Allegiance: Beasts Of Chaos
- Greatfray: Gavespawn
Mortal Realm: Ulgu

Mojgorox (90)

- General
- Trait: Unravelling Aura
- Artefact: Sword of Judgement

Dragon Ogor Shaggoth (180)

- Artefact: Mutating Gnarlblade
- Lore of Dark Storms: Hailstorm

Great Bray Shaman (100)

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns

Tzaangor Shaman (180)

- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Tendrils of Atrophy

30 x Bestigors (300)

20 x Bestigors (240)

40 x Ungors (200)

- Mauls & Half-Shields
10 x Ungors (60)

- Mauls & Half-Shields

1 x Tuskgor Chariots (60)

6 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (280)

Desolating Beastherd (150)

Endless Spells
Doomblast Dirgehorn (60)

Wildfire Taurus (100)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 156


The idea of the list is to make your opponent deploy weirdly (using the Beastlord in Ambush), stick back and flank with the Bestigors. Get your horn out early and watch the world burn. 
The list has the numbers, the hitting power and eventual staying power. Pick your fights wisely!

Allegience Ability

Herdstone is probably the best terrain in the game, growing aura of -1 to save! Just don’t play Nighthaunt… 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

So The Sword of Judgement on Beastlord in ambush will make sure your opponent castles up, he can squeeze into tight gaps, use re rolls and generally be a horrible pain in the butt. The Mutalating Gnarlblade on the Shaggoth is just a pain dealer, having this dude slowly going up board could sandwich units out. First thing to summon in this list is a Chaos Spawn, run out of points but sacrificing 2 goats turn 1, who cares, bring him on, put a couple of attacks on a unit of charging Bestigor? 5 attacks each -1 Rend!


Mojgorox, the Beastlord is purely an ambushing Hero killer, if your opponent castles, bring him on in your territory and bide your time. Don’t get him killed until he has done his thing.

Shaggoth is the Wizard Debuff Tank that can pack a huge punch.

The spells will make your opponent want to stay clear of terrain and another -1 to save from the Tzaangor Shaman is just something else to annoy and destroy.

Other Units

The main threat in this list is the Bestigor, these are your big attackers, you need to be charging these in, they can move like the wind but don’t let them get caught out in the open. 

The Enlightened should be kept behind the Ungor, advance to 40 Ungor up and protect the middle of the board, keep the Enlightened behind them so they can counter strike when they get within 3″, these will melt anything away when they get their rerolls.


The Desolating Beastherd is just cool, especially on Bestigor sheer number of attacks. Basically if your in enemy territory with a unit and you roll natural 6 to hit, it counts as 2 hits.



Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

The Dirgehorn is so good, throw it out and watch the aura grow, before you know it, the enemy is at a -1 to hit disadvantage, I like to then keep enlightened around it to protect them a little more.

The Bull, when done right will turn a losing game into a winning one. Just hope it doesn’t turn on you later in game….

Honest Goblin

United Kingdom