Fungoid Cave Shaman

20 x Gitmob Grots

20 x Gitmob Grots

20 x Gitmob Grots

Magma  Dragon

Magma Dragon

Magma Dragon


The Magma Dragon. Fast. Killy and 20 wounds. How would it be if one had 3 of them?


That would make 60 wounds… and for each wound taken in melee you roll a dice. 4+ is mortal wound. 6s are D3 mortal wounds… Which would make it atleast 30 mortal wounds in every game!… Is this the best thing ever? Is such a thing possible? IT IS! It is possible with the following list:

Allegience Ability

one a +3 from the shaman a unit can move 6″.. might get into shooting range with a dragon that otherwhise wouldnt have.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

(Trait: Ravager to make em pile in hero phase or move 6″)

(Item: Talisman of the Watcher to give a free Mystic Shield every combat phase)


Fungoid Cave Shaman – Rerolls casts and unbinds and 2 spells once per game! yi-hoo

Other Units

Gitmobs with shields! 20 wounds that save on a 5+. hits 2″… and hits on a 4+ if you got that 20 models intact. Otherwise it’s 5+5+!

and our list… MAGMA DRAGONS!

20 wounds! and each wound taken in melee is a mortal wound back on 4+! If you roll a 6, it’s d3 mortals!

16″ move! 18″ shooting range! Roll +2 in shooting phase into something and that makes it either a d6 mortals or 2d6 mortals depending if on if the unit had 10+ models.

In-Game Guide

So having 3 dragons (or 1-2 if you want to lessen this list!) means 60 wounds.. which atleast is 30 mortals wounds spewing back into your enemy as they take damage.

You want to have them fighting and taking wounds in melee!

You also want to snipe down stuff! 30 witch aelves? Aren’t that many left when they take 6d6 mortals wounds in your shooting phase! Or perhaps some snarky hero? None of them like eating mortal wounds!


grots can stand on objectives!


So how good is it in practice?

I played 10 games with it now including tournament games and it’s like the website;

I either win hard or lose trying!

Sometimes I do up to 50-70 wounds with shooting and my -3 REND D6 attacks. Sometimes i miss all my 2+ and normal attacks. It’s just not very reliable! BUT! The mortal wounds effect on the dragons is legit. I have reliably done 10+ mortal wounds out of my 20wounds per dragon every game. Which more often then not takes out the attacking force. Which lets the grots take objectives in safety.

Honest Goblin