Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar
- City: Hammerhal

Mortal Realm: Ghyran

Gotrek Gurnisson (520)

- Allies

Errant-Questor (140)

- General
- Trait: Acadamae Prodigy 

- Artefact: Armour of Mallus 

Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (280)

- Spell: Lore of Cinder - Wings of Fire (Hammerhal Wizard)

Sorceress (90)

- City Role: General's Adjundant

- Spell: Lore of Cinder - Wings of Fire (Hammerhal Wizard)

Battlemage (90)

- Spell: Lore of Cinder - Twin-tailed Comet (Hammerhal Wizard)

20 x Freeguild Guard (160)

- Swords and Shields
- City Role: Honoured Retinue (Must be 5-20 models)

10 x Bleakswords (90)

10 x Freeguild Guard (80)

- Swords and Shields

30 x Phoenix Guard (420)

Chronomantic Cogs (80)

Emerald Lifeswarm (50)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 0

Allies: 520 / 400

Wounds: 104


Gotrek has found a new home in the City of Hammerhal!

Better still, he’s also found Felix (to my mind at least), as the Errant-Questor is the perfect warscroll to represent this most unwilling of heroes. 

Here is what I am currently building and an explanation of the how and why 🙂 

Allegience Ability

Hammerhal has all the tricks for being a City of Sigmar. Here’s what’s relevant to our Gotrek list. 

The General’s Adjutant: You can pick a foot hero with 6 or less wounds to become the ‘General’s Adjutant’, if the general is also on foot with 6 or less wounds.  In your hero phase, if they are within 3″ of each other you generate a free Command Point (CP) on a 4 plus.

Those will come in very useful later with the excellent Hammerhal Command Ability you have access to, or just allowing Gotrek and co to reroll their charges if need be, without worrying about wasting too much of your CP resources, as they can be quickly replenished. 

Amplified Sorceries: WTF, the endless spells your wizards throw about will automatically be ’empowered’ regardless of the realm (or lack there of) you are fighting in.

Gotrek will be getting more value out of this to keep him in the fight longer! 


Honoured Retinue: If your General has a wound characteristic of 6 or less, you can pick a retinue (any unit of 5-20 models). If your general is within 3″ of the retinue, each time your general takes a wound, on a 4+ the retinue takes it instead.

We have both of these elements, so Felix will be staying in the fight longer, dishing out all those extra CPs where he sees fit. 

Stormkeeps: 1 in 4 units in your army can be Stormcast. They gain the City keyword in place of their normal Stormhost keyword.

Felix will be taking advantage of this with his excellent warscroll and access to the Hammerhal Command Trait, items and protectors. 

City of Two Realms: Hammerhal armies must be from Aqshy or Ghyran.

Take your pick, we don’t have any realm artefacts, though you could very well experiment with different items from the realms no problem.

Banners Held High: In your hero phase you can roll a dice for each unit that has a banner, on the roll of a 6 you generate a CP. 

With 4 units in our list, you’ll have a 52% odd chance of getting at least 1 extra CP. Combine that with the Generals Adjutant and you should be on average getting 2 CPs a turn and have an opportunity to go off and get loads. This army will be resource heavy, helping to make charges and thus the army overall more consistent. Glorious. 

The Pride of Hammerhal: While wholly within your territory, your units ignore battleshock.

Useful, as you’ll be stabbing your own Bleakswords to increase the chance of important spells going off. Also, we’re 9 drops, in today’s meta unlikely to get the choice of if we are going first or not. Great protection from being alpha’d off early doors. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

No battalions within this list, Gotrek is unlikely to wait around for bands of soldiers anyway.. With our access to plenty of CPs, not to much of an issue. 

Command Traits: 

Academiate Prodigy: Add 1 to attack characteristic of melee weapons. Also start the game with an extra command point.

I love this item for Felix, proper narrative, but it’s also pretty decent.. 

More CPs? Good grief, we’ll be starting with an average of 3 CPs from the off (pretty sure this City is full of Slaanesh worshippers..) and could have up to 7! Bonkers 

The additional attack is also going to come in handy for Felix and synergies’s well with his ability and the extra swings for double the value. I love Valuetown. 


Armor of Malice: Add 1 to save rolls of the bearer.

