Lord Celestant with deathly aura (Anvils)

, sword of judgement (Ulgu)

Relictor with translocation 

Relictor with translocation, soul thief (Anvils)

2 units of 5 Judicators 

2 units of 5 Liberators

1 unit of 5 Decimators

1 unit of 5 Protectors

1 unit of 9 Longstrike Raptors 

Skyborn Slayers battalion 





This is a 4 drop alpha strike Anvils of Heldenhammer shooting list with redeployment options and a punchy general.

1950 points & +1 CP & +1 artefact.

Allegience Ability

Anvils allows you to shoot your Raptors in the hero phase and shooting phase. This is boss.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The sword of judgement combos nicely with the lord celestant’s command ability: furious retribution. It’s swingy but capable of killing hero/monsters.


The Celestant is a needed for the battalion.

2 Relictors give you redundancy for translocation and they can use the Anvils command ability also (to have the raptors shoot in the hero and shooting phase).

Other Units

Everything except the Relictors and Raptors can die if they’re scoring you points or screening your Longstrike Raptors.


The SBS battalion is for keeping down your drops to increase your chance of going first.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells

Snipe their casters and you won’t need to dispel.

In-Game Guide

Deploy Relictors and Longstrike Raptors, with battalion in the heavens.

Kill their lynchpin unit with shooting in your hero phase (30 inch shooting).

Translocate Longstrike Raptors to a better position. Send a Relictor too if you can.

Deploy from reserve for T1 board position and SCREEN your Longstrike Raptors.

Kill their second lynchpin in your shooting phase.

You get the idea…

This list is a solid 3:1 list. It struggles against Nighthaunt and any armies that can fly over your screens to hit your Longstrike Raptors.

Honest Goblin