Allegiance: Fyreslayers

- Lodge: Lofnir

Mortal Realm: Ghyran


Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (280)

- General
- Trait: Explosive Charge
- Artefact: Ghyrstrike
- Magmadroth Trait: Coal-heart Ancient

Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (260)

- Forge Key
- Magmadroth Trait: Ash-horn Ancient
- Prayer: Prayer of Ash

Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth (260)

- Forge Key
- Magmadroth Trait: Ash-horn Ancient
- Prayer: Searing Heat

Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)

- Wyrmslayer Javelins
- Artefact: Igneous Battle-throne
- Magmadroth Trait: Coal-heart Ancient

Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)

- Wyrmslayer Javelins
- Magmadroth Trait: Coal-heart Ancient


10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (140)

- War-Picks & Slingshields

10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (140)

- Pairs of Handaxes

10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (140)

- Pairs of Handaxes


Warrior Kinband (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Runic Fyrewall (40)

Molten Infernoth (50)

Extra Command Point (50)

Total: 1980 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 2

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 130


Do you enjoy fire breathing? devastating charges? how about bleeding fire on the enemy? Well this is the list for you!

The idea of this list was to have 5 Magmadroths as a baseline to represent Lofnir, and then work on making it competitive.

The strength of this list lies in its ability to dish out an incredibly amount of mortal wounds, to both hordes and individuals whilst having decent staying power.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Mount Traits – We have taken RR1s for Magmadroths in range for the Runesmiters to assist in their role supporting the other magmadroths and reduce rend by 1 for the other Magmadroths, this combo will ensure that you are consistently saving on 3+rr1’s until the enemy attacks you with some serious rend (note, you can easily get the save of a magmadroth to 2+ by combining Prayer of Ash and the once per game ritual that EACH runesmiter can use).

Optional Artefact – Ghyrstrike was taken for the Runefather, I feel this leads to a large increase in his reliability on the table (magmadroths have a habit of whiffing rolls and it can make or break a game).

Alternatively I would suggest doubling down on the Runeson charge ability and picking up an Aetherquartz Brooch, I have tested this and it was incredibly exciting and, when it works, devastating to the opponent.


This list is all about power combos. Your 5 magmadroth heroes will make or break your game on the table.

Your power combos are:
Runefather on Magmadroth & Runesmiter on Magmadroth
2 x Runeson on Magmadroth & Runesmiter on Magmadroth

Runeson’s gain rerolls near eachother, so it is crucial to keep them close together (their damage output becomes comparable, and more consistent than that of the Runefather).

The Runefather is a sufficient threat when combined with a Runesmiter for buffs that he operate as a pair.

Other Units

Vulkite Berserkers are taken as they are surprisingly good at holding objectives, as well as killing when buffed (I actually put my paired axes up front, with rr wounds buff when fighting Nighthaunt).


Warrior Kinbad – This is primarily to reduce drops, gain an artefact etc. But it can be useful in edge cases where you want to use the VB fight on death again if the enemy did not kill the squad in the first lot of combat.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Runic Fyrewall – This ability has 2 purposes, it can provide a nice source of rr1’s to save for any of your units in range, however, you will primarily use this for blocking pathways to flank your army, stopping enemies getting to objectives or blocking LoS.

Molten Infernoth – This has a large base and can be used to force hordes to walk around it (in a similar manner to the wall, but mobile), it is also a source of mortal wounds, note, it does damage to all enemy units within 3″, not just a single target.

In-Game Guide

This list is very scenario/match-up dependent in how its played to maximise its effects, but you are primarily trying to hold ground with the VB’s whilst using the Magmadroths to engage the enemy.

Given we start the match with 3 command points it is crucial to ensure that YOU are the one charging, using the Runeson’s Molten Battering Ram to maximise mortal wound output on the magmadroths (hordes will often be firebreathed until they are in tatters, and then your battering ram charges will be able to hit the more tasty targets behind).

I would highly recommend using AoS Reminders with this list, as I myself am guilty of forgetting things like the once per game +1 save ritual from the Runesmiters, or the tail attacks that all magmadroths perform at the end of combat, and remember the volcanic blood when you take damage! this can often break an opponent who was otherwise able to deal with your Lava Lizards.

As a final note, good luck and enjoy the list, I have not had a single opponent who did not enjoy the prospect of having 5 monsters bearing down on them!

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom

My Bio:

From the UK, based in Vancouver, BC just in time to get back into AoS.

I can generally be found picking out 'underdogs' and trying to make them perform at a competitive level.

Gaming style:

Heavily focused on Cavalry lists - Generally prefer to make a fun this and then work towards making it competitive rather than making the best list possible.

Event Results:

Best General - Attack-X - IJ (Bloodtoofs)

4th place - Kippers Melee - KO (Mhornar Infantry)

Second Overall - WetCoast - IJ (Gorefist)

2nd place - Attack-X - FS (5 Droths)

3-2 - Kippers - IJ (Gorefist)