Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords
- Sky Port: Barak Urbaz
Mortal Realm: Shyish


Durrig Skyhearth (100)

Aetheric Navigator

- General

- Command Trait: Ride the Winds

- Artefact: Cyclonic Aethometer

Jorek Volleysson (90)


- Artefact: Spell in a Bottle

Durggan Thunderhook (100)

Endrinmaster with Endrinharness


10 x Arkanaut Company (90)

1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)

- Main Gun: Sky Cannon

- Great Endrinworks: Breath of Morgrim (Barak-Urbaz)

1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)

- Main Gun: Sky Cannon


Ossiarch Jackals (480)

20 x Grundstok Thunderers

3 x Endrinriggers (100)


Thrynaz-a-Mhygdal (510)

Arkanaut Ironclad

- Main Gun: Aethermatic Volley Cannon

- Great Endrinworks: Ebullient Buoyancy Aid


Grundstok Escort Wing (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Realmscourge Rupture (60)

Total: 1970 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 110

Allegience Ability

Barak Urbaz, the Market City.

Your KO units do not suffer the -1 penalty to Bravery after spending a share of Aether-Gold.

Artycle.- Your can re-roll Battleshock tests for KO units WHOLLY within your opponent’s territory

Amendment.- At the start of the battle you can assign 1D3 units to receive 1 extra share of Aether-Gold

Footnote.- Once per battle, 1 SKYFARER unit that fought in the battle phase gains 1 share of Aether-Gold… assuming said unit survived.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Aetheric Navigator (General)

Command Trait: Ride the winds.- Add 3″ to the Movement of the SKYVESSEL carrying this Navigator.

Artefact: Add 1 to the roll that determines the effect of the Aetherstorm ability.


Artefact: The Khemist can cast an endless spell (Realmscourge Rupture)

Other Units

Grundstok Gunhauler: Both armed with Sky cannons and one equipped with Breath of Morgrim (skyport requirement).

Arkanaut Ironclad: Armed with Great Volley Gun and equipped with the Ebullient Buoyancy Aid. This endrinwork allows the Ironclad to Fly High and/or Disengage even when overburdened, which means you can make full use of its 25 model capacity (as well as any hitchers) and keep a lot of its mobility.


Grundstok Escort Wing.-

The Ironclad, both Gunhaulers and the Thunderers are part of this formation. Every turn you pick an enemy unit during the Shooting phase to focus fire on, and every unit from this batallion can re-roll 1’s to hit against said unit.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Realmscourge Rupture.-

This spell causes mortal wounds to any model it passed across after it moved, as well as halving their Move characteristic.

This spell only moves forward in a straight line so there is little danger of being used against you in later turns, just be careful of your own positioning and you should be fine.

In-Game Guide

Assign the extra shares of Aether-gold to the Thunderers and Ironclad, if you rolled well, it really doesn’t matter which other unit receives the additional share, but the Arkanauts or Endrinriggers would make better use of it than the heroes.

Don’t be afraid to use your Aether-gold as your units won’t suffer the Bravery penalty thanks to the Skyport ability. Since your main damage units (Ironclad and Thunderers) benefit from the Batallion ability, use either the bonus to re-roll wounds or re-roll saves.

The main weakness of this list is the low number of units, and well over half of the points of this army is the Ironclad and its passengers (Heroes and Thunderers) so it’s best to keep them out of harm’s way as much as you can, but inside of the 18″ range in order to make the most of the Thunderers and Ironclad’s guns.

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