2 up save on Felix, happy days. But this bonus to save is even better when you combine it with his ability.. 

Command Ability: Righteous Purpose: You can only use this at the end of the combat phase on a friendly Hammerhal unit that is wholly within enemy territory, wholly within 12″ of a friendly Hammerhal Hero and within 3″ of an enemy unit. It gets to pile in and attack again

Felix and our Phoenix Guard are going to have a field day with this! With the amount of CPs we can generate, as long as we can get into the enemies territory as swiftly as possible, we should have enough to keep double swinging until the enemy is dead or dieing!

These guys are resilient enough to make great use of this throughout the game. Luckily, we have a few ways of speeding up and keeping them in the fight thanks to our spells also 🙂 


Gotrek: The whole list revolves around this most angry of chaps. 
Check out his outrageous warscroll..

With 8 wounds and not being able to take more than 1 damage at a time (thanks to his Avatar of Grimnir ability), this chap’s going to take more beatings than my PC’s spell/grammar checker.. 
On top of that, he gets a 3 up ignore damage save if anything gets through. Glorious. 

He also has one of the most offensive melee profiles we’ve ever seen! Wielding Zangrom-Thaz like the head case he is, not much is going to stay around for long. Rerolling all hits and wounds, should you wish and doing additional d6 mortal wounds for every unmodified hit roll of a 6 to boot. Plus the Hurricanum could well be around allowing Gotrek to hit on 2s.
Should anything not have the good grace to realise it’s dead after he’s swung, at the end of the combat phase this bugger can swing again if an enemy is within 3″. WTactualF, more glory. 

To try and balance this all out, he’s only move 4″ and there is no way to use abilities or spells to set him up again after the battle has started, again thanks to him being an Avatar. Let’s see if we can unbalance that a little later huh? 🙂 

Felix: The Errant-Questor’s warscroll is match play legal thanks to the errata that states you add his points to the GHB2019.
All the joy, it’s the best way to my mind to represent Felix. 
Image result for errant questor warscroll

Pretty bog-standard stat line for this chap, where he really shines though is in his abilities, particularly good when you combine him with the items and traits available to Hammerhal generals.

Implacable Determination: He has a unrendable save! Better still, it doesn’t mention anywhere that you can’t add to this save like other similar abilities or realm items. Combine this with his item the Armor of Malice and he has a 2 up save that can’t be reduced. Pop Mystical Shield on him and watch him absolutely tank any unit unable to dish out mortal wounds. Hammerhal really benefits from characters/units able to stay alive thanks to their command ability to swing again at the end of melee, Felix is going to be around plenty.

Oathsworn: I am always going to be selecting ‘Sworn Protector‘ and selecting Gotrek as his charge. 
What a perfect rule and the reason I feel the Errant-Questor is Felix reborn as a Stormcast Eternal!
Gotrek was hard to kill before, now he’s protected! 

Fuelled by Vengeance: With the possibility of attacking twice a combat phase, this will start to stack up pretty quickly. Each 10 wound he causes will add a further attack to his profile. Felix is the general and has been given Academiate Prodigy, that bestows a additional attack. So with 4 quality attacks to begin with, that can potentially swing twice and also get plus 1 to hit from the Hurricaum, I foresee Felix getting a bonkers amount of attack late game! Really reliable melee threat that’ll keep getting better through out the game.

Relentless Purpose: Reroll failed charges is always useful, esp if you can make yourself fly and have access to bonuses to charge like we have 🙂

The 3 wizards we have (Hurricanum, Sorceress, Battlemage) have all been taken as they can get more reliable casts thanks to their abilities or making use of others abilities. This list is relying on a few key spells, so making them as consistent as possible is key.

Other Units

10 Bleakswords to be stabbed by the Sorceress allowing her to plus 2 to her cast. 

10 Freeguild Swordsmen as a nice cheap screen and objective claimer.

20 Freeguild Swordsmen to run around protecting Felix as his Honoured Retinue. Thier job is to die, so no need to put a lot of resource into this unit, sheilds keep them alive longer so they can die protecting Felix. 

30 Phoenix Guard as our main assault unit to support Gotrek and Felix. Tanky unit that will really make good use of double swinging thanks to their many attacks with rend and reach 2″.

All units have a banner to try and gain those extra CPs. Those extra CPs will be handy rerolling charges and 1s in melee. 


Not today


Gotrek is the only ally this army, or any army for that matter, needs. 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Plenty of spells flying about here, that will make good use of the Hurricanum’s excellent plus 1 to cast for himself and the Battlemage, plus the Sorceresses ability to stab an unfortunate Bleaksword to gain plus 2 to her cast. 

4 warscroll spells, 2 lore spells and 2 Endless spell to play with, I do so love choice… 

The updated Hurricanum scroll brings 2 excellent spells with it:

Chain Lightning: Casts on a 6, pick one enemy unit within 18″ and visible to the caster. That unit suffers d3 mortal wounds. Then, roll a dice for every enemy unit within 6″ of the original unit targetted. On a 4+ those units also takes d3 mortal wounds.

Comet of Cassandora: Cast on a 6, pick 1 enemy unit within 18″ of the caster, that is visible to them and roll 2d6. Roll equal to or less then that unit’s movement characteristic, cause d3 mortal wounds, roll over they take d6.

Quality damage dealing spells for different situations. Happy.

The Sorceress‘s spell can add to the damage with a handy debuff:

Word of Pain: Cast on a 7. Pick an enemy unit within 18″ and visible to the caster. That unit takes d3 mortal wounds and has -1 to hit on it’s attacks until your next hero phase. 

In most cases this can be cast on a 5, really solid spell.

Our Battlemage hails from Ghur and brings with him a most useful spell considering who the army is built around.

Wildform: Cast on a 5. Pick a friendly unit wholly within 12″ of the caster and visible to them. Add 2″ to that units run and charge rolls. 

Can you guess who I wanna be casting this on?

Some great warscroll spells I’m sure you’ll agree, but there’s another spell within the Hammerhal lore that really gets my goat going.. 

Wings of Fire: Cast on a 6, if successful pick 1 friendly unit that is visible to the caster, add 1 to run and charge rolls and that unit can fly until the start of your next hero phase.

This is what the name of the list takes it’s name from.
Pop this on Gotrek and he’ll be sailing over the enemies chaff into the guts, thanks to his ludicrously small base size given his power level 🙂
So important, we take this on both the Hurricanum and the Sorceress, both have ways to buff their casts independently. 

Twin Tailed Comet: Pick one enemy unit within 18″ of the caster that is visible, they take d3 mortal wounds (or if they had 10 or more models, they take d6 mortal wounds instead).

Placed on the Battlemage, as not particularly important.
May get cast if Gotrek etc are happily already swinging away in melee and it’s better than Arcane Bolt. 

Endless Spell:

I’m assuming you know what Chromatic Cogs and Emerald Lifeswarm do?


Ok.. in short Cogs makes everyone’s run and charge moves 2″ more or allows a wizard to reroll saves and cast an extra spell. We are going to be adding to everyone’s move, almost always! 
The sooner Gotrek is the fight the better and our Hammerhal units wanna be fighting and double swinging in the opponents territory asap.

Lifeswarm is boosted thanks to Cities frankly bonkers allegiance ability, and allows us to regrow d6 single models in a unit (in this list), or, more importantly, heal d6 wounds to a character. 
Gotrek and Felix will be in the fight longer! Bringing d6 Phoenix Guard back also is just super. 

In-Game Guide

Not a list designed to be subtle. 

Cast Cogs, then cast Wings and Wildform on Gotrek. 

He’ll be move 6″ with plus 5″ to charge and fly! 23″ threat range.
Get him involved with fighting asap.
Follow him up with Felix and his retinue plus the Phoenix Guard. Then double swing with as much as poss always. 

For a more reserved approach, you can keep Gotrek near Felix and Felix near his retinue. Any wounds the enemy manage to do to Gotrek you can pass on to Felix, who in turn could pass on to his retinue mwahahaha

You could always cast the spells on the Phoenix Guard though, thanks to their drummers, they could get up to plus 6″ to their charge and fly! 26″ threat range, yummers. 

When you start taking casualties or Gotrek/Felix get low on wounds, cast Lifebloom to restore them.


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If you have any thoughts on how to run your own Gotrek, I’d love to hear them! 

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