Daemonsmith (100)

  • - Darkforged Weapon

Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160)

  • - General
  • - Trait: Grotesque
  • - Artefact: Armour of Bazherak the Cruel

Daemonsmith (100)

- Darkforged Weapon

Skarr Bloodwrath (80)


30 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (300)

30 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (300)

10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)


12 x K'Daai Fireborn (480)


Magma Cannon (140)

Skullcracker War Engine (200)


Soulsnare Shackles (20)

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40)

Total: 2020 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 145


The Legion of Azgorh is a good mixed army but with slow battleline if you pick the Ironsworn or Fireglaive Dawi. Capable of a lot of mortal wounds especially from Fireglaives i would describe it as a counter punch army in this list form.

Mastering this army will take patience and the ability to bait out units and make good trades early. It can be defensive against alphastrikes and has medium range units in movement and shooting. It has the ability to attack inline well and a slightly above average wound count but is weak on heroes and magic output.

It also have units that require no synergy to work at almost max efficiency. You won’t have to worry about losing key characters or spells/command abilities and so your opponent will struggle to make you less effective apart from by wounding each unit.

You are slow though and with all the hordes and alpha striking in game as well as all the fast units  it will require a well played deployment phase to get where you need to be in turn 2/3

Allegience Ability

BlackShard Armour

The first wound that is allocated to each unit with this battle trait in each shooting phase and each combat phase is negated

  • This is excellent and will  save you a lot of wounds over the course of the battle. It certainly suits msu style armies which isn’t what we have in our list.
  • It means you should always over pump your Skullcracker as on average you will take 1 mortal wound.
  • It makes your Bull Centaur taurak tougher to take down as it has its 5+ DPR anyway which you should take before.
  • Means you always lose one less dwarf and and you take one less wound on the kdaii. Its excellent. Always remember it.

Burning Skies

In the movement phase, if an enemy unit can fly and moves more than 6″, roll a dice. On a 4+ the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound. On a 6+ it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead.

  • Situational but with flying mobile units always being popular. Combine it with shackles in our list and the movement phase for the enemy could be full of mortal wounds. Dropping monster down a tier so they are less dangerous.

Artefacts, Command Traits & Abilities

The armour of Bezrahk the cruel

Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to the bearer. On a 5+, that wound or mortal wound is negated.

  • For the scenarios Three places of arcane power and Relocation Orb it helps to have a character with an artefact. We also need to keep this character alive over doing damage. Drazhoath is just too expensive although does this job better than anyone for this army. At his current points The Bull Centuar Taurak does more damage, can take advantage of the command points to make it better at fighting and deal with armour. Also can clear chaff units on objectives very easily.

Command trait


Subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons that target this general.

  • -1 to hit in shooting from the core rules and -1 to hit in combat should help keep it alive even longer. Importantly can be combined with Ash Storm so it can fight units at -2 to be hit increasing survivability.

Command Ability // Command points

This army isnt command point heavy. The best uses for them are making the KDaii auto run 12, reroll charges and ignore battleshock. Make sure to place your characters close to units or ask yourself during your movement phase will they be in the right place next turn to do which either of those abilities you make like to do. If you dont think you will you can use the point to power up the Bull Centaur.

Favour the Burning God

You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly model with this command ability. Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons by friendly Ba’hal units while they are wholly within 12″ of that model until the end of that phase.

  • Makes the Taurak a 1 bull fighting machine. Simple, easy and really good for potentially doing 15 damage to a unit. You will miss some though so an average of 6 – 9  seems reasonable to expect.



Movement 4 is what hurts this unit. So deploy very close to the front lines if you want to make use of the shooting ability and Fireball//Endless spells . Can unbind a spell and has a -1 to hit spell that can be done from outside spell range so very useful to neutering big scary units especially combined with giminids so now they are -2 to hit. Look to be doing this every turn which is why the list includes 2.

A note on the shooting attack. Its 6” but with 4” move not too bad. Again careful positioning early and you can be doing 2xd3 mortal wounds from the shooting + Geminids d3 mortal wounds. Compared to a lot of hereos this is excellent and i would usually deploy very close to the front lines

Bull Centuar Taurak

In the list to be mobile with an artefact, hard to kill on the mission 3 places of arcane power. When not in that mission, its the armour sundering, small extra threat that most people won’t see coming. Really useful to put next to fireglaives as a counter charge or run off and clear objectives, defend the magma canon or be the 2nd unit to attack in combat thanks a none degrading profile and a pretty resistant build.

Skarr Bloodwrath ( ALLY )

This army can do alot of mortal wounds and has some pretty decent rend attacks but does not have weight of dice to delete hordes. This is a very necessary ally. His role is horde killing and objective grabbing. Anti Witch Elf and Nightgaunt hordes. Has the ability to attack more than one horde at once and so should be its primary function. Slow moving so make the hordes come to you but can charge and attack over your fireglaives thanks to the 25mm bases they are on.  Do not overlook his ability to return from the dead has a deepstriking objective grabber

Other Units

Kdai Fireborn x12

The bully unit of the army.  Fast especially with a run and charge and being able to pick a 6. Movement is a key part of this unit especially with fly meaning they can counter charge over the top of your screening fire glaives or your opponents screening unit. You can use this unit to create favourable positions for yourself by either making them scared of the unit or wanting to come and attack it. Bait Witch Elf units with them so Skarr can attack

60 attacks from a full unit


If all 12 attack against a unit then

6+ 33.3 Damage

5+ 26.6 Damage

4+ 20 Damage

3+ 13.3 Damage

2+ 6.7 Damage

Ignoring rend on the 48 wounds means they stay around a while and make risky and challenging decisions for your opponent. Hi rend weapons can completely fail sometimes so your opponent has to deal with them. They are weak to high weight of dice attacks though so be cautious about what matchups you choose.


