Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

Mortal Realm: Aqshy

Lord-Celestant on Stardrake (500)

- General

- Celestine Hammer

- Command Trait: Staunch Defender

- Artefact: Ignax's Scales

- Mount Trait: Storm-winged

Drakesworn Templar (420)

- Tempest Axe

Lord-Castellant (120)

Knight-Incantor (140)

- Spell: Azyrite Halo

Lord Kroak (430)

-> will be (320)

- Allies

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

5 x Liberators (100)

- Warhammer & Shield

Everblaze Comet (100)

Umbral Spellportal (70)

Quicksilver Swords OR Prismatic Pallisade (30)


Total: 2110 / 2000 -> will be (2000)

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 430 / 400 -> will be (320)

Wounds: 83


Table of Contents


Variation of Starcast with new Seraphon ally.

May expand on list more after Seraphon FAQ (when the dust settles).

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom

My Bio:

N.Irish guy living in Stockholm. Returned to hobby with release of AoS.

Gaming style:

Bit of a "Quickie" bit of a "Mover", touch of the "Gambler".

I like being a combo breaker. I favour smaller model count ("elite" by which I mean I paint and play slow) armies with ways to get to and take out unreachable buff sources.

Event Results:

Not so bad, not so bad. High-mid table. Rarely podium unless tournament is small.

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