Allegiance: Khorne
- Slaughterhost: The Goretide


Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)

- General
- Axe
- Trait: Hew the Foe
- Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc

Bloodstoker (80)

Bloodsecrator (120)

- Banner of Khorne (Artefact)

: Banner of Wrath

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh


10 x Blood Warriors (200)

- Goreaxe & Gorefist
- 1x Goreglaives

10 x Blood Warriors (200)

- Goreaxe & Gorefist
- 1x Goreglaives

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes


6 x Mighty Skullcrushers (320)

- Bloodglaives

5 x Skullreapers (180)

- Goreslick Blades

5 x Skullreapers (180)

- Goreslick Blades


Gore Pilgrims (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs

Hexgorger Skulls (40)

Wrath-Axe (60)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 140

Allegience Ability

The Goretide

  • Ability – Tireless Conquerors: You may re-roll wound rolls of 1 for attacks made by melee weapons by friendly Goretide Moral units wholly within 12″ of an objective marker. Handy bonus, especially in battleplans with a  lot of objectives. blood warriors suffer from having only a 4+ to wound, so rerolling those 1’s can come in quite handy, as they will do most of your objective holding.

Blood Tithe – Rewards

  • Bloody Exemplar: 1 Point. Gain a command point. Pretty straight forward, but you probably want to use the other options.
  • Spelleater Curse: 2 Points. Choose this reward immediately after a WIZARD has cast a spell anywhere on the battlefield; it is automatically unbound. You may not choose this reward after having attempted to unbind the spell. Made for that one moment where your opponent just rolls super hot.
  • Murderlust: 3 Points. Select a Khorne unit from your army; that unit can move as if it were the movement phase. If it is within 12″ of an enemy model, it can either move as if it were the movement phase or charge as if it were the charge phase. This ability is great, and key to learn using if you play BoK. You can avoid getting punished by a double turn by using his ability to position your units in the right place when you were set up for your turn.
  • Apocalyptic Frenzy: 4 Points. Select a Khorne unit from your army that is within 3″ of an enemy model; that unit can immediately pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. another great ability, and actually only 3 blood tithe because you probably will kill that unit. Use this to finish off those units you are in combat with so your unit is free without having to retreat. 
  • Brass Skull Meteor: 5 Points. Pick a single unit anywhere on the battlefield; that unit immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds. In addition, roll a dice for each unit within 8″ of the unit you picked; on a roll of 3 or more, the unit being rolled for suffers a mortal wound. If the roll is a 6, the unit takes D3 mortal wounds instead. Useful ability if you want to finish off that unit you cannot see anymore.

Bood Tithe – Summoning

The ones I am interested in using are the 5 or 10 flesh hounds and of course the bloodthirster.

One key thing to remember is, as tempting as it is, don’t try and save the points for the bloodthirster. You gotta use those points, some key movement or attack can win you the game, summoning a bloodthirster will not guarantee that sadly. Always look out for those moments.  

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities


Thronebreaker’s Torc

Because we take The Goretide, we automatically have to take this artifact. Thronebreaker’s Torc lets us ignore modifiers when making save rolls for attacks that target this model. I put this on my Daemon prince. It makes him even more survivable then he already is. As I want to throw him in my opponents face, being that bit more survivable is key.

Banner of Wrath

As I am taking a battalion, I can choose a second relic. The banner of Wrath makes my bloodsecrator a scary damage dealer as well because it allows him to, on a 4+, deal D3 mortal wounds on enemy units within 8″. Since he is in the middle of the battle giving everyone bonus attacks, he might as well get some(suprising amount) mortal wounds in while being there! If you prefer another artefact over this, you can swap it out as this is not an essential one for the list. I am still experimenting with what I like the most, and this is the one right now.

Command Traits

Hew The Foe

Basic ability that gives your general an extra damage on his melee weapons. the only character that I really use in combat is the Daemon prince so I gave it to him. making his axe damage 3 really makes him even stronger in combat, as well as the malefic talons damage 3! Your opponent has to deal with him.

Command Abilities

Ever Onwards

Basically, for one command point, you can make a unit of blood warriors or blood reivers run 6″and they can run and charge. Great ability since we have 2 units of blood warriors  and a unit of reivers. You got to be careful when and where you use it though because when you see that tempting charge, you might just run out of all your buffing auras and suddenly you don’t hit that hard anymore. Great ability against shooting armies to tie up key units. we still really struggle against them though.


Slaughter priests

Slaughter priests are an auto-include in any Khorne force. They can do a lot of things for your army and can cast 2 prayers (one from their warscroll and one from the other ones in the battletome) and cast a judgment of Khorne! I chose the 2 blood blessings Killing Frenzy and Bronzed flesh.