The 3” reach on the weapons is a huge bonus. Look for units that havent been screened well. Charge a unit attack at the unit behind. Look for for positioning from your opponent and attack units they dont want you too. Charge one unit, daisy chain out a huge space on the board. Pile in 3” attack at another 3” range. So the effective range of the unit is Move 8” + Run 6” + Charge 2d6” + Pile in and Reach 6”. Assuming you choose the run result thats anywhere from 23” to 32”.

Kiss of fire

At the end of the combat phase, roll 1 dice for each enemy unit within 3″ of this unit. On a 2+, that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

  • This unit has such a large board presence that you could tie up whole armies with it and then pop a mortal wound or several into it. As discussed the army has the chance to do alot of mortal wounds other ways. Great way of adding 1 mortal wound to heros, monsters in aoe.

Skullcracker war engine

A solo unit that can fight on its own, unassisted but is a serious threat to small units, monsters and characters. Use to counter charge or fight units that dont have very good rend. Its 3+ save and ignoring the first wound it takes on combat will make it last a while and is a good candidate for mystic shield

Its damage output is good but not mind blowing.

6+ = 12.4

5+ = 10.3

4+ = 8.29

3+ = 6.2

2+ = 4.15

As you can see it can one shot a hero or almost clear a 10 wound unit off an objective and needs no support to do it.

It is fast for this army and can be used to support the Kdaii or Bull Centuar Taurak and it can make a scary flank clearing team. Its also big and scary looking and you can use it to create good positions and screen for your other units. Also you can use it drag the magma canon to turn 1 an imortant support character.

Magma Canon

Long range threat to drop monsters profiles down a bracket. Kill a support character or warmachine or punch through armor. Deploy near your demonsmith and the Skullcracker near the front lines to bully your opponent and make them keep the key units they like away. Possibly a great first drop as you create an area of threat that your opponent chooses to not be near. Also use as bait to get units near your fireglaives or demonsmiths.



AOS requires bodies on the board for 2 reasons. Holding objectives and creating screens for your valuable or key units.

Fireglaives are a great unit for several reasons mainly because they can attack in line. So they can shoot and fight in the same turn. Shoot valuable VLOZ and do mortal wounds while charging the objective infront. 4+ save is very good but they have low bravery so keep a hero near by to make them immune to battleshock. On average a unit of 30 does 5 mortal wounds at 16” the 70 in the list do an average of 11 mortal wounds per turn or the equivalent of rolling a 5 + 6 on 2 magma canons.They are not great in a fight but not bad.

With deployment maps being close together and mosr obectives being in the center they can kill valuable heros, support pieces or take a chunk out of horde.

Deployment is very iportant for these as once they are down they wont be going very far if you plant to shoot but you can also take the risky decision and run them turn one to get some decent backfield shooting if you get the next priority roll,

Ironsworn Vs Fireglaives

Ironsworn are cheaper and have a great ability to reflect mortal wounds bet requires them to be incombat and probably die. For not many more points you are constantly shooting at something and can still fight/hold objectives and screen. Initially i use to run ironsworn as they were so cheap but there is almost no way to buff them and they are slow. Fireglaives provide a consistent threat, can sit on an objective and shoot and are as survivable. Fireglaives always. Use aggressively.

10  // 20  // 30

I have gone for 2 x 30 and a 10 as there is no difference in points for a max unit.

There is a good argument for taking multiple 10s to make the use from Blackshard Armour and may be something i investigate in the future. Means anti horde units would struggle and you can screen better or differently. The bonus is being able to use Inspiring Presence and be a 9 drop army which way off a one drop still pretty good for a chance to go first sometimes.


Dealing with hordes is an issue for this army and Skarr Blood wrath is the best points you can spend to do this job. Seeing as you are building the rest of the army to play in the midfield and combat is super important atm you can do great with him.

Magic, Endless & Realm Spells


Slow the enemy down so you can shoot it for longer. Combined with Burning Skies then the movement phase is an issue for many armies!

Geminids // Ashstorm

Super useful to add -1 to hit and do another d3 mortal wounds. Stack with Ashstorm for -2 on a scary unit while planning to charge/shoot another unit. Most armies dont have access to another -1 to hit so this is a fairly unique problem for people to deal with and means as its all done in the hero phase you can decide what to do in the movement phase before the Send the Bull centaur into the same unit and they wont hurt him in combat


Another way of doing mortal wounds and old arcane bolt. Units of 10+ taking d6 mortals + Magma cannon and Infernal Fireglaives and armour is going to have an issue against this army

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