the model is on a smaller base than people think so he is harder to zone out. His shield lets him re-roll all saves , which with a base 4+ means he’s difficult to shift. The dragon has the most swingy (potentially useless) breath weapon attack where you roll a dice for each member of a unit within 6″ and on a 6 they take a mortal…..Sound bad? It is! Means he can’t snipe characters the way high elf dragons can so needs to be used differently. This model excels at holding up hordes and for taking on monsters, small base and high save means you’re minimising attacks back while holding units in place. If a Serpentis guy flees near him the rest of your guys in a large bubble (14″) become immune to battleshock.

Knight-Incantor: Gives access to magic , has a dispel scroll, has a 3+ save and casts comet. Fairly standard really with allies being the only way to get magic in the list

Other Units

Drakespawn Knights – Quickish (10″) heavy cavalry, which don’t have the output elves riding dinosaurs should, with one attack a piece but they do have a 4+ save re-rolling 1/2s in combat so they can tank damage. Their horn allows them to re-roll a dice on a charge and their standard gives plus 2 bravery so they’re not shifting for fun.

Drakespawn Chariot – My least favourite unit in the game, only taken for the battalion. Has four mediocre shooting attacks and six equally mediocre melee attacks but at 80 points not terrible. The only thing in the Serpentis without re-roll saves or healing.

Hydra – Slowest Serpentis unit (8″) and gets slower as it gets hurt, the caveat is it doesn’t stay hurt as it heals 3 wounds in your hero phase. Has solid shooting and melee and it is a pain to get rid of.

Sequitors – You know them, you love them


Everything Serpentis except the non general dreadlord gets re-roll wound rolls of 1 and once per game can do a hero phase charge…..Minimises drops and gives me a second artefact

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Comet – Mainly thrown at buffing characters and far away objectives, will be considering switching it out for Emerald Lifeswarm given the nature of the list

In-Game Guide

This is a four drop list so usually gets choice, the main thing this list does is hold people up while you start wracking up points on objectives as your entire army has a 4+ save, is relatively quick and for the most part has some mechanism to last longer than a 4+ save should. Only really thing you struggle against is things that can spam mortal wounds, but its a fun and challenging army to play. I put them as mid tier but think it’s more the pilot than the army if you get beyond that

Secondary Objectives

Haven’t tried them yet

Honest Goblin