Killing frenzy: On a 4+ re-rollable near the Altar, you give a unit wholly within 16″ a +1 to hit. Speak for itself. A great buff for nearly every unit in your army.

Bronzed flesh: On a 4+ re-rollable near the Altar, you give a unit wholly within 16″ a +1 to save. Great ability to get those mighty skullcrushers to a 2+ save or make those blood warriors a bit more survivable. 

Blood Boil: this is a warscroll one, on a 4+ re-rollable near the Altar, you deal D6 mortal wounds to a unit within 16″. You can do this with both your priests in one turn, yikes.

Blood bind: another warscroll prayer, on a 4+ re-rollable near the Altar, an enemy unit within 16″ and not within 3″ of any friendly models, moves X” to the closest friendly model, where X is the number you rolled on your prayer roll. This is also a situational one but can be handy to make that charge easier or to pull units off objectives and stuff.

Judgments will be covered later.


Another auto-take in Khorne lists. this guy gives friendly units wholly within 16″ +1 attack! on top of that, wizards within 16″ have to reroll successful casting rolls. And the artifact that we gave him makes him deal mortal wounds, Khorne loves it. With the gore pilgrims battalion, we make his auras even bigger while the slaughter priests are around, which makes him even better.


This dude is great in a Goretide list. He can give a mortal unit +3″ on your run AND charge. Since you can run and charge with some units, that is just 6″ of free movement right there, you are welcome. On top of that, he gives that unit a reroll to wound as well, yes please!

Slaves to darkness Daemon prince

This guy is our beatstick in the hero pool. We give him the mark of Khorne (of course), load him up with a relic and some traits and he is ready to claim some skulls. He is very mobile, deals a lot of damage and his command ability is amazing. when activated, enemy units within 18″ have to halve their run and charge rolls! this can really slow down the enemy plans and gives you some more room to take over the battlefield. for 210 points, this dude is a steal and a much-needed killy character in my list.

Other Units

Blood warriors

You have 2 units of 10. These guys with the right buffs can be pretty strong and very hard to shift. With 2 wounds apiece, a 4+ save (that can get to a 3+ with bronzed flesh), they are pretty resilient. Another great feature is that they will do some good damage for sure. They do mortal wounds when they roll 6s on their save thanks to their Gorefists, and with their “No Respite” rule they can pile in and attack before they die. These guys give you some board control while being able to hold objectives like a champ. With the right buffs they can actually do some decent damage, but that’s not where you should rely on if you need damage. 


Damn, these guys are strong. You have 2 units of 5, throw them at a unit. Congrats, you blended that unit. You do mortal wounds on unmodified 6s, but if you attack a unit of 5 or more models, you can reroll all hit rolls. Let’s get fishing for those sixes! Combine that with the reroll all wounds from the Bloodstoker, extra attacks from bloodsecrator and you have yourself a blender. I was thinking about taking a blob of 10, but 2 of 5 gives me more options, as well as more blood tithe! I found out that I don’t really have to buff up these guys to do work, so I rather use the buffs on things like the blood warriors or the Mighty sullcrushers.

Blood Reivers

A little unit of 10, because of the battalion. Use these guys for screening out some stuff or as chaff to throw at your opponent. They can do surprising damage if you don’t expect it, but don’t count on them. Blood tithe point as well!

Mighty Skullcrushers

These guys are great. they are really tanky (for Khorne standards) and can pump out a really big amount of mortal wounds. try to make sure that these guys won’t get charged, otherwise, their murderous charge ability is wasted. But man, when you can charge a unit of 6, they can do D3 mortal wounds on a 2+, per model! i use them as a big brick for your opponent to shift, with bronzed flesh on them. try to use the mortal wounds on units with great saves.


Gore pilgrims

this battalion consists of my slaughter priests, the blood secrator, 2 units of blood warriors and a unit of reivers. 

What it does is it gives my secrator more range when my priests are nearby, which is amazing. It also gives me access to a command point, a relic, and fewer drops.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


Hexgorger skulls

These things are pretty much an auto-include in your army. it gives some really good anti-magic power, as well as some board control. you can use them to move-block your opponent. for 40 points, it will give your opponent a really hard time.

Wrath axe

What is not to love? a big axe that deals mortal wounds and debuffs your opponent. try to throw it at your opponent as much as you can. And I don’t mean throw the model guys…

In-Game Guide

Use your blood warriors to grab objectives and to protect your other units. the skullreapers can deal with hordes, your skullcrushers will take the big boys, so will your daemon prince. try to get them in blood boil range and always check your buffing ranges. you dont want to run out of them!

You are going to struggle against shooting armies. As most of our characters are pretty squishy, they will try to snipe them. Try to use the look-out-sir rule as much as possible. Also tie up their units in combat, that way they won’t be able to shoot your characters. really play for the objectives, as you always should do.

Honest Goblin


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