Daniel Ford Khorne - Allegiance:  Blades of Khorne


Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrathhammer (100)

- General-Killing Frenzy-Berzerker Lord

Bloodsecrator (140)

Brazen Rune

Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80)

Gryph feather charm


30 x Bloodletters (320)

- Gore Drenched Icon

30 x Bloodletters (320)

- Gore Drenched Icon

30 x Bloodletters (320)

- Gore Drenched Icon

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)

5 x Flesh Hounds (100)


Murderhost (220)






  • Murderhost is a very agro list, you generally lose 70-90% of your army.
  • Not for players that get frustrated by removing their own models, if this is you, then sorry this army is not for you.
  • If you want to learn about other armies pro’s and con’s at the table then play this army.( more below )
  • My Murderhost has 5 Warscrolls :Very low warscroll count , this is part of the reason it win sometimes.
  • No spells
  • No shooting
  • Just the hero phase, movement and combat.
  • Warscrolls which are very simple to use,
  • Simple deployment
  • It has an Alpha strike,
  • Deals out Mortal wounds
  • 6 unbinds
  • 1 automatic table top unbind.
  • ALL Players know that you can be at a disadvantage if the dice go the wrong way

  • But

  • You can lose a game by making a single mistake or compound it by trying to correct it.

  • IE On Deployment,

  • unit’s attacking order,

  • movement of a unit etc

  • This army will smash into the opponent army and win if your opponent make ‘that’ deployment error, which you are looking for at setup.

  • The opponent from this point ( has lost a lot of his models ) will be mental shaken, if not even before.

  • They know they are going to lose models and have their magic shutdown for the first turn at least.

  • Because Murderhost only has a few warscrolls you only have to think about your opponent warscrolls and abilities, so when they make mistakes its ‘very’ clear to Murderhost player.

  • I generally tell my opponents that my turn one is a kick to the nuts.


Allegience Ability

Blades of Khorne

  • I just use the auto dispel(early game) and summoning(late game).

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

  • General Berzerker Lord – Extra protection in combat
    Killing frenzy for Bloodletters
    Brazen Rune- It a must.
  • Bloodletter hero Gryph feather charm.


Bloodmaster- One job, get the Bloodletters across the table, and then die
Bloodsercator- Always try to put him out of sight and on terrain.
Priest –Plus one to Bloodletters

Other Units

or heros instead of the priest (+1 to hit hmm).
100 Wizard ?
Skar , he does not die, no opponent targets him as he 18”+ behind 90 Bloodletters!!




100 wizard maybe, but hes only one wizard. So opponent can just unbind and its not a +1 to hit.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


In-Game Guide

How to use it
Charge the Bloodletters in and use Flesthounds for unbinding and table control at back.

Learn the opponents armies and watch for the mistakes. (1 to 5 each games)

Time is critical with hordes, so no shooting and spells.

Average Battle turn times

Turn 1 is 60 min

Turn 2 is 35 min

Turn 3 is 25 min

Turn 4 is 15 min

Turn 5 is 15 min

Armies you are good against

Magic dominate armies , 
Elite armies

Armies you arent good against

Shooting armies,  Any armies that go before.

Good and bad scenarios

Only has bad ones , which are Heros objective ones and it is shocking poor at them.

Secondary Objectives

Good ones to try to achieve

Any ones which you have to get a unit off the table on the other side .

killing their battleline.

Honest Goblin

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