TLDR: there is actually a better version on this site using magma, bonegrinder mawcrusha.  Title has something about triple threat.

The Power:

3 Bonegrinder gargantuan -1200 pts


3x20 gitmob grots -300 pts



1 Fungoid Cave Shaman - 80 pts


2 Moonclan Grots Shaman -160 pts


5 Savage Orruk Boarboys -100 pts

Endless Spells:

Chronomantic Cogs- 60pts

Extra Command Points: 2 -100pts


This is Destruction’s attempt at the Triple Dragon Order Draconis list.  Utilizing the 6″ pile in from 6″ out and Cogs, the three bonegrinder gargants are able to attack first on all of your turns, including the first turn.  Take these tall bad boys into their face without having to worry about falling down on the charge! Not only do they not have that awful rule, you never need to actaully charge with the large pile in.

Allegience Ability

The basic destruction allegiance ability to move in the hero phase could save you a command point on running the gargants or get your Grots to an objective a turn ahead of normal.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Option for your artefacts:

Aetherquartz brooch: your gargants can effectively retreat and charge with the 6″ pile in, but may need some extra movement in doing so later in the game.  Turn 7 command points into 10ish.

Hypersnare seeds: I actually like this more than gryph feather due to the lowest wounds on heroes already.  You probably won’t stop sniping, but maybe can hold down and objective for an extra turn to allow retreat/charges to interrupt their plan again.

Fungoid command ability can also retreat/charge Grots to make them survive a little bit longer by lowering enemies in range.  


Fungoid general: retreat/charge goblins

Moonclan Shaman: +2 cast for getting off Cogs.

Other Units

Battleline Grots: 20 models for cheap.

5 Savage boarboys: retreat and charge to lock down enemy for gargants or take a backfield objective before gargants can take out a whole unit.

3 gargants: 12 move, 2 from Cogs, 6 pile in. You need a 5+ run to hit on first turn (maybe 4+ if you and opponent both state your units are exactly pushed to limit of deployment zone and in line with each other.) luckily, turn one you have a command point for each of them to auto-six.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Cogs either you get first turn and can cast on a 5+ with Moonclan Shaman or toy go second and don’t need it.

In-Game Guide

The plan is attack first with three gargants, weaken them enough that the attack back doesn’t lower their profiles beyond belief while holding your objectives with high model count Grots until gargants can come back to save you from opponent’s offense.

Good matchup: low amount of useless screen units to feed to gargants.  

Slow armies

Low hero sniping

Objective burning scenarios

Bad matchup

Hero specific scenarios

Bonesplitterz (monster killers)

Things that cut off retreats (abilities, flying mobs)

Secondary Objectives

I’m a purist.  Secondary objectives don’t exist in my mind.  Run! Crush! Kill! Eat!

Honest Goblin


My Bio:



Armies I've played:


Mixed chaos

Mixed order aelves

Daughters of khaine

Mixed destruction

Live in Ohio.  

Tournaments attended:

DaBoyzGT (NY)

Midwest Meltdown (IL)

Gaming style:

I call it Purist.  I dont care so much about painting score, TO made objectives or kill points.  I aim for 5 major victories according to the book and each army has different resources and plans to do it. I like to achieve this through different angles, which leads me to constantly be looking to make new armies.   My brothers and I jokingly called this attitude "Restarted" growing up making a new character on video games every week and never mastering any.

Event Results:

DaBoyzGT 2017: 2-2-1 can't remember major or minor

Midwest Meltdown 2018: 3-2 all majors

DaBoyzGT 2018: 3-2 all majors

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