Allegiance: Big Waaagh!
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Wurrgog Prophet (160)

- General
- Command Trait: Great Hunter
- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint
- Lore of the Savage Beast: Squiggly Curse
Wardokk (80)

- Lore of the Savage Beast: Bone Krusha
Wardokk (80)

- Lore of the Savage Beast: Breath of Gorkamorka
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (110)

- Lore of the Weird: Brain-busta
Orruk Warchanter (110)

- Artefact: Blade of Endings
- Warbeat: Killa Beat

10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)

- 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers
- 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers
10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)

- 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers
- 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers
10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)

- 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers
- 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers
20 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (240)

Rogue Idol (400)

Ardfist (120)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Malevolent Maelstrom (10)

Purple Sun of Shyish (50)

Suffocating Gravetide (20)

Umbral Spellportal (70)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 145


This is a themed army list I use based around maximizing spellcasting. While perhaps not as optimal as a Kunnin’ Rukk or a more Ironjawz-heavy list, it occurred to me I could get the Wurgog Prophet to cast as many as FOUR spells per turn with +4 to his casting rolls (Or three spells per turn with as much as a +6 to casting) without Balewind Vortex or Chronomatic Cogs, making him a very potent contender against all but the most wizard-centric armies.

Allegience Ability

The Big Waaagh’s allegiance ability, of course, is all about making use of the WAAAGH points you generate. Most of the time, you’ll be spending your WAAAGH points on Zap ‘Em to get those bonuses to casting rolls.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Wurgog Prophet

For our general, the Wurgog Prophet, there are a few options as far as your Command Traits and Artefacts go:

  • Fuelled by the Spirits Mystic Waaagh! Paint – This is my preferred set up, as it gives your Wurgog Prophet the opportunity to cast as many spells as Lord Kroak. The drawback? The fourth spell you get from Mystic Waaagh! Paint is totally random. This is less reliable than dropping the extra random spell for a bonus to casting, but it’s great fun.
  • Fuelled by the Spirits Mork’s Boney Bitz – This setup sacrifices your random fourth spell per turn for an extra +1 to casting (+2 if there are at least 2 monsters within 24″). Probably the most optimal, even without relying on the bonus from being near monsters, as your spells per turn will be very hard to unbind.
  • Master of the WeirdMystic Waaagh! Paint – You’re left at three spells per turn, with the last one being random. Your only advantage here is that you also gain a bonus to unbinding/dispelling. Perhaps something to consider against other magic-heavy lists.
  • Master of the WeirdMork’s Boney Bitz – Only two spells per turn, but +2 to casting (+3 when near monster) and a +1 to casting/unbinding if you really want to push out those two spells from your general.

Second Artefact

If you’re using a battalion, you could use whatever caster artefact you don’t take for the Wardokks (or the Shamanic Skullcape for the Weirdnob Shaman), or you could give something to your Warchanter to give him a little more staying power or damage. Thematically speaking, my orruk army hails from Shyish, so I tend to swap between the Blade of Endings or the Ethereal Amulet


In addition to the Wurgog Prophet, always take at least 1 Wardokk to generate +1 to casting with his dancin’. I try to split my supplementary casters between Bonesplitterz wizards and Ironjawz wizards so I can access both spell lores. 

Additionally, it’s good to have at least one general to stay with your front line to keep them in range for command abilities. Fortunately, many of the battalions one would use to build a front line with auto-include a hero.

Other Units

Two words:

Rogue. Idol.

The idol is an absolute beast to deal with, dishing out tons of stomps while shrugging off damage, not to mention the bonus to casting for your wizards. At his best, he’ll be the cornerstone of your front line. At worst, he’s a great distraction carnifax that punishes the enemy for focusing him.


I use a battalion to fulfill battleline requirements and create a front line of troops. I choose an ‘Ardfist because they’re an incredibly reliable tarpit to trap enemies in, but theoretically one could move things around and use most of the other battalions, or forgo a battalion to get an extra unit in.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

The main endless spell that I recommend taking is the Umbral Spellportal. You’ll have an easier time positioning predatory spells, and will be able to keep your wizards in a safer position.

If you want to go totally nuts, give your Wurgog Prophet the Balewind Vortex and Chronomatic Cogs and bust out 5 or 6 spells per turn. (Note: you may lose friends doing this)

Personally, I tend to take the Shyish spells to keep with the theme I have for my army, but it’s really up to you for what kind of spells you want.

Honest Goblin