Allegiance: Ironjawz

- Mortal Realm: Aqshy

- Warclan: Ironjawz


Orruk Megaboss (150)

- General

- Command Trait : Brutish Cunning

- Artefact : Thermalrider Cloak

Orruk Warchanter (110)

- Warbeat : Get 'Em Beat

Orruk Warchanter (110)

- Warbeat : Fixin' Beat

Orruk Warchanter (110)

- Warbeat : Fixin' Beat

Orruk Warchanter (110)

- Warbeat : Get 'Em Beat

Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (110)

- Artefact : Great Green Visions
- Lore of the Weird : Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork


6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320)

- Jagged Gore-hackas

6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320)

- Jagged Gore-hackas

6 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (320)

- Jagged Gore-hackas

3 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (160)

- Jagged Gore-hackas

Gorefist (130)


Extra Command Point (50)





Table of Contents


This is an alphastrike list composed mostly of Gore Gruntahs (GG) designed to plow into your opponents army regardless where they are on the table in turn 1 and churn out 120-90 wounds in the first turn. I placed 4th in a 3 round 36 player tourney with it. 

This list uses and abuses the Gore Fist Battalion rule that every model in the battalion gets a free hero phase move in the first turn. This is key in two parts, Great green hand of Gork and adding up a 27″ move in the first turn. You will also be giving your Megaboss a flying Cloak to be in the right position to give as many Gore Gruntahs as possible the Big Waagh buff in turn 1.


In-Game Guide

During Deployment you will place the battalion mini-big boss in the unit of 3, this makes it easier to get the bigger units of 6 within 18 inch of him at the start of turn 1 when deploying as it is required to get the free movement in the first Hero Phase. Place your Megaboss with flying cloak in the middle of your army as close to the starting line as possible. Make sure there is a Warchanter near every unit of GG and place your mage within 24″ of a x6 GG unit you intend to teleport. This unit should also be on the starting line as you still want to be as far forward as possible in case your teleport does not go off. 

You will begin your first turn with 3 command points and your Megaboss gets to use Mighty Destroyers once per turn for free. 

In the first turn you roll your Mage Great Green Visions to get a command point. You want either a command point or a great green hand of gork to ensure all of your Gore Gruntahs are plowing into the enemy in turn 1. 

Then use all 4 Warchanters to place their damage +1 buff on every single unit of GG. You have 4 warcasters and 4 units of GG’s. 

Next try to cast the Great Green Hand of Gork to teleport a x6 unit of GG. Place them 9″ away from your ideal target you want to absolutely destroy. The spell says you can not move in the normal movement phase BUT it does not say you can’t move in the Hero Phase! Your battalion buff says units in the Gore Fist get a free move in the Hero phase, use it to pull up to 3″ away from your target. Due to a +1 to charge universal Ironjawz rule this makes your charge unfailable.

Then use characters and every single command point you have to push GG units ahead 9″ in the hero phase.

Then use Brutal Cunning on the Megaboss with flying cloak to move him in the hero phase 8″ Forward. Your goal is to have him in position to declare waagh and affect as many GG as possible. If you did not get the extra command point from the mage relic and did not get the teleport to work you have 2 choices, either use brutal cunning to move the Megaboss into a position to give the big waagh to GG or move the x3 gore gruntahs depending on what your personal game looks like. 

Then move the rest of your GG units that have not moved yet in the Hero phase with their free Gore Fist Battalion Move. 

In the Hero phase you have now moved your GG’s 9″ with Mighty Destroyers and 9″ with Gorefist Battalion free move. So far you are 18″ past the 12″ starting line. 6″ to go!

Now the Movement Phase;

Run with all of your Warchantahs to get them as close to your GG’s as possible or capture backfield objectives as needed. You will want one with Get em beat near your Megaboss. 

Move your GG’s in the normal movement phase (can’t move teleported unit but they should be 3″ away from enemy anyways). That will put you a total of 27″ past the 12″ starting line, for a grandtotal of 39″ into a 48″ table. Unless your opponent is congo-lining the back edge you should be within 3″ of them with every GG unit with a few inches to spare for more unfailable charges.

Move your Megaboss with his flying 8″ move (16″ past 12″ starting line). His job is to get into an ideal position to declare the Big Waaagh! so if you have to run to get in position do so, if not he can try to get a charge off with the help of the Get’em beat. Do understand that GG have large bases and you would rather have GG in base contact with your enemy than your Megaboss and you don’t want the Megaboss crowding out GG’s. But if there is room sling him in there with the Get’em beat. More important is getting lots of GG’s with the +1 attack for rider and mount. 

In the Charge phase declare Waaagh, roll your charges and try to get as many boars into contact as possible, roll your impact hits and then pick the unit with the most buffs and the highest potential to destroy an enemy as possible as you want to activate smash and bash to activate another unit of GG’s and go right down the enemy lines before they can activate any of their units.

A unit of 6 GG can easily destroy 2 units of screen if you charge right between them, 3 GG into one screen and 3 GG into another. This one unit can destroy screens and then smash and bash another unit to consolidate 3″ into the no longer screened unit to destroy the sweet meat hidden within. 

You should have 3 units of x6 Gore Gruntahs swinging between 18-24 attacks that hit on 2’s, wound on 2’s, -1 rend with 2″ reach doing 2 damage and 24-30 Boar attacks hitting on 3’s, wounding on 3’s, no rend doing 2 damage and 1 unit of 3 GG swinging 9-12 times from the rider doing 2 dmg on 2’s/2’s -1 rend and 12-15 boar attacks on 3’s/3’s doing 2 dmg. 

A unit of x6 GG can easily do 30-40 wounds to an enemy, pick up entire units of plague monks or any other target in the game short of Grotek.

You can easily push an opponent off their own objective and you can have a castled up army literally pinned on their end of the table in turn 1 and they have to spend all their efforts fighting to hold their objectives leaving your characters to pick up objectives in the back. If your enemy pops up in the back half send your flying Megaboss back there in turn 2 to clean up.

Now understand there are limitations. You will not beat anything with a 3+ rerollable save (OBR)or a 2+ rerollable save (eels) just by face diving into it. You will have to use advanced tactics. 

Typically this list will faceroll an elite list with very few screens (Sylvaneth) and most enemies can be defeated in the first turn merely by targeting all of your army to plow into half of another army leaving them at a 50% deficit right off the bat. 

Have fun plowing the road!

Honest Goblin