Verminlord Corruptor; general, master of rot and ruin, vex shroud

Great Unclean One; Bell and dagger

Plague priest; censor and tome

Plague Furnace; Congregation of Filth

Plague Furnace; Liber Bubonicous

3x40 Plague Monks; blades, gong, chime, scroll, icon of pestilence

Congregation of Filth Battalion

1890/2000 points



This is the list I brought to NOVA OPEN 2018, and is the 2.0 list I bring to local (Richmond and Hampton Roads events). It aims to be well rounded with just 120 monks and supporting characters.

Allegience Ability

Pest allegiance ability is all about praying, and this list kicks out five every hero phase. Remember to always attempt Pest Breath even if it won’t damage enemies, you’re looking for that natural six early to get +1 to all future prayers. Strength in Numbers puts monk units at leadership 13 when at full strength and near plague Furnace.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

I stayed within my allegiance, but realm artifacts can definitely be incorporated into this list (such as sword of judgment on the verminlord). Vexler shroud gives the monstrous general -1 to hit in the shooting. Liber Bubonicous on a furnace allows a second prayer to be attempted from the Priest warscroll (see note in heroes).

Master of Rot and Ruin allows Verminlord to attempt a prayer from the priest war scroll (see note in heroes).

Command ability is straight forward, gives the charge bonus of +1 attack.


Not yet having a Battletome, Pest enjoy praying from warscrolls. This means we can attempt the same prayer multiple times. The two warscrolls that have our prayers are Plague Furnace and Plague Priest. The selected command ability and artifact allow units to pray from the Priest warscroll. Wither, +1 to wound roll on all attacks against enemy unit. Pest Breath, pick a point, 4″ mortal wound bubble.

Plague furnace prayers are a re-roll all failed to wound rolls or rabid fever pile in and attack when slain. There are two furnace in this list explicitly to have rabid fever on two units of monks

Between the Verminlord and GUO there are 4 casts and 3 unbind.

GUO is there to heal furnaces and general, make the whole army move +3″, and deny spells.

The lone priest has a once per game ability that allows re roll failed to wound rolls. The legacy of Lord Skrolk, RIP.

Other Units

Murder monks. Lots of special rules!

  • +1 attack when they charge
  • Re roll failed to hit rolls
  • When slain, potentially explode
  • Rend of 1 on wound roll of 6+
  • -1 charge aura 12″
  • Once per game ability to re roll wound rolls of one

Get rabid fever on a unit; 6″+3″+auto run 6″ on to any objective with a unit and watch your opponent squirm.

Charge them (with a free re roll from battalion!) Into their most loved models and watch them drown in dice.


Congregation of Filth, I never don’t play with it. I enjoy watching the terror on my opponent face when I deploy all 120 monks at once.

All the abilities are within 13″ of the Battalion Furnace.

  • Re roll failed change
  • 6+ feel no pain

A favorite joke is to say “my monks have an unrendable save… Because they have none!” This battalion gives them a save, which leaves bodies on objectives, which win games.


See GUO in heroes.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

GUO spell heals Furnaces and Verminlord.

Verminlords spell is short range mortal wound anti horde.

In-Game Guide

Use the bodies to contest objectives early. Deploy tight around the GUO, use the extra command points to run 6″, if you’re great at rolling one monk unit will have rabid fever and will not be fun for your opponent to shift off an objective.

The killing power is incredible. You will be able to destroy enemy units on the charge. 

Combat is where you want to be, and with the increase movement you’ll be sure to get in close fast. But remember, don’t be a Khorne player. It’s not about tabling your opponent, always play to the mission. Having 4 behemoth heros, 2 big wizards, 120 monks, and a lot of movement allow you to decide the tempo of the battle in most scenarios.

Also, this list wrecks Magotkin allegiance by neutering some of their allegiance advantages because Pest shares the nurgle key word. Your plague monks can use their gnarlmaw to run and charge.

Secondary Objectives

Have fun! The Skaven are in  tricky spot with out a whole Battletome, but the Pest Battletome of first edition and the allegiance in GHB has such deep and hillarious lore.

Honest Goblin