Allegiance: Nurgle - Mortal Realm: Ulgu


Verminlord Corruptor (220)

- General
- Command Trait : Pestilent Breath
- Artefact : Sword of Judgement
- Lore of Virulence : Favoured Poxes

The Glottkin (420)

- Lore of Malignance : Blades of Putrefaction

Plague Furnace (180)


Festus the Leechlord (140)

- Lore of Foulness : Cloying Quagmire


5 x Chaos Warriors (90)

- Hand Weapon & Shield

5 x Chaos Warriors (90)

- Hand Weapon & Shield

30 x Plaguebearers (320)



40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
- Full command

40 x Plague Monks (240)

- Foetid Blades
- Full command


Chronomantic Cogs (60)

TOTAL: 2000/2000







ALLIES: 0/400


Hello everybody,

so I decided to post my list with which i have attended Prague Open tournament, which took place in the Czech Republic (Centre of Europe). The whole tournament was amazing experience and I met many new people there. Anyway from 32 players I have ended up 14th (With 3 major wins and 2 major loses), which was not bad considering that I am not used to play in 2000 points and that i didnt play this list before. Also please consider, that i have played this lists with old rules for the skaven units, and from my point of view the list just got stronger after the update/even though we have lost attack on death)

So what can you expect from this lists? A lot of dmg potential for a nurgle army, possibilities of alpha striking your enemy lines thanks to quick movement, run and charges. As well a hurling tons of screaming ratman at your enemy and throwing houndreds of dices for a single unit. 

Allegience Ability

The important thing with this list, is that you have to use the aliagence ablities for maximum potential. Be sure to use your circle of curruption to great efffectivity. You have many spells so keep casting the foul regenesis in every turn if you need to.  Getting turn one unnatural vigour can get you alpha strike or positioning advantage for your whole army, fecund vigour is just great thing for your monks dmg output and rend capability (OLD rat rules now). Meanwhile use rampant disease to help you sniping of important enemy characters.


In case of feculent trees be sure to have at least two to put on the table. The main purpose in this army is tu use the sweet run and charge rules so your army can hit where it needs to and where your opponents dont expect it. Also  sneaky points grabing can help you win some scenarios against oponents with less board controll.  


For the summons be sure to use your points effectivelly to solidify your lines, stall your enemy or just use them as a meat shield. I do spawn PBs most ussually as this unit is cheap, and can take a punch. 

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

Because this army dont use any batalions you have limited options on what to take.

I did chose to bring pestilenth breath as command trait, which can be a really good thing against enemy hordes on corruptor.

In case of my artefact choice I am not sure that the blae of judgement was the right choice, as current meta is really taking advantage of every minus to hit modifier it can get. You may consider swapping it for some supporting ones as the witherstave, or some more other realm artefact- 


The Glottkin

one of the centerpices of this army are these guys, with 18 wounds, possible debuff in melle and fine dmg it is good on its own, but the true pottential come from his ablities and spells. His command ability gives all nurgle units +1 to attacks with all of their melle weapons, which gives huge dmg increase too your whole army if properly positioned. His spell “Flesh abundance” is amazing – it gives +1 to wound characteristics of your models in a unit. With this spell you can make your monks kind of survivable and effectively halving their dmg taken give it to your PBS and your opponent will cry in agony as he will be unable to kill the unit at all. The second recomended spell is the blades of putrefecation, which causes the 6+ hits to cause mortal wounds in addition. I found out that you have to be conservative with him at the start se he is not sniped of in the first alpha strike, but then use him aggresively, tie up big blobs, give them the minuses to hit and get rerols on your save with chronomatics cogs during the slowed time period.  And mostly, dont be affraid of to sacrifise this guy, this army do not die on his death and i would trade 40 monks without a scratch for him every time. 


The furnace

One of the centerpices od this army with great movement from monks (Not anymore, but he can keep up with 6)  he can go right into enemy lines, but his dmg was always unreliable (This changed as well). The main reason you have this thing in oyur army is for his prayers which are amazing – attack on death was amazing before the change now its plus on to attacks which is still crazy good) Also it is 12 wound character which can help you in some scenarios and was benefitting from lookout sir before the changes. (Well now he has 5+ fnp which is even better) 

Festus the leechlord

This is one of the few named charracteers in the game which are simply amazing, for 140 points he is great support character. His curse of the lepper spell gives enemy units -1 to their save until the end of the combat – simply amazing. Also his spell choice from bokk is fine and you will find them usefull. 

The Verminlord

He was the great spellcaster before the buff. has amazing antihorde spell(wWhich got buffed) and had great CA to give plus one attack. Although he did changed now quite a lot, his CA now give all pestilens around rerolss to hit (All the hit rolls even not failed one) so you can bring monks with staves now for even bigger dmg output. Also he has accesto the demon spells so you can make great support char on its own with favoured poxes. In combat he was not great but did got buffed now – unmodified 6s now cause mortal wounds – with 10 tatacks and bladee of judgment he is beast in melle, and now he also got the 5+ fnp as all the deamons have. Even though his price changed i would take him every time. 

Other Units

Plague monks

Bread and butter of this army. This units is nuts. 2 attacks each 3 with staves – + 1 to all in charge +1 to all from CA +1 to all from prayers – you are looking at possible 9 attacks per models in a 40 man squad atttacking with all weapons 2 lines and getting the third attack from the 3 line of models. this is outdmaging any thing alive in a game. Also this units has accces to all the musicians in a units of 40 which gives you additional stuff – 6s to hit are minus 1 rend and 6s to wound are 2 dmg and now it also have 6+ save and can benefit from cover – and this whole package come just for 240 points. 



The objective and line holders – not money things will get trough th full units especially if supported well. Just throw 5+ for fnp and dont forget to rollt the dices in battleshock for that sweet extra bodies od deamons. 

Chaos wariors 

these guys are here just as a meat shield and deepstrike preventers. Also use them on your flanks a lot as they can help your monks to not get sniped easily from mobile opponents. 


No battalions – simple as that as nurgle has currently no acces to the pestilent battalions (Shame on you GW) 


You already have everything you need 🙂 

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Big spells to look for:

“Favoured poxes” (cast on 7) minuses to hit, wound and save until you cast a spell or move – so get in position with your deamon caster and relax – he can still figh and shoot 😉

“Plague squall” (Cast on 6) not reliable but you have no range problems – great for snipping weak suppot charracters or weapons teams. Just throw the 6s right? 

“Cloying quagmire” (Cast on 5) just get th dmg done on 2+ save nonsenses

“Blades of Putrefecation” – 6 s to hits are mortal wounds – well this is just amazing on monks with nine attacks right? Beware of minuses to hit as this is modifiable.


Endless spells:

The cogs were great, but with the recent change in points with the skaven book we will have to do without them. Just grab some 20 cost spells in the meantime. It really doesnt matter what. 


In case you are willing to sacrifice some stuff from the lists, i would suggest you to bring the cogs out – +2 to move and charge is great. Also + 1 to cast and the rerolls on saves for the caster can help your glottking and the verminlord a lot. 


Honest Goblin

Czech Republic

Ogre Club/Ogří Doupě