This is the start of a concept. Beastmen may be better at this. But after seeing the most recent show on bravery it gave me mercenary ideas.

Slaves to Darkness


mercenaries teneberous court


Guant summoner on disk or foot x4

Arch Reagent

Battle line (lots of optionals here)

20 marauders

20 marauders

5 marauder horsemen.

main optional 20 crypt ghouls. Could be two units of untamed beasts depends if you want damage in the ghouls or layers of chaff in the beasts

Endless spells

realmscourge rupture

cadaverous barricade

prismatic palisade

first round summons

40 pink horrors

20 ghouls

10 marauders or warcry unit




Table of Contents


This idea came when they started talking mercenaries on the show. And i wanted to see how many wounds i could put on the table. 

this is a zombies list. It does not hit back but it does seem like itd be a slog to get through. Its all about layers and summons.

on the first battle round we’re effectively adding 1090 points to the list. And 230 wounds. 232 if we go iron golems. 

So in effect this list is a 320 ish wound list. You just have to get those wounds on objectives. Once theyre there they sit. Similar to beasts of chaos we start with half our models off the table because they get summoned so we have to keep our casters safe. Which isnt super difficult. 

if i was against tzeench id run untamed beasts instead of ghouls because you have 3 layers of chaff to put between you and flamers. 

the endless spells just shape the map for us halving movements blocking los. We have 10 spells but probably cant use em all. 

this is just the start of the concept. I dont know where i’m going with it. We lack threats. So current thing to find is threats. 


Maybe 40 plaguemonks?


Honest Goblin