This list is designed to be as all-comer as possible. It uses spells for defense, the banshees’ unbinds for control, and command abilities for offense.

The main focus is to use the Grimghast Reapers and Bladegheist Revenants to control the flow of battle and the Myrmourn Banshees for threat removal. However, you can use the Vampire Lord and Knight of Shrouds‘ abilities to turn any of the units into a Bully.

Allegience Ability

Battle Traits (come with Nighthaunt Allegiance)

Aura of Dread: -1 Bravery to enemy units while w/in 6″ of friendly Nighthaunt.

Deathless Spirits: 6+ Damage Prevention roll while wholly w/in 12″ of friendly NHNT Hero.

From the Underworlds They Come: Half your units can be setup in reserve and can deepstrike at the end of your movement phase.

Feed on Terror: Heal 1 wound to friendly NHNT hero w/in 6″ of an enemy unit that failed BS test.

Wave of Terror: A unit can attack immediately in the charge phase on an unmodified charge roll of 10+.

Command Ability (comes with Nighthaunt Allegiance)

Spectral Summon: At the start of the movement phase pick a friendly NHNT unit on field, then teleport it to your general, wholly within 12″ of your general and 9″ from any enemy.

This is combines nicely with the Dreadblade Harrow‘s Phantasmal Discorporation ability. Teleport him somewhere else on the board and spend a command point to bring another unit with him.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Command Trait

Ruler of the Spirit Hosts: At the start of the hero phase, return D3 slain models to a summonable NHNT unit w/in 9″ of the general.

This is a good choice because it doesn’t have the wholly within requirement AND it’s D3 models, not wounds. So the Dreadblade Harrow can teleport, bring a unit with him, and keep them alive. This synergizes well with the Vampire Lord‘s Deathly Invocation ability.

Command Abilities

Vampire Lord: +1 Attack to friendly Death unit w/in 15″ at the start of the hero phase.

This ability is superior to the Knight of Shrouds on Steed‘s because this lasts until your next hero phase, as opposed to being just in the combat phase.

Knight of Shrouds: +1 to Hit Splash Buff to friendly NHNT units wholly w/in 12″ at the start of the combat phase.

This is best used on Grimghasts or Banshees to make them hit on 3’s.


Ethereal Amulet on the Vampire Lord to make him more survivable by ignoring rend.


Dreadblade Harrow: General, Support Unit

Can deepstrike every turn with its ability. As the general, it can use Spectral Summons to reposition a unit. This increases the army’s mobility, allowing you to have more flexible tactics and adapt to your opponent or the battleplan.

Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern: Wizard, Buff Unit

Gives a +1 to Wound Splash Buff to friendly NHNT wholly w/in 9″.

Spectral Lure – Heal D6 wounds or return D6 ‘wounds worth’ of models. This is best used on your largest units.

Shademist – Cast on a Nighthaunt unit wholly w/in 12″. Enemy units are -1 to Wound against that unit.

Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass: Wizard, Support Unit

The Mortality Glass limits enemy charge rolls to 1 dice while w/in 9″ of this model.

Temporal Translocation – Give a friendly NHNT unit wholly w/in 24″ and make a 6″ normal move with it in the hero phase.

Soulcage – Pick a visible enemy w/in 12″ of the caster. Until your next hero phase, that unit can’t attack until all other eligible units have attacked.

Knight of Shrouds: Buff Unit, Force Multiplier

Gives a +1 to Hit Splash Buff to friendly NHNT units wholly w/in 12″ at the start of the combat phase.

Vampire Lord: Wizard, Buff Unit, Force Multiplier

Heals 1 wound if it kills anything at the end of the combat phase.

Once per battle in the hero phase, it can use it’s Chalice and heal D6 wounds.

In the hero phase it can pick three different summonable units w/in 12″ and heal D3 wounds or return D3 ‘wounds worth’ of models to each one.

Spend a command point and give +1 Attack to a death unit w/in 15″ until your next hero phase.

Put all this together with the Ethereal Amulet and you have a very tanky hero that buffs your army better than the KoS on steed does.

NOTE: Since this hero is not Nighthaunt, it does not get the Deathless Spirits save or give it to your army.

Other Units

(30) Grimghast Reapers: battleline, Objective grabber, tarpit, distraction piece, unit killer, weight of dice

Re-roll hit rolls against units w/ 5+ models. So they’re better at killing units than heroes.

You can use this unit as an aggro piece as well. Use their reputation to distract your opponent.

(20) Bladegheist Revenants: Elite threat unit, utility piece, objective grabber, tarpit, weight of dice

2 attacks per model; 3 attacks if they charge.

Can retreat and charge in the same turn; so they should never be locked in an unfavorable combat for more than one turn.

2 x (12) Myrmourn Banshees: threat unit, Debuff Unit

Can unbind a spell w/in 18″; getting +1 to unbind per 4 models. So a unit of 12 gets +3 to unbind. If they succeed, they get +1 Attack until your opponent’s next hero phase.

They can also dispell one Endless spell in your turn. If they do, take D3 mortal wounds but get +1 Attack until your next hero phase.

They are a good answer to elite casters like Arkhan or Nagash and, with Rend -2 and D3 damage each, this unit is the primary target for the Vampire Lord. They can be utterly terrifying with 3 Attacks each.

2 x (10) Chainrasp Horde: Battleline and bodies for home objectives.


Vampire Lord

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

See the Heroes section for spell descriptions.

Honest Goblin