Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness

- Damned Legion: Host of the Everchosen (Eighth Circle)

Mortal Realm: Aqshy


Archaon the Everchosen (800)

- General
- Aura of Chaos: Nurgle
- Spell: Mask of Darkness

Chaos Lord (110)

- Reaperblade & Daemonbound Steel
- Artefact: Thermalrider Cloak
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

Chaos Sorcerer Lord (110)

- Artefact: Ignax's Scales
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle
- Spell: Mask of Darkness


20 x Chaos Marauders (150)

- Axes & Shields
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

20 x Chaos Marauders (150)

- Axes & Shields
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

20 x Chaos Marauders (150)

- Axes & Shields
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle

20 x Chaos Marauders (150)

- Axes & Shields
- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle


Chaos Warshrine (170)

- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle


Plaguetouched Warband (180)

Total: 1970 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 123

One drop


Three weeks ago there was a a four man team tournament in Västerås Sweden, Games of Westeros. This was the list that I ran, and went 4-1 with. We finished on second place. 

It is a one drop list with Archaon in it, which makes it an auto win on certain missions, for example duality of death. 

The list sparked a lot of interest in the Swedish aos community, a number of people contacted me asking for tips and advice, its awesome. But i thought I would share it here as well. 

How it works:

You have the center piece, Archaon, that will do a lot of the work. He will get a +2 rerollable save, and a 6+ invul save, with a 4+ against mortal wounds. He gets to reroll all to hit and wound rolles, that double piles and can if he has to hit when dead as well. 

You are able to buff him to the point where you wont be able to kill him. The main things with this list is also that you are playing Host of Everchosen. The nurgle Aura gets from 12″ to 18″. The entire army is immune to battleshock. For a command point you can see into the future and see who will take the start of next turn. This means everything, you can prepare for, or against a double turn. You can also make your opponent believe a double turn is coming, when its not. A super amazing, and fun play mechanism. 

How do we buff Archaon? The sorcerer gives Archaon reroll saves, he can throw his spell that gives him reroll hit or wounds.

The Chaos lord makes him double pile.

The Warshrine either gives + to save with his prayer, or reroll hit and wound rolles, depending how it went for the sorcerer. The shrine also gives Archaon a +6 invul save.

Now this makes Archaon a fast, flying killing machine that can take a punch.  

You then have 20×4 marauders, that you can teleport and having a 97% chance to get the 9″ charge. Archaon then gives them the ability to fight when they die. You can screen, get objectives and what not. They do it all and makes the list even faster and more mobile. 

Allegience Ability

The Aura of nurgle, you do extra damage when within 18″ of Archaon. But the main thing is that everything within this bubble get -1 to hit on shooting attacks. Makes the list even durable, specially your heroes who is very important to the list. 

Plaugetouched Warband isnt that great. But it matters! Every 6´s to wound done against you reflects a mortal wound back.  Combined with the By my will ability that makes them fight again when dead the dmg starts to matter, specially against units with a high attack output. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Host of Everchosen – The will of everchosen – in your hero phase, point at an enemy unit, all units in your army can reroll 1´s to hit and wound against that unit. 

Archaon – By my will – Pick a unit, table wide (!) that gets to pile in and attack again when dead. For a Cp. 

Crown of Domination – All enemy units within 12″ gets -2 to bravery.

All seeing dominion – Spend a CP, in your opponents turn, when he/she spends one, on a 2+ you can put By my will on a unit, in your opponents phase. 

Dark Prophecy – Spend a cp at the startt of your hero phase, roll a dice. on 1-3 your opponent takes next turn, 4-6, you take the start of next turn. 

Warlord without equal – Receive an extra Command point if Archaon is on the table. 

The Everchosen – Archaon ignores magic effects on a 4+. 

Chaos lord – Thermalrider Cloak, gives him a 10″ move, and fly. That way I am able to keep up with Archaon much better, to be able to use the double pile ability. Spurred by the gods – spend a cp, you can pile in and attack twice with that unit. 

Sorcerer – Ignax Scales artefact, gives the sorc a 4+ invul against mortal wounds. Oracular Vision – pick a unit wholly within 12″, reroll saves for that unit. 

Warshrine – Favour of Ruinous Powers – Nurgle – +1 save and reroll wound roles for that unit. On a 3+

In-Game Guide

Archaon is your center piece, be aggressive with him. You can almost always pick to go first or second. It means that you can deploy out of range of shooting attacks that might threaten you turn 1. 

When its the beginning of your turn, use Dark Prophecy, see who gets to start next turn. I do this up to round three, after that you might want to think about, for different reasons. 

Both the chaos lord and sorcerer stays close of Archaon. You put the reroll save ability on Archaon with the sorc and to make sure that the Chaos Lords always stays within 6″ of Archaon to use double pile ability. Archaons base is 6″ wide, and i need to be within 12″ to use Spurred by the gods. The sorc then tries to throw his spell – Demonic power, CV 6, I put it on Archaon if he´s going to fight, othewise I could pick a unit of Marauders that I might teleport. 

I then move on to my Warshrine, if the Sorcerer failed to cast Demonic power, I can now pick to use the Undivided blessing, that on a 3+ gives me reroll hit and wounds. If nothing in your opponent army has something with high rend, I wont need a +1 save, if there is a lot of rend or that Demonic Power went true I can pick the blessing of Nurgle. Giving me a +1 save and reroll wounds. Most of the time my targets with these buffs are Archaon. He is my hard working killing machine.

Mask of Darkness comes next. My Marauders have been deployed to screen in the front, if I decide to give away the charge. If the enemy has teleport I can screen behind me to make sure nothing comes in. But one unit, I am almost always keeping within 12″ of Archaon to be able to teleport on a weakspot, and charge something important. If I use by my will, I can charge a screen, kill it, then let the things behind the screen hit me, Ill then pile in and kill that. You can also place units to charge from the side, while Archaon charges from the front, specially effective against Fireslayers. Taging the unit from behind with a single model of a marauder will make your enemy unable to pile fully into Archaon, making him take less damage.  

With Archaon and a unit of marauders you will also give your opponent a -3 to bravery. Archaons Crown of Domination gives everything within 12″ -2 to bravery and the Marauder Icon Bearer gives all units within 6″ -1. With Archaon hitting this will be a nice bonus, if your opponent doesnt have a cp to pass a battleshock test. 

This list always has a good amount of command points, as with Archaon and his Warlord without equal. You get two command points instead of one when Archaon is on the table. You wont be spending command points on battleshock as the entire army is already immune to battleshock. You use Dark Prophecy, by my will, and Spurred by the gods. 

Honest Goblin


Asylum Wargaming - Nyköping

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