Allegiance: Skaventide


Verminlord Warpseer (260)

Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (180)

  • General , w/ Liber Bubonicus & Master of Rot and ruin

Verminlord Corruptor (260)

  • w/ sword of judgement 

Grey Seer (120)

Lord of Blights (140)


20 x Clanrats (120)

- Rusty Spear

20 x Clanrats (120)

- Rusty Spear

20 x Clanrats (120)

- Rusty Spear

40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades- Icon of Pestilence - Doom Gongs

40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades- Icon of Pestilence - Doom Gongs


Congregation of Filth (160)


Vermintide (40)

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This list is a combat buff Plague Monk strategy that will make other combat heavy armies and hordes weep. 

With 2 Plague Priest prayers rerolling you are likely to get off at least 1 if not both in your hero phase and you greatly increase the odds of your great plagues going off with all your rerolls. You want to buff up the Plague Monks as much as possible, and yes they will all die, but not before deleting whatever you send them at. You have great support heroes with backup abilities to keep the party train running if units start falling too soon. You have 60 Clanrats to use as screens, flankers, or objective grabbers while you take care of their big nasty units. Your Verminlord Corruptor is an absolute machine with the Sword of Judgement against Heros/Monsters. You shouldn’t have a problem with CPs as you have 2 Masterclan units to gain some back. The Greyseer on foot has access to amazing spells like DEATH FRENZY! So use it often. The Warpseer can stop flying and 1/2 movement always great. 

There are flaws in the list, you can’t have everything, but I opted for redundancy as you need BS immunity and ways to get your combat buffs off on the Plague Monks.

Is this list THE list? Idk, but I think it’s got potential.

Allegience Ability

Skaventide allegiance

So you get the great plagues on the priest on the furnace and on the Warpseer and Greyseer a 5+ regain a CP.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

You get two artifacts:

  1. The Sword of Judgement on the Verminlord Corruptor. His ability procs on a 6 to hit and so does the sword. Dealing D6 MW on any hero or monster he’s up against. Considering he has 10 attacks he’s your Hero/Monster beatstick.
  2. Liber Bubonicus is on the furnace to allow the priest to pray twice. And with his command trait Master of Rot and Ruin, he can reroll those two prayer attempts. 



I know I’m not taking the rerolling saves or the 5++ save, but I think he’s great for casting and is survivable on his own as is. Just don’t play fast and loose with him. Remember he is your BS immunity back up. He’s a support piece and not your beatstick. 


Congregation of Filth

This is mostly to give you the second artifact. It’s cheapish and you were taking the two units of Monks and the Furnace anyways. The bonus effect is the gravy ontop.


You need to add in a Lord of Blights to give one of your Plague Monk units -2 to hit from shooting and -1 to hit them in melee for 1 CP! At 140 points that’s a great value.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

I have 40 points left over so I added in Vermintide, but you could swap it out for the bell if you think you’ll need more BS immunity. But I think the furnace and the Warpseer have enough. If you want more starting CP you can drop the endless spell.

In-Game Guide

Push it forward, pray (literally), cover the middle with Plague Monks and plagues while your 3×20 Clanrats take and hold edge objectives. Your Verminlord fights their big scary Hero/Monsters, your furnace is int he middle of the board granting BS immunity. Plague monks flank either side of the furnace. Your greyseer and Warpseer go wherever is needed, possibly to a flank with some clanrats, or keep them behind the Monks in case the furnace dies (which it will be a big target).

Secondary Objectives

You put your 60 Clanrats on anything important. you destroy stuff with the monks.